The Bloodline System - Chapter 587: Squad Leader

Chapter 587: Squad Leader

Chapter 587: Squad Leader

"The third objective is to engage in two battles disguising as part of one of the other three groups, Gildan, Vulcan or Darilia. The purpose of blending in is to decimate a part of the opposing force power and level the playing field," Colonel Oxlar explained.

All this was because it had been determined that the Zalibans, Lanzis, and Routilias had much more power and were winning the battle already.

The aim was to equate their power levels, and the MBO didn't care that assassination was on the menu.

No one was innocent in a war, and there would always be deaths, so the MBO wasn't bothered to send them on missions that involved assassination.

It was also a secret/undercover mission so only a collected few would know about it.

Colonel Oxlar explained to them that everything they needed for the completion of the mission would be handed over to them, and they had to make sure it was completed within two months.

The envisioned end result was both sides remaining at an equal level of power and agreeing to stop the war. Still, even if this didn't happen, if this squad completed the three objectives, their mission would be termed successful.

"So these three men, who are they?" Gustav proceeded to ask.

He could already see them dressed in outfits that depicted the groups they were from, but he still wanted more information on them.

The first was a brown-skinned male with a black-dotted forehead and grey-colored hair. He was clad in a black outfit with golden patterns. The way the black outfit was structured, he was obviously one of the Zalibans.

The second one was dressed in a scarlet and blue-colored outfit. He looked quite meek with his oblong-shaped facial feature and white hair. This one was from the Lanzis group.

Gustav only clashed with the Lanzi group once in Leoluch city, but he didn't find them to be as vicious as the Zalibans.

The third one was a blue-skinned male with short orange-colored hair that looked like wriggling worms. He was clad in A white and bluish-colored outfit. This one was from the Routilia group.

Gustav didn't contact anyone from this group throughout his stay in Leoluch city. He did hear rumors that they performed operations in secret and were responsible for crippling a lot of assets that the other three groups owned.

According to Gustav, If this information was correct, they would be the most dangerous out of all three.

It looked like the Zalibans were the most aggressive and powerful among the trio, but at least Gustav felt he could see most of their actions in broad daylight, which could be dealt with.

However, the Routilias doing their operations in secret was more dangerous since it would be impossible to deal with or prevent something you had no idea was happening.

"These men are one of the governing bodies within each group," Colonel Oxlar began explaining.

Every group had a main leader and three governing bodies in the shadows that assisted in lending power to the group.

They were irreplaceable assets due to their possession of power and wealth. If they were gone, so would their assistance.

They were only assassinating one from each group to not cripple them completely. The MBO didn't want to risk having more power than the other, which wouldn't be a good result. The Zalibans and the other two groups were still continuing with this war because they knew they'd win even though they would suffer casualties. While the other three were still battling because they were being pushed to the wall and didn't want to go down without a fight.

"The first one is Chief Brisk Ali of the Zaliban group, second, Chief Voltan Brad of the Lanzi group, and the third is Chief Tim Olton of the Routilia group," The Colonel voiced out while gesturing at the projection of the three images.

The officers in the vicinity took note of this as their eyes lingered on these three.

"The location these three are residing in is currently unknown, however their last seen is right in the locations pinpointed green," He voiced while pointing at the map.

"You will need to conduct investigations yourselves using the information provided, find them and assassinate them," He added.

All six officers who were going to be participating in the mission all had looks of contemplation as they digested all the information they had just received.

One of the officers standing beside Colonel Oxlar moved to the side and started handing out a sphere-shaped device to them one after the other.

Gustav received his as well and scrutinized it as Colonel Oxlar began speaking again.

"Within this device contains a detailed and outlined map displayed here. Also, it contains more information on these three as well as the mission so make sure to study them after you leave here," He stated.

"Officers Felgro, Fiona, Darkyl, Ildan and Mill... You're all under Officer Crimson," Colonel Oxlar stated out while pointing at Gustav.

"Huh?" They all voiced out with looks of confusion while staring at Gustav.

"Officer Crimson will be taking command of this squad during the mission. As the squad leader you all have to listen to his commands," Colonel Oxlar added. 

They all stared harder at Gustav after hearing that scrutinizing him even more. Two of the officers looked quite dissatisfied after hearing that, while the other three only had normal expressions.

One of the officers who looked dissatisfied was Mill as expected. Mill Kaiser also happened to be drafted for this mission as well and had been here from the start. Still, Gustav didn't even spare him a glance from their entry into the facility even though he noticed him.

Mill was still harboring a grudge due to losing his only instant recovery pill, but he knew better than to say anything at this moment. 

All of them were actually dressed in uniform while Gustav came wearing casual wear, so he already stood out from the start.