The Bloodline System - Chapter 72 - Observations

Chapter 72 - Observations

Chapter 72 - Observations

'Just as I thought, it truly has gravitational force,' Gustav analyzed as he moved towards Charles's back and tried to touch him.

Due to the usage of dash, Charles was still moving in slow motion, but his eyes were able to follow Gustav.

Charles wanted to change the direction of his attack to Gustav's new location but even though his eyes were able to follow, his body movements were still slower.

Gustav arrived behind him and pushed out his palm to touch Charles's back.


When Gustav's palm was three inches away from touching Charles, it paused and was unable to move forward.

Gustav was astonished but not surprised cause he already sensed the force surrounding Charles that repelled any form of contact.

Charles turned around and hurled his fist coated in electric snakes towards Gustav's chest.

Gustav dodged it of course and dashed backward.

'How in the world is he able to move like that?' Charles was shocked at Gustav's movement.

The other students watching were just as shocked. They had no idea why Gustav would be able to move like that.

'Now I understand why his bloodline is compared to B- grade even though it's a c-grade... That's pretty powerful,' Gustav analyzed from the other side as both of them stared at one another with wary looks.

Charles was already a Zulu ranked too but Gustav noticed his strength was decent than most Zulu-ranked mixed-bloods he had faced recently.

This was mostly attributed to his bloodline ability that had gravitational force mixed in.

"Just because you can move that fast doesn't mean you can defeat me, you.." Before Charles could finish his statement, Gustav gave a low bow and spoke.

"Thanks for the sparring session," after saying this he walked out of the circle.

"Hey wait trash... I must trample you under my feet before you leave!" Charles shouted out but Gustav didn't reply.

He kept walking till he left the area where the spar was taking place.

Charles had a look of anguish as he saw Gustav ignore him.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The hall became noisy after seeing that brief spar.

-"Isn't he supposed to be weakling?"

-"Why is he able to move that fast?"

Although they have heard the news of how Gustav uses enhancement drugs, they were not so stupid as to not see that something was different about him.

They couldn't tell what was happening but they knew it would be impossible to make use of such drugs every single time which further made them confused about the source of Gustav's improvement.

Seeing the stares of everyone around him Charles was enraged and started shouting for Gustav to come back into the circle so they could continue their spar but his calls fell on deaf ears.

"Hey instructor I'm leaving," Gustav waved to the instructor as he headed out.

The middle-aged-looking male instructor stared at Gustav with a look of confusion.

"Your class will be representing the school in the exchange event... Training is necessary," He voiced out.

"Nah, I'm not interested... Besides what would trash do in such an event? You're better off with those failures behind me!" Gustav said and walked out with a smirk.


The entire hall erupted in chaos after hearing Gustav's statement but he wasn't fazed.

He dipped his hands into his pockets and kept walking forward without looking back.

The aloofness on his face along with the way he walked made everyone stare at him with a look of astonishment from behind.

Even the instructor was shocked but he couldn't do anything. He heard about miss Aimee training Gustav and suspected that his current improvement might have something to do with that.

Also, he couldn't force Gustav to stay back since he had decided he wasn't participating.

Gustav walked towards his personal training room within the hall.

'First phase completed,' Gustav said internally with a smile as he stood within his training room.


The day came to an end again quite uneventfully if Gustav's act was subtracted.

After his training with miss Aimee today she told him their training days would be shortened to three days a week.

Gustav could tell that she seemed busy. She wasn't in school throughout the day.

Even though he was still bothered by what happened recently, he decided to place it behind him and focus on the task at hand.

Gustav arrived at his apartment and met Angy waiting in front of his door.

"Hey Angy," Gustav greeted after seeing her.

"Hey Gustav," Angy answered with a sweet smile.

"Hmm, is there a problem? Why are you standing at my door?" Gustav asked with an inquisitive gaze.

He was starting to wonder if this would become a regular routine for her.

"Yes... I mean no... I mean we have to talk," Angy stuttered repeatedly before completing her sentence.

Gustav's left eyebrow slightly went up before he replied.

"I already know what you want to talk about... The answer is no! Go home Angy," Gustav said and proceeded to open his door.

Angy grabbed him from behind.

"What if you're abducted again?" Angy said with a worried tone.

"That won't happen... And even if it does, you won't be able to do anything about it," Gustav said and proceeded to open his door.

"I'm sure I can help, I'm at Zulu rank already," Angy kept insisting.

"The answer is no Angy!" Gustav walked forward causing his cloth to slip from her grasp.


The door slid open and closed back after Gustav walked in.

Gustav frowned after entering his living room.

'Why is she so persistent?' He pondered internally.

After thinking for a few seconds Gustav sighed.

'She was smart enough to figure out that I was abducted and informed miss Aimee so I have to give her the benefit of the doubt at least,' Gustav said internally and turned around to open his door.

He walked out and arrived at the corridor.

"Hmm? You're still here?" Gustav voiced out in surprise.

Angy was still standing beside his door.

"I was leaving already," Angy pouted as she spoke but she still stood in the same position.