The Bloodline System - Chapter 52 - Evolution Of Morph

Chapter 52 - Evolution Of Morph

Chapter 52 - Evolution Of Morph


A scream brought him back to reality.

Gustav turned around to see a teenage girl in red clothing running from an assailant in black.

Both of them were coming from the route that led to the back of the construction site.

The teenage girl was dressed in a tight-fitted red gown. She had make-up on her face making it was obvious that she was dressed for an occasion.

Gustav felt that she was probably just coming from a party or something.

Both she and the assailant were faster than normal so it was obvious that they were mixed-bloods.

Also, not many people were passing this area at this time. Gustav could only see about three people at different corners of the street. There was no telling if they were normal people or not so they probably wouldn't be able to follow their speed if they were.

The girl and the assailant were headed in Gustav's direction.

He was the only one around here who actually had the chance to help her unlike the others but he had decided not to butt in.

"Get back here you bitch!"

"Leave me alone you horny bastard!"

"When I catch you, I'll enjoy my time with you!"

"I will never attend your party again!"

"I will have my way with you and nothing can stop me hahaha!"

Their dialogue drifted into Gustav's ears as he kept walking.

On closer look, the assailant was actually a teenage boy clad in black.

From their conversation, Gustav had painted a kind of picture in his head about what happened.

He figured the girl was probably invited to a party and now she's about to be violated by one of the organizers. This unpopulated area was proof that this might truly be the case since youngsters nowadays tended to like partying in places where they wouldn't be disturbed.

Gustav also concluded that the boy was not scared of chasing her all the way out in the open because he probably wouldn't face the consequences of breaking the law.

In other words, the boy must have a background that can exempt him.

'Another bastard that comes from an affluent family eh?' Gustav was tempted to butt in after analyzing the situation but he changed his mind.

'It's none of my business... Let her suffer the consequences of attending such parties,' Gustav kept walking forward.

"Don't make me use it! I don't want to ruin that sexy body of yours!"


The female shouted out just as they were closing in on Gustav in front.

"Bitch you're still asking help from another person!" The boy shouted out while stretching his hand out.


A black ball of gas shot out from his palm after performing that action.

The girl screamed out and ducked. Due to that action, the ball of black gas was headed towards Gustav in front.

Gustav stared at the ball of gas as it approached with an inquisitive look.

He analyzed it as it approached him.

The girl who ducked seemed to be shouting out something after ducking. She already thought Gustav would definitely get hit but to her surprise, he swerved to the side quicker than she expected, dodging the ball of black gas.


It made contact with a small sign that was three meters behind Gustav earlier.


A sizzling sound rang out as the sign started melting.

The teenage boy was able to catch up to the girl after this.

He grabbed her and lifted her from the ground with a smile on his face.

"You gave me so much trouble... I will take my time with you!" The boy said while licking her earlobes.

The girl shivered in fright as the boy's left palm traveled towards her chest.

He grabbed her breasts through her clothes and started fondling them.

"Ah, what a great feeling," He muttered with a look of delight.

"Le-t m-e g-o," She struggled to free herself but he was obviously stronger than her.

"Hey, you almost hit me,"

The boy paused his hands and stared at Gustav who had just spoken ahead.

His eyes traveled from top to bottom and from bottom to top before sneering.

"Who is this rat? Watch where you're going next time then, idiot hahaha!"

Gustav looked down and smiled when he heard that.

"I really wanted to mind my business but now...." Gustav started walking forward slowly as he spoke.

When he was only three feet away from them, he looked up to stare into the eyes of the boy.

"You just made it my business," Immediately Gustav muttered these words he grew to the height of over six feet and he stretched out his palm to grab the boy's hand.

He held onto the hand the boy was using to fondle the girl's breasts and tightened his grip around it.

Clench! Crack!

"Kyyarrh!" The boy screamed out as the bones in his wrist area were broken in two.

He let go of the girl immediately that happened and fell to the ground, crying while holding onto his right arm.

The girl fell to her butt and stared at Gustav with an astonished look.

Gustav raised his leg and swung it forward towards the boy's chest.


The kick sent the boy flying back by five meters as his chest collapsed from the impact.


The boy still slid a few inches backward before his body came to a pause.

The girl's eyes widened as she stared at the boy ahead. She turned her head around to stare at Gustav with a look of appreciation.

"Thank you," The girl said while smiling at Gustav.

"I didn't do it for you," Gustav said and activated dash before running forward.


In a few seconds, he was out of sight.

The girl still kept staring in that direction for few seconds before she heard a cough.

The boy was still on the floor coughing out blood.

"He-lp m-e," The boy's voice cracked due to pain as he held his chest while speaking.

"Oh, what a reversal," The girl walked towards him while speaking with a ridiculing tone.

She stared at him with a gloating look for a few seconds before coming to a realization.

'Oh I should probably get out of here,' She said in her mind and ran in the opposite direction.

The boy was left there in his pool of blood.

It was late in the night so the probability of people seeing him in this particular area was not very high. He knew this since he picked the venue for the party himself.


Gustav had arrived at the closest bus station after using dash twice.

He didn't return to his normal size until he entered the bus.

'I would have killed that idiot and taken his bloodline had we not been out in the open,' Gustav said internally as he sat.

He had come up with a plan at that moment to get the boy's bloodline but he discarded it because he couldn't stay for long after attacking the boy. He has wanted to lure him into Bolin construction site and perform extraction there but he changed his mind. There were cams on the streets but not in the incomplete buildings but if Gustav took him there, there was a chance he would get caught since he would take longer to extract the bloodline than to just beat him up and leave. This was also why he increased his size before hitting the boy.

'Maybe next time,' Gustav sighed as he concluded and rested his back on the seat.

[Hidden quest completed]

"Huh," Gustav sat straight as he saw that.

[Quest details: Save the girl from getting caught by the assailant]

Gustav expression was full of bewilderment as he stared at the notification

'I would have failed if I decided to ignore her?' Gustav wanted to curse the system but he understood that it wouldn't be called hidden quest if he was told about it beforehand.

He had practically failed since he didn't get involved until after the boy's attack nearly hit him.



<Bloodline Upgrade>

<5000 EXP>


[Congratulations! Host morph ability has now evolved into shapeshifting]

'Shapeshifting?' Gustav's eyes widened as he stared at the notification.