The Bloodline System - Chapter 341 - Suspicious Approach

Chapter 341 - Suspicious Approach

Chapter 341 - Suspicious ApproaChapter

Everyone started laughing after hearing that, and Glade decided to throw in a little something extra too.

"Wait, till he starts opening his mouth... You'll be assaulted by flying white bullets,"

"Haha, that's his bloodline ability, right?" E.E asked cluelessly, but from the weird stares and laughter of

everyone besides Ria, he figured out what she meant.

Ria and Glade started arguing once again while Gustav discussed with E.E.

They started catching up on some things that had happened recently.

The place remained lively as different performances were done in the middle of the large living room.

Matilda had sneakily waved to them several times from her sitting position. She was dressed like a princess today.

She would have gone to meet them, but she had to stay up there and look pretty as many people came up one after the other to offer their congratulations.

On one of the three tables to the right of Gustav was another group of people in luxurious outfits.

They seemed to be a family due to the presence of two elderly men among the group of five.

A particular green-haired kid in their midst stared at Gustav's table and nodded, "Now that I'm seeing him in person, he just might be strong enough to contend with me," He voiced out.

"Haha, Deitrick, are you kidding? There's no way that clown can match your strength..." The other kid beside him with green and white-coloured hair voiced out.

"He's no clown Carter... I can se..." Before Deitrick could complete his statement, one of the middle-aged men in their midst interrupted.

"You still held back during the test phase... If you didn't, you'd be a special class candidate by now," He said with a dissatisfied expression.

"If I didn't, I'd be interrogated and examined just like he's going to be when he enters the MBO camp," Deitrick said as he stared at the man, "Would you like for that to happen, Uncle Garit?" He asked.

"Hmph! Of course not. We don't want to draw their attention and find out... It's better he's drawing all the attention to himself," The one called Uncle Garit responded.

They all looked a bit similar to one another, which was enough to figure out that they were under the banner of one family.

"Let's just seal the deal with the princess of the Kwoiune family today... I hope you're ready Deitrick, we came all the way from our city just for this," The other elder with large circular eyes voiced out.

"...Yes," Deitrick answered while turning back to stare at Matilda, who was currently smiling while staring in the direction of Gustav's and Angy's table.

Matilda's family had seats positioned right behind her. Several elders with haughty expressions could be seen among the other youngsters in the Kwoiune family.

They all had white hair or partly white hair like Matilda.

Once again, Gustav was unable to leave after an hour had gone by.

E.E's appearance, along with the rest, made him change his mind. He hadn't expected to meet them here today, so he decided to still spend some more time here.

After another hour went by, the youngsters were called to the middle of the living room to dance.

Lots of the youngsters went over to Matilda to request her hand to dance but, she gave them one excuse or the other.

Someone from her family came over to her to whisper something in her ear, "When Deitrick from the Odaly family comes to ask you to dance, accept... This is the order from the elders,"

The young lady moved back to her sitting position after voicing this in Matilda's ear.

Maltida's bright expression darkened a little. She forced a smile as she sneakily stared in the left direction, where a green-haired kid could be seen sitting in the midst of a group of five.

"Come on, go now and ask for her hand... She doesn't dare say no," Deitrick's uncle urged while whispering in his ear.

Deitrick noticed Matilda's brief gaze and stood up just as his uncle instructed and started moving forward.

Matilda's right finger trembled slightly as she gulped down saliva.

She suddenly stood up and started walking forward.

"Oh, looks like she's quite sensible going to meet up with him," The uncle muttered as they stared at Matilda walking forward.

To their surprise, Maltida suddenly turned to the right, distancing herself from Deitrick's reach and arrived in front of Gustav's table.

"Please dance with me," She voiced out the instant she arrived in front of their table while stretching her hand towards Gustav.

The guests and youngsters on the dance floor had astonished looks on their faces. Matilda was said to be very snobbish, so they didn't expect that she would ask Gustav to dance despite his status.

The Kwoiune family behind all had looks of confusion.

"What is she doing? Did you give her the wrong message?" One of the elders asked the lady who went to whisper to her ear the other time.

"No, I told her the decision of the elders," The lady answered with a look of confusion also.

Angy, Glade and the rest of them on the table were surprised at the sudden request, so they stared at Gustav, waiting for his response.

'Aw, I didn't bargain for this,' Gustav said internally. He didn't want to accept because he'd just draw more attention to himself, so he was hesitant.

Matilda still had a smile on her face, but within her, she was begging and hoping that Gustav would agree.

From the corner of her eyes, she could still see Deitrick approaching her current position.

'Please say yes, Gustav,' Maltida was hoping internally, but Gustav was yet to respond.

He raised his head up and stared at her eyes.

'Just what is she playing at? She should know that I wouldn't like this kind of stuff,' Gustav said Internally, not knowing that Matilda couldn't voice out her true intentions.

Just as he was about to respond, Deitrick arrived before their table and stretched out his hand to Matilda.

"I humbly request for your hand in a dance," Deitrick voiced out.

Matilda turned to stare at him, then at Gustav, "I'm sorry, but I already asked for Gustav's hand," Matilda replied.

"He doesn't seem interested. Take my hand instead," Deitrick said with a charming smile hung on his face.

Gustav stared at Matilda's expression. It was only for a moment, but he noticed that displeasure and slight trembling as her outstretched hand slowly descended.

"I accept," Gustav said as he reached out his hand and grabbed that of Matilda's before it dropped completely.

Hope flashed in Matilda's eyes as she turned back to stare at Gustav with an even broader smile.