The Bloodline System - Chapter 46 - Invitation

Chapter 46 - Invitation

Chapter 46 - Invitation

'Looks like they finally grew some balls,' Gustav turned around and started walking towards the door.

'Time to collect more compensations,' A wide grin could be seen on Gustav's face as he got to the door of the dojo and slid it to the side.

Immediately Gustav slid open the wooden doors what appeared in his line of sight were two boys and girls. They looked to be teenagers like him and he could recognize two of their faces. Two of the boys were among the students that watched the fight between him and Aurora, along with Masuba. The other two girls were unknown to him.

The four of them immediately stopped arguing after seeing Gustav appear.

"Is that him?" The girl on the right sporting black and purple hair questioned one of the boys.

"Yes, he's the one," One of the boys who had a chubby look answered.

"What? He looks so tiny and weak!" The second girl who sported brown hair spoke with a look of ridicule.

The two boys' faces paled as they heard that.

"I thought it was going to be someone more intimidating," The girl with black and purple hair spoke again.

"He looks like a pretty boy, how could Masuba lose to this feathered-looking person," The other girl sporting brown hair spoke again.

The both of them spoke like Gustav wasn't standing in front of them.

The faces of the boys paled again upon hearing the conversation of the girls.

They stared in Gustav's direction with a frightful look. Surprisingly Gustav didn't even look bothered. He just stared at the girls like they were some clowns performing a circus act.

"He's right here, you know?" The chubby boy couldn't bear it anymore and finally spoke since he was afraid of Gustav misunderstanding the situation. He didn't want Gustav to think he was also among those insulting him.

"What's this? You're scared of him?" The female sporting brown hair questioned with a look of disgust.

"If you don't have anything tangible to say I will return to my training, I have better things to spend my time on than wasting it on watching a circus act play out in front of me! You two should get your circus monkeys out of here," Gustav said to the two boys and turned around to enter the dojo once again.

"Hiss, did he just call us...? How dare this...?" The female on brown got mad immediately and wanted to approach Gustav but the other girl dragged her back.

"Remember the rules?" The girl sporting purple and black hair questioned with a reminding tone.

When the girl on brown heard that she calmed down. One of the rules forbids fighting within the premises of the dojo. Fighting was only allowed through duels and failure to comply would result in a permanent ban.

"Don't worry senior Yuhiko will take care of him for us," The girl sporting purple hair whispered in the ears of the other girl as she smiled.

Gustav's ears caught what they said even though he was already about to close the door. Perception had increased his five senses so he would hear even the tiniest of whispers so long as they were within the range of detection.

"Please wait," The boys were the first to call out to Gustav before he could close the doors.

"What is it?" Gustav asked while turning his head to the side.

"Masuba would like to invite you to watch his duel with Yuhiko on the second floor," The chubby boy answered.

"Yuhiko would also like to invite you to watch the duel," The girl sporting purple and black hair spoke.

"Is that why you all are here?" Gustav asked.

"Yes," The group of four nodded.

"Not interested," Gustav turned around after answering.

"What?" The two girls were surprised that Gustav would turn them down even after hearing the name of the person who was inviting him. No one in the dojo could claim, they hadn't heard of the most beautiful and powerful girl in the dojo.

The boys weren't surprised as they were already used to this cold attitude since Gustav had turned down their friendship several times.

"Please senior Gustav, Masuba is willing to do anything for you to attend," The other boy wearing a pair of glasses spoke.

"Oh," Gustav looked interested after hearing that, "Is that so?" he came out of the dojo again as he questioned.

The boys nodded in affirmation.

"That's good, but before I can decide to come with you these rude girls must apologize," Gustav demanded.

"What? I'm not apologizing to this..." Before the girl with brown hair could even complete her statement Gustav interrupted her.

"Alright we're done here," Gustav turned around once again to head in.

"Ah, please wait," The boys called out to him but he didn't answer. He went in and slammed the door shut.

It was after he went in, that the brown head girl realized her blunder.

"You know senior Yuhiko will take it out on you when she hears the reason for us failing to bring him with us," The girl on purple and black hair said with a sigh.

Even the boys were sulking because they knew Masuba was likely to punish them if they failed.

The girl on brown had a look of fright before speaking, "Let's call him out so we can apologize... I don't think we have any other choice right now,"

They started knocking on the doors after that.

After a few seconds, Gustav came to answer them again. This time a look of annoyance could be seen on his face as he demanded for the girls to apologize on their knees this time.

"How could you...?" The girl sporting brown hair was about to speak again when Gustav interrupted.

"I'm going back in then," He turned around to leave once again but this time the girl sporting purple hair quickly reacted by kneeling and dragging the one with brown hair down with her as they begged for forgiveness even though looks of unwillingness were written all over their faces.

Gustav was smiling inwardly after seeing this but his outward expression was still the same.

"Let's go then,"


On the second to the last floor, a small stage that was similar to the one Gustav and Aurora had their first duel was placed in the northwest corner of this floor.

A group of young boys and girls could be seen gathered around this stage. There were about twenty of them and they seemed to be waiting for something or in this case someone.

Two of these people were Masuba and Yukiho.

Masuba was on the left side of the stage while Yuhiko was on the right.

The same inspectors that played as referees for Gustav's and Aurora's fight were also present and they were all waiting for the same person before the duel commenced.

Yukiho had a look of annoyance on her face, 'What's taking so long, I can't stand this idiot staring at me in this kind of way! I want to stomp on his face as quickly as I can!' she thought in her mind as she stared at Masuba who was also exchanging glances with her. Masuba was staring at Yuhiko with a longing gaze. He stared at her like she was a holy being, a deity that wasn't supposed to exist on the earth, and truly Yuhiko looked the part. She was unrealistically beautiful.

'Just look at this idiot, he practically has drool leaking out the side of his mouth.... no different from how that guy used to look at me, hmph!' An image came to her head but she looked quite disturbed as another image interloped with the one she first pictured.

'Just what was...?' She didn't get to complete her thought when loud voices were heard in the vicinity.

-"He's here,"

-"Is that him?"

-"Wow, he looks quite weak,"

-"How could Masuba have lost to him?"

-"But he also looks pretty, hehehe,"

Everyone turned around to stare at the group of five who had just arrived.

The person in the middle was who they were referring to.

Yuhiko stared at the group approaching with a look of shock visible on her face.

"That's...? How could he be the one?"