The Bloodline System - Chapter 273 - It's Not My Time Yet

Chapter 273 - It's Not My Time Yet

Chapter 273 - It's Not My Time Yet

'Angy?' The picture of a cute and innocent-looking girl with silver and pink colored hair appeared in his mind, and along with it came the sound of a loud explosion that rocked the entire vicinity.

A moment ago, a fast-moving silver-colored silhouette was running down the walls of the hole, approaching the bottom with intense speed.

It was none other than Angy.

As she closed in on the bottom, she instantly spotted the rock floating above a scale-like platform filled with red waves.

But then she also noticed someone within the reddish waves. Someone who was barely recognizable at the moment, but she still instantly figured out who he was, "Gustav!!!"

Her heart felt like it was being pricked by a million needles as she noticed his state.

She dashed with unimaginable speed towards the rock with an Immense amount of milky energy waves covering her figure.


It was like space was being split open as Angy arrived in front of the rock almost in an instant.

The rock had only managed to notice her presence when she was two feet in front of it due to her speed. Still, even at that, there was nothing it could do to counter her as the milky waves of energy surrounding her got released.

Thhrrrroooiiii! Boooommmm!

The waves spread out into the surroundings carry a heavy amount of destructive force with them.


It slammed into the rock and sent it flying backward by many meters till it slammed into the wall behind.

A hole was created in the wall along with cracks surrounding it as the rock got buried more than twelve feet in.

The vicinity kept vibrating for several seconds as the waves spread into the surroundings, causing havoc.

After it disappeared, the ground surrounding the podium where Gustav was trapped had been leveled even more.

But even with all that, the barrier surrounding Gustav was still standing.

However, it was a little affected.

"Gustav!" Angy shouted out as she repeatedly ran back and forth, raining punches on the barrier.

It was futile because even with the little damage she had caused earlier, the energy from the crystal was still enough to reinforce the barrier and repair it.

It looked like Angy hadn't really helped the situation, but she actually did.

The moment the rock was blasted away from the top of the barrier, the sacrificial process was paused due to Gustav's essence not having a receiver.

The essence that hadn't been passed to the rock went back into Gustav's body, giving him a little bit of energy.

Twitch! Twitch!

Gustav's fingers twitched as his eyes opened up.

He had regained consciousness.

The red waves in the barrier were dormant at the moment, so he wasn't being sapped.

("0.01% left)

The instant Gustav opened his eyes, he noticed the system absorption status.

[System Has Absorbed Enough Energy For The Next Upgrade]

("Absorption of the Crystal energy will continue, but now it will be directly received into your body. Are you ready?")

The system asked Gustav, who just stood up from the ground.

His eyesight was still a bit blurry, but he could understand the words in his line of sight even though they weren't very clear.

He could see Angy pounding onto the barrier repeatedly with speed, trying to break through.


The rock also furiously shot out of the wall and started flying back towards the barrier.

Gustav gestured to Angy to move away from the barrier.

The moment Angy saw his gestures, she understood and quickly dashed forward to engage the rock.

Gusta raised his arm and stared at it. He looked extremely shrill at the moment, like a live walking skeleton.


Even with the sunken cheekbones and eyes, he still smirked, 'I guess this wasn't the end,'

His eyes suddenly lit up with determination as he voiced out, "Do it,"

("Crystal Energy Will Now Be Absorbed Into Host,")


The reddish waves oozing out of the podium suddenly dispersed as Gustav being started sucking in rays of green light.

His figure glowed as his body absorbed the energy of the crystal with speed.

Gustav felt energy rushing into his being, making him feel like he could do anything.

'The system is way faster at absorbing energy than I am...' Even when Gustav was absorbing energy with four spherical orbs, it took several minutes for him to absorb the amount of energy the system was absorbing in milliseconds.

Angy was busy engaging the rock, stopping it from getting closer to the scale-like area.

The rock would hit her with mind disturbing waves repeatedly, but she would still forcefully and stubbornly disregard the pain before dashing towards it again.

Due to the disruption of the ritual, the rock powers had been slightly affected. However, its mind attacks were still as powerful as ever.

Angy was already bleeding from her nose and eyes. However, she still stubbornly rammed into the rock head-on