The Bloodline System - Chapter 356 - Angy's Decision

Chapter 356 - Angy's Decision

Chapter 356 - Angy's Decision

Angy bumped into Gustav somewhere behind the neighborhood, but when she called out to him, he ignored her.

He didn't even turn to stare at her. He treated her like a gust of wind passing by.

This made Angy feel lonelier and sad.

Later during the day, she called Glade to catch her up on the latest development.

Glade, of course, was furious at Gustav when she heard that.

-"How could he tell you to do such a thing? He's an asshole,"

"No, Glade, calm down. I understand why he wants that... After all, I might end up a liability for him, and he doesn't want that,"

-"Fuck him. Angy, you can just forget about him. There are many other guys around to choose from. It doesn't have to be Gustav.

"...hmm but... I can't. I think I love him,"

-"But I think he doesn't love you. Have you seen his eyes? I don't think he loves anyone,"

"Don't say that... He has gone through a lot. He even changed. He used to be so brutal and uncaring in the past."

-"hmph... I understand that he has gone through a lot, but that doesn't change the fact that he's a jerk for asking you to do such,"

"I have to prove that I will not become a burden,"

-"Tch, of course, you won't. Don't you know how strong you are, Angy?"

"Hmm, I do, but Glade, let me ask you something... Have you ever killed a person?"

-"... Yes,"

"If someone tries to kill you, will you kill them instead?"

-"...Yes, I will not spare someone who has the intention of harming me,"

"You see... I have never killed a person, and I don't know if I can ever kill a person,"

-"So? Who gives a damn? Who says you can't protect others without killing?"

"I know I can, but in some cases, it may be necessary,"

-"Hmm... You're not wrong about that,"

"*Sigh* He ignored me today, and it felt like my heart was being torn apart. I never thought he would ever direct that cold gaze he gave others towards me... I can't explain how I felt," Angy cooped herself up on her bed as she voiced out.

-"That jerk..."

"Glade, I don't want to be able to take someone's life without batting an eyelid, but I want to be capable enough to do it when at the time it really matters,"

-"Hmm... Are you sure about this? Once you kill a person, there's no way back from that,"

"I know... But I don't want to end up making a mistake that will cause a person's death because of my softness,"

"...If that is what you want, I will support you in whatever way I can... One thing you always have to remind yourself is the fact that you're getting rid of a scum whose existence will cause problems and suffering to another person if left alive. It's like uprooting a virus. If it spreads, other people die, but if you can get rid of it, you save others... This is necessary to remember,"

"Hmm... I see,"


Just like that, another day went by, and weekend arrived. Gustav had spent the night hunting down some mixedbreeds with his team.

They were extremely surprised when they found out that he was now even more powerful than before.

Gustav revealed the night before that he achieved the serial rank, causing the entire team to quiver in shock.

Gustav's strength was already above serial rank even before achieving it. Now they wondered how powerful he was and how powerful he would become if he kept improving like this.

Gustav visited Mr. Gon this weekend to go collect the flexible body armor that was made from the rock the other part of the system was trapped in.

Gustav avoided Vera during his visit, but he noticed that, unlike the day before, she was rather calm and even ignored him in the presence of her grandpa.

He wondered what she was playing at.

After some idle talks, he went back to his home to continue his research.

He had already rented another facility from Crimson Hunting Agency, and now he had a total of thirty employees.

He had given them instructions on how the Crimson Hunting Agency should run in his absence, which he assumed was going to be about a year.

Angy's father had agreed to be the manager, so he was going to leave the management in his hands.

Angy's father had also noticed the weirdness between Angy and Gustav, but he decided he wasn't going to meddle because he felt the youngsters should handle their relationship issues themselves.

Sunday came in the blink of an eye, and just like that, the two-week break had ended.

Monday was the day every mixedblood in the world that had been enlisted into the MBO would be expected to appear in the MBO base that commander Shion governed over.

Gustav was in his apartment, resting after finishing his daily task.

He would be going to see Miss Aimee in a few hours, and they would have their last training session.

Miss Aimee had said she was going with him to the base, and she would leave for the city she was travelling to afterward.

Tomorrow was the last time Gustav would be seeing her. And he had no idea when next he was going to see her since the training was supposed to last for four years.

He knew he'd be sent for some low-ranked missions during those four years. According to commander Shion, there was no guarantee that he would ever be sent somewhere to meet Miss Aimee again.


'All good things must come to an end eventually...' Gustav lamented inwardly.

First, it was boss Danzo. Angy was practically not in the picture. Now, Miss Aimee would also be gone by tomorrow.

"I need to ask her about planet Humbad," Gustav decided he would ask Miss Aimee.

He needed more information since he only had five years for the quest, and he didn't know when he would see her again.

Gustav decided to check his progress so far in the last two weeks.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Crimson

-Level: 26

-Class: Sub-Parallel Being

-Exp: 1,820,300/5,700,000

-Hp: 14500/14500

-Energy: 7000/7200


┬╗Strength: 72

┬╗Perception: 70

┬╗Mental Fortitude: 70

┬╗Agility: 70

┬╗Speed: 70

┬╗Bravery: 70

┬╗Intelligence: 71

┬╗Charm: 70

┬╗Defence: 70

┬╗Vitality: 72

┬╗Endurance: 75

{Attributes points: 30}


"Now that I think about it, what's the point of having charm stats?" Gustav voiced out.