The Bloodline System - Chapter 479 Special Class Turn

Chapter 479 Special Class Turn

Chapter 479: Special Class Turn

Within the facility where the other cadets and instructors and the inspectors were gathered, a board had already appeared on the side of the large hall. It displayed scores of the cadets that were currently in different sections of the city.

A few moments later, the same sound as earlier could be heard as the clouds burst apart, revealing more of those black balls.

The cadets who found themselves on tall buildings moved away from their current location to another part because the ball's trajectory was different from where it was headed for the last time.

They quickly jumped several buildings and stared up towards the arriving black ball that was the size of a boulder.

Attacks were once again sent upwards, electricity, fireballs, energy attacks, fist strikes, and so many different ones.

As long as the force of their attack was enough, once the force collided with the ball, it exploded.

The balls exploded when they received a particular amount of damage which prevented fragments from falling towards the buildings in the sections. This way, protection was easier as long as the cadet was powerful enough.

This continued for about ten minutes, and every new round, the balls were always faster and stronger than the initial.

As time passed, the cadets' attacks were beginning to become less and less effective. Some of them would have to attack the same ball about three to four times before totally getting rid of it.


A section of the city was incinerated as one of the balls landed on a building, causing ripples of destruction to spread across the place.

The cadet had failed to stop it even after attacking it several times. Luckily he the supervisors teleported him the instant the ball made contact with one of the buildings.

More and more cadets were unable to stop the balls after this. The first ended after stopping about nine balls. The ninth ball was considered to be six times stronger than the first and three times faster in speed which meant the cadet did quite well, but he was still embarrassed that he was the first to fail.

Other cadets failed to stop the ball in their tenth to thirteenth round, and only a single cadet managed to reach the fourteenth round before failing.

Minutes later, all five hundred cadets were back in their seats after being teleported back to the facility.

They all stared at the holographic projection that displayed their scores as officer Briant started mentioning the names of the next set of cadets.

The inspectors who had witnessed the first batch all had poker faces because, to them, the performance of the normal cadets was already expected even though this batch of cadets did better than the last.

The holographic projection had a side that showed that it was calculating the improvement rate of every cadet from the first batch.

It displayed their most powerful attacks when they were just getting into the MBO and the ones they had displayed a while ago.

The supervisors teleported the next batch of cadets one after the other again. They found themselves in different sections of the city just like the previous ones.

They began to also showcase their strength as the balls descended from above.

About two hours later, every single normal class cadet had shown the strength of their attacks and had been teleported back.

On the holographic projection that displayed scores of cadets, their improvement rate was also displayed by the side.

Some of them had improvement rates of 400 to 500%. Some around 600 to 700% and the highest were bordering between 750 - 800%.

Ria was the only normal cadet who had managed to reach a whopping sum of 900% improvement rate since his start in the MBO.

It was already high to get an improvement rate of 700% as a cadet that was already quite strong on entering into the MBO talk more of getting 200% higher than that.

The inspectors had their eyes on Ria and two other normal cadets after seeing their improvement rate.

After all, they were mostly invested in the improvement rate than the scores. The improvement rate was calculated based on how much stronger a cadet had become since their arrival here, which meant Ria was seven times stronger than he used to be.

If Ria happened to be the person with the highest improvement rate, this didn't make him the strongest. This only showed that his rate of improvement is better and higher than the rest.

Now it was finally time for the special class cadets to be transported into the city.

Since they were only around sixty in number, they would be spaced across the city properly.

And it was crazier for them since they had to handle the safety of two sections instead of one like the others.


As Gustav was teleported away, he found himself in a part of the city that had both residential and business structures.

Unlike the usual eighteen buildings, there were close to forty buildings in the vicinity.

Some were as large as a high rise, and others were small in size, like bungalows, two storeys and three-storey buildings.

Gustav walked in the middle of the empty street, looking around.

The buildings were so well structured, and he could even see within some buildings that there were furniture and other necessities for living there. It seemed as if the MBO missed no detail except for the lack of human life within the vicinity.

This was understandable since the MBO wouldn't want to endanger anyone's life.

Gustav looked up ahead towards the southeast and noticed the tall blueish mast shooting up to the sky.

There were high-rise buildings in the area that were two hundred to three hundred storeys tall, but the mast happened to be taller than them, reaching over three thousand feet.

Gustav moved forward and arrived in front of it.


A certain kind of energy began to circulate around him as he descended to a particular point crouching his knees a little.

[Super Jump Has Been Activated]

His calves bulged immensely as the ground underneath his feet cracked just before he leaped upwards with force.