The Bloodline System - Chapter 420 - Competition With Elevora

Chapter 420 - Competition With Elevora

Chapter 420 - Competition With Elevora

The raindrops started to fall in after the opening was revealed, causing Gustav to shut one eye as it dropped onto his face.

'Here goes nothing,' Gustav said Internally as he jumped up and grabbed onto the ledge before pulling himself upwards.

As he arrived at the top of the mountain, the opening closed up, causing the vicinity to vibrate a little.

Gustav's body that was initially almost dry after being within the mountain for nearly an hour, became wet again.

The dark clouds greeted him with silver-colored roots-like lines running through them from time to time.

Pita! Pita! Pita! Pita! Pita!

The raindrops drummed mercilessly on the surface of the mountain top, causing some slightly caved in places to be filled with murky water.

Gustav only stood there for a few seconds before he heard the sound of footsteps towards the far east side of the vicinity.

He turned to the side, and the person also did the same.

Even though they were around fifty feet away from themselves, they instantly recognized each other.



Both muttered lightly under their breath.

'Just as I calculated... Others shouldn't be too far off right now,' Gustav said Internally.

'Did he get here before me?' Elevora wondered.

She had no idea since the visibility of the environment was bad. She couldn't know if anyone was close to her or not.

She was still a bit surprised that he would get here this fast, though. She wanted to rest a little after arriving, but seeing Gustav here, her passion was ignited once again.

She breathed in and out profusely, causing her massive busts to raise and occasionally lower with her uniform sticking to her body.

Both of them stared at each other for a few seconds before Elevora started moving forward once again.

Elevora had expected Gustav to also start moving just as she did, but he was still standing there staring in her direction.

'Why is he not moving?' She wondered.

To her surprise, Gustav moved to the side and sat on a slightly large rock that protruded from the ground.

'What is this? Is he resting?' She asked herself as she paused in front.

Gustav noticed her hesitation as she turned to stare at him from a distance.

"I'm giving you an headstart, go," Gustav voiced out with a smile.

Elevora's forehead creased slightly as she heard that.

"Not needed," She said while returning the smile and moved towards the side to also sit down on a piece of large rock.

"Huh?" Gustav exclaimed with a light tone.

"You really should take the head start though... I can overtake you at any time," Gustav voiced out again.

Although they were around fifty feet away from each other, his voice echoed across the place, so she was able to hear him clearly.

"Oh, there's no need... I'm ready whenever you are," Elevora responded.

'She's quite hardheaded... I have no ounce of tiredness in me right now, so it'll practically be cheating if I competed with her right now,' This was Gustav's thought process.

He knew that even though Elevora was very strong, there was no way she wasn't fatigued from climbing the mountain, which was why he decided to wait for her to go further before following along.

They were both interested in seeing who would be first to get to the finish line due to this unique circumstance, but Gustav felt it wouldn't be fair.

This was how they sat for the next five minutes without exchanging more words or making a move.

Elevora didn't budge the whole time as she kept her sight on Gustav's position.

Gustav also didn't stand up in the meantime, giving her the opportunity to rest unbeknownst to her.

Another three minutes passed, and finally, another person arrived on the mountain top.

"Oh Gustav, you're already here?" Even Aildris was quite surprised because Gustav didn't pick up the pace during morning routines until they were on the last course.

"Don't worry about me, just keep going," Gustav replied with a dismissive expression.

Aildris nodded slightly and kept moving forward.

Gustav could tell that Chad and E.E had probably arrived at the top too. They just probably arrived on the far end where he couldn't see because of the reduced visuality.

Gustav still decided to wait for about five minutes more.

About three more special classes passed the middle of Elevora and Gustav's position with confused looks as they noticed them both.

They went on their way since they didn't know what was going on.

'She's really hard headed... She doesn't seem to care about the others passing her,' Gustav said internally before standing to his feet.

The instant he stood up, so did Elevora.

Trah! Trah! Trah! Trah!

Their footsteps reverberated across the place as they started running towards the edge.

Gustav adopted a moderate speed, moving neither too fast nor slow so as to avoid slipping and falling.

He slowly began to pick up the pace as they moved further ahead to a less slippery area.

He and Elevora slowly began to overtake some of the cadets that had surpassed them earlier and arrived at the edge in a few more minutes.

The ropes tied to the small poles sticking out of the ground could be seen leading straight into the fog up ahead.

This particular area was always foggy, but this time it was way worse.

It was as if the rain had decided not to stop pouring today.

It was currently seven am, but it still looked like it was midnight.

Gustav and Elevora quickly picked the ropes that they saw stable and started walking on them.

They didn't go for the dangling ones because they could tell that someone was already walking on those.

Gustav started walking steadily across the line with his arms slightly spread apart.

Elevora, on the other hand, was walking almost twice as fast as he was.

Although Gustav had improved his balancing, Elevora was just on another level when it came to things like this.

In a few minutes, Gustav had crossed fifty feet on the line and from the position of the mountain peak, he had disappeared into the fog.

However, the rope was still dangling slightly due to his movement.

Trah! Trah!

Another cadet arrived at the peak and instantly moved towards the position of the rope Gustav was walking on.

A smile appeared on his face as he squatted and brought out a small laser knife while reaching out for the rope.


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