The Bloodline System - Chapter 346 - Ploy

Chapter 346 - Ploy

Chapter 346 - Ploy

-"Gustav won as expected,"

-"We have no chance of winning since Deitrick was not even able to get him to activate his bloodline,"

-"If he activates his transformation bloodline, that would mean he had gotten serious,"

"This shows that I need to train harder and become stronger than I am before trying to fight him,"

Gustav had suddenly become a source of motivation for his peers who were interested in Matilda.

The barrier was deactivated, and the Odaly family quickly went upstage to give Deitrick medical attention.

Gustav walked down the stage and quickly took his jacket and wore it to cover the back of his clothes that were completely torn apart.

"Good job, man... You just saved Matilda from the torture she would have gone through getting married to someone she didn't like," E.E said to Gustav.

"Hmm, I still wonder what she's playing at... And how long she intends to keep this going," Gustav said with a slightly suspicious look.

Glade, Ria, Teemee and Angy also stared in Matilda's direction as they heard that.

"Go talk to her," E.E suggested.

"I tried that before... I'll try something else this time," Gustav said as he walked away.

"Wait, Gus... tav," Angy called out, but he was already gone...

The guests stared at Gustav with looks of admiration and envy as he moved towards Matilda.

Angy stood beside Glade with a suspicious look on her face.

"Did he tell you anything beforehand about his invitation?" Glade asked.

"No, he didn't say anything... I also didn't tell him I was invited, so..." Angy responded but didn't complete her sentence.

"Why does the atmosphere between you, two, seem off?" Glade asked while pulling Angy to the side.

"Well, that's because... Something happened yesterday," Angy muttered.

Glade raised one eyebrow up as she heard that, "Tell me everything,"


Over on Matilda's family side, she had just finished arguing with some of her family members over her requirement.

They had to agree with her after she mentioned some things.

"So what if no one is eventually able to defeat Gustav?" One of the elders asked.

Matilda had a look of contemplation on her face as she heard this. She was unable to give an answer for a few seconds.

"I will take up the responsibility of marrying her myself," Gustav spoke up from up ahead as he approached the group.

"Huh? You will?" Some of the elders voiced out at the same time.

"Yes, or am I not worthy enough?" Gustav asked as he arrived in front of them.

"Ah no, no, haha, you certainly are worthy enough... The Kwoiune family will be extremely blessed to have someone like you as our son-in-law," The elder who was initially bereaving Matilda voiced out with a smile.

Matilda had widened eyes as she stared at Gustav with a look of disbelief, 'What is he doing?'

"But that is only based on if none of her suitors are able to defeat me in the future... If I am defeated by any of them, she'll still have to become engaged with that person," Gustav stated.

"Yes, of course, we understand," The elders, as well as Matilda's father, smiled and nodded as they spoke.

"Now, if you lots don't mind, I have to speak with her alone," Gustav said as he held onto Matilda's hand and pulled with him as he walked away from the training ground.

Angy and Glade didn't notice Gustav leaving the area hand-in-hand with Matilda because Angy was currently explaining what happened with Endric to Glade.

"Everyone, thank you for coming... According to our young princess requirements, anyone that is able to defeat Gustav will get her hand in marriage." One of the elders announced again.

"There is something else I would like to announce..." The elder said, causing everyone's attention to be drawn towards him, Angy included.

"If no one can defeat Gustav in the future, our daughter will be betrothed to him,"

It was like a bomb went off as he revealed that.

Everyone's eyes widened in surprise as the entire place became noisy.

"What?" Angy voiced out subconsciously as she heard that.

"Where's Gustav," She said while turning around to look.

She felt indescribable mixed feelings welling up within as she looked around the place for Gustav.

Glade quickly followed behind her along with E.E, Ria and Teemee.

This marked the end of today's event. As the guests slowly began to file out of the Kwoiune family residence.

The Odaly family also bid their farewells as they promised that Deitrick would eventually defeat Gustav.

Deitrick had been fed some recovery pills and was now back on his feet.

He had checked for Gustav, wanted to have a word with him after gaining consciousness, but he couldn't find him anywhere, so he left with his family.

Several minutes later, as they sat inside the private aircraft that was going to fly them back to their city, their uncle spoke.

"You did well today," He voiced out.

"Hmm, but was that really necessary?" Deitrick asked.

"Yes... The next time you fight him, you will defeat him because now, he, along with everyone else, believes you have to poke different parts of your body to increase strength when in fact, you don't have to... Next time you're fighting him, taunt him with that a little more and then open the seventh gate suddenly to finish him off... I can guarantee you that he won't see it coming," Deitrick's uncle laughed lightly as he voiced out.

"Hmm, alright, uncle, but he is quite powerful too... Who knows how powerful he will be the next time I fight him," Deitrick said with a wary look.

"No matter how powerful he becomes, the seventh gate will be enough to end him since it's powerful enough to handle a peak Gilberk rank right now... Just make sure you fight him without anyone in attendance. We will make a video recording as proof, but no one must witness the fight between you two," Deitrick's uncle stated with a warning look.


Gustav had brought Matilda to an unknown place within the Kwoiune family residence where flowers could be seen planted around a four hundred feet reddish and brown colored tree.

He leaned against the tree and stared at Matilda in front of him.

"Now, tell me what you're hiding from everyone? What exactly are you planning?" Gustav asked while squinting his eyes.