The Bloodline System - Chapter 657 - Next Plans

Chapter 657 - Next Plans

Chapter 657 - Next Plans

Fiona swerved around the building, looking for an entry point from above.

Knowing Gustav, she was sure he wouldn't have gone in through the front door.

Fiona's eyes squinted as she spotted the gap in the windowpane on the fourth floor.

She instantly delved down with speed, flying through the hole in the windowpane.

'I hope he's not dead yet,' Fiona said Internally as she flew within the corridor, causing winds to spread across the place.

After spotting the broken-through door, she landed on the floor as her wings rescinded.

She slowly walked through the door as she spotted Gustav's figure in front.

His back was facing her as he stood in place.

"Squad leader?" Fiona voiced out, causing Gustav to slowly turn around.

Her eyes widened as she spotted the decapitated head in Gustav's hand dripping with fresh blood.

It was that of Chief Brad Voltan. A decapitated smiling head.

"Mission Complete," Gustav voiced out as he slowly placed the head on the floor.

"Squad leaderwhy?" Fiona seemed quite disappointed as she voiced out and turned speechless.

Gustav stared at her with a cold look, "Did you forget the details of the mission?" He voiced out.

"Yes... I mean, no... But..." Fiona couldn't find words to express herself as she stared at the blood-soaked floor.

At this point, the others arrived within the room as well. They came in through the door one after the other and stared at the bloody scene.

They realized they arrived late, and Gustav had truly assassinated Chief Brad just as he said he would.

"We're leaving," Gustav voiced out while moving forward.

They parted ways for Gustav to pass through as they kept staring at the apartment for a few more moments before turning around to follow him.

The squad moved back to the coffee shop with Gustav. The alarm systems of the building had already gone off, so they couldn't remain in the Mug house.

There was a high chance that even the other governing bodies had no idea that Chief Brad was staying in such a place, but now everyone would know.

A small item placed on the side of the wall in Chief Brad's apartment fell off as the sign of a blood-stained handprint appeared on it.


"The mission is complete. I'll contact the base and let them know our work here is done," Gustav stated.

"Good job, everyone," He added.

They all nodded with smiles on their faces and even shook each other hands with joyous looks even though the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

Fiona wasn't happy that Chief Brad was just assassinated like that, but she understood how missions worked, so she couldn't hold a grudge against Gustav.

She even realized that she was letting her sentimentality get the better of her, which wasn't good for a person in a military-like organization.

They all realized that in the end, Gustav's decision was for the better since it would help the situation of the city.

The civil war had gone on for over five months already, and it would set back the city's economy by a lot. Lives had been lost and assets destroyed.

Gustav proceeded to contact the base of the news, and they began preparing an extraction team for them outside the city.

The mission was to be completed in two months, but Gustav and his squad completed it in one month and a few days.

This was a four-star mission completed, so everyone was glad that this would add up to their accomplishments which would assist in making them climb up the ranks faster.

In the meantime, all that was left for them to do was rest and maybe look around the region before they finally left this city tomorrow.

This was where everything started for Gustav, so he had come to hold a kind of sentimental feeling towards the city.

He had completed two missions in one location.

One thing he was glad about was the fact that it wouldn't be plagued by destruction anymore, so maybe, it would look more beautiful than it currently did after everything destroyed had been rebuilt.


-Two weeks later

Gustav sat in the living room where he and Miss Aimee, along with Red Shadow, stayed within the second base.

A small round object was in his palm, and he proceeded to tap the surface.


A projection of miss Aimee appeared in his line of sight, and she began speaking.

After five minutes, the recorded projection stopped, and Gustav sighed.

He had replayed this projection about five times already in the past and was replaying it again.

"Sorry, Miss Aimee, but I really do need to check on Boss Danzo. It's been too long since I heard from him," Gustav voiced out with a slightly guilty tone.

What Miss Aimee had mentioned on the projection was information on where she was at the moment and what she was doing.

She wanted Gustav to join her after he got back from the Leoluch city mission, but he had other plans.

Gustav had been in the second base for up to two weeks due to the meetings he had been having with the high-ranking officers here and getting the rewards from completing the mission.

It turned out after giving reports of the whole event, the mission was re-categorized as a five-star mission. This made it two five-star missions that Gustav had completed so far.

There was also the event where some officers tried to sneak Sahil out of the base and were caught due to Gustav's release of information to Miss Aimee.

After Miss Aimee passed across the warning to the base, which they took heed of, she also gave Gustav credit, telling them the source came from her student.

They would've liked to argue that it might be inaccurate, but no one was willing to get their heads removed when they knew who they were dealing with.

Getting the credit for that also boosted Gustav's rep within the MBO since it helped them in rooting out some of the unfaithful MBO agents and stopping a criminal from escaping.

Now that he was done with everything he needed to do here, it was finally time for him to leave.

He could decide to take up Miss Aimee's offer, which would equal another mission, but he also had the choice of taking a month or two leave after completing two five-star quests.

The civil war in Leoluch city had ended, and the groups had come together to propose a deal, leading the city together once more, so the mission served its purpose just like they planned.

He already decided he was going to visit Burning Sands city after this, so he was going to stick with that.

"His communication device never goes through," Gustav was a little worried as he stood to his feet and brought out his communication device from his storage space.

This was quite problematic as he didn't even know where he'd search when he arrived there.

Gustav suddenly recalled something, "I'm an MBO officer now... They have the biggest network spread across the earth. I could ask them to pinpoint Boss Danzo's location for me," He muttered with a chuckle realising he was stressing himself unnecessary.

Just as Gustav was about to leave the building, his communication device began making a low beeping sound which meant a call was coming through.

He could hear the sound since the sound pads were stamped to the sides of his head behind both ears.

He brought out his communication device, which shot out rays of light displaying the name of who was trying to contact him.

"Speak of the devil... Boss Danzo," Gustav muttered with a smile while proceeding to pick the call.