The Bloodline System - Chapter 592: Angy's Despair

Chapter 592: Angy's Despair

Chapter 592: Angy's Despair

The metallic sound rang out when Gustav's fist slammed into his chest. Still, no one had expected that Gustav's punch would pack so much force that the metallic protection was rendered useless.

Felgro stood to his feet after landing about a hundred feet away from his initial position with a battered look.

'So, he still holds a grudge,' Felgro thought with a look of pain as he held his chest.

"Are you okay?" Everyone approached him and voiced out with concern tones.

Some of them knew Officer Felgro before this, so they hadn't expected him to be put in such a state by just one punch. This led them to believe that Gustav's strength wasn't a joke even though he was weaker in bloodline rank.

"You good?" Gustav asked as well after seeing Felgro stagger a bit.

"Yes, I didn't make it tough enough because I wasn't expecting such a force," He explained.

"You should be careful with underestimating an opponent. It could cost you your life," Gustav voiced out with a warning tone.

These words hit everyone as they realized this is something they mostly did when they noticed a mixedblood was weaker than they were in bloodline rank.

Mill realized that this also cost him the competition with Gustav. He totally underestimated him and didn't use all he had from the start. It was towards the ending he decided to use a lot more power, but it was already too late.

Officer Felgro showed more of what he could do with his bloodline. Afterward, Mill came into the picture to display his shadowy abilities.

Now that they weren't restricted by the anti-gravitational force, Gustav realized just how powerful Mill's bloodline was.

Gustav secretly hoped Mill would piss him off during this mission so he would have an excuse to steal his bloodline. Gustav had read about Mill's shadowy bloodline and knew it was a lineage type of bloodline that was passed on from generation to generation as their household bore more offspring.

Mill's father also had the same bloodline type as his siblings and other people on the family tree.

Lineage-type bloodlines were very rare and, most times, very powerful. As it is passed down from one generation to the other, it gets more and more powerful.

Only a few families on the earth still had lineage bloodlines being passed from one generation to another, and most of them didn't associate with the outside world because they wanted to keep their bloodline within the family.

After assessing everyone's abilities, Gustav brought them up to speed on the first objective they would tackle first.

He had decided it was going to be the destruction of the advanced firearms chain of supply. This meant the first location Gustav and his squad would be heading to upon their successful infiltration was region six.

After telling them his plans and explaining how the vicinity looked, everyone was ready to play their part.


In a flash, the next day arrived, and they set on for the mission towards Leoluch city by four in the morning when the skies were still dark.

The same process as when Gustav was infiltrating the city was repeated as Officer Tron, and Louis helped the squad get in.

Everything was timed properly, and this time things went off without a hitch.

They went in from a different part of the dome from the last time. Due to the fact that they were heading towards Region six, they entered from somewhere that would make it easier for them to travel there.

However, Gustav had divided the squad into two. They were going to separate at some point in front. Three would be headed for region seventeen, which was another location where advanced firearms were said to be stored, while the other two would be following Gustav to region six.

They were currently running on a mountainous path that led to the residential area within region fourteen. According to the footage they had gathered on this region, the war had half-destroyed it, but people still lived within.

They had built a kind of stronghold for themselves within the region to prevent any harm from befalling the ones hiding within.

Gustav and the others passed by the place where the stronghold was situated and saw that it was heavily guarded by civilian units, and he could sense that they were all mixedbloods.

They first thought they were about to be attacked, seeing the speed at which Gustav and his squad were moving.

To their relief, the group only passed and didn't even make any intentions of moving towards them.

Gustav estimated their trip to Region six would take at least two hours at the pace at which they were moving. They were all fast on their feet, but Gustav knew that if he was by himself, he would get there faster. He had to move at a moderate pace now due to the speed of his squad.


-The MBO Camp

Endric sat within his room with a contemplative expression plastered on his face as he reminisced about the past week.


"The components making up of the substance injected into you are extremely rare and practically impossible to find," Dr. Levi voiced out to Angy and Endric.

"Does that mean you won't be able to find a cure?" Angy's expression turned sour by the second as she asked with a crestfallen look.

"I don't want to give you hope where, there is none so I have to tell you that two of the materials needed to make a cure that would counter this ailment has been extinct for at least fifty years…." As Dr. Levi got to this point, Angy's hope dropped completely to the gallows.

She stood in place without speaking for a long time, only staring at space with a look of emptiness. She watched her life flash right before her eyes, realizing that she would never be able to fulfill her dreams. Her moment of happiness ended a long time ago when a certain someone was in her company. Now, all that would remain with her till the end of her days were endless despair and unhappiness.

"You… This is all your fault!" An immense expression of hate and anguish was displayed on Angy's face as she turned to the side to stare at Endric.