The Bloodline System - Chapter 276 - Regaining Sense

Chapter 276 - Regaining Sense

Chapter 276 - Regaining Sense


A few moments after consuming it, Gustav's glowing body changed color from white to red and stopped disintegrating.

Right before their very eyes, Gradier Xanatus and Angy watched as Gustav's body rapidly began to transform.

His body increased in size and was rapidly turning back to its original form.

His arms, legs, and face regained their initial size and color. In a few seconds, Gustav rose to his feet and raised his arms to check them.


He dashed across the place, testing his speed also.

("Your essence has been recovered, and your body is currently healing the internal injuries you suffered,")

The system notified Gustav.

'Oh, look, you're still talking to me,' Gustav said internally with a smirk.


Gustav turned to face Gradier Xanatus, "Thank you," He voiced out with a look of appreciation.

Gustav turned to stare at Angy and voiced out, "You too," his smile became wider after saying.

"Uh, you don't have to mention," Angy faced turned redder as she turned to the side to avoid Gustav's eyes while speaking.

"So, why are you here, Gradier Xanatus, and dressed like that?" Gustav asked with a look of suspicion while scrutinizing Gradier Xanatus from head to toe.

"Hmm, I'm here on a mission issued out by the superiors, and your mentor included," Gradier Xanatus said while moving towards the podium where Gustav was almost turned into a sacrifice.

"That prisoner's outfit just ruined the image I have of you," Gustav laughed lightly as he spoke. Even though it had only been two weeks, he was already used to seeing Gradier Xanatus in his dignified uniform.

"Wait, did you just mention my mentor?" Gustav realized that in Gradier Xanatus's statement earlier, he mentioned mentor.

"Miss Aimee sent you?" Gustav asked.

"Yes, she specifically recommended me for this observation mission, and the higher-ups agreed. Hmm, who knew you were affiliated with the demon queen of the MBO…." Gradier Xanatus had a surprised expression on his face as he stared at Gustav.

"Observation? Demon queen?" Gustav voiced out with a confounded look.

"I have been watching your battle with that rock being, so you don't need to explain the situation to me… I was sent here for the precise purpose of observing the situation within the ruins since there were places