The Bloodline System - Chapter 260 - Battling A Crowd

Chapter 260 - Battling A Crowd

Chapter 260 - Battling A Crowd

"The ones we've seen so far had purplish glowing eyes and after a successful ambush head towards the same direction… too bad we cannot observe them further due to transmission interference but obviously there's something at play here," Another one of them voiced out again.

"I suspect a mind control but our database doesn't mention anyone with that ability among the inmates… participants with mind control related ability will not be able to perform on such a scale,"

"Can you see that they are all headed towards a particular direction of the ruins in massive numbers,"

Everyone stared at the projections and observed that this was truly the case. About four different projections showed participants with purplish glowing eyes moving in groups in different locations through passageways.

When the map of the ruins were displayed it could be seen that they were all truly headed in the same direction, encircling it from different pathways like they were trying to trap something.

They watched the projections and instructed the Ais controlling the invisible cams to follow the participants. However the further they went the worse the transmission became.

It would seem that the area they were headed for had a higher concentration of energy.

-"I suggest we send a person down there to investigate these strange occurrences,"

-"we cannot interfere with the Test phase, we have to let them handle whatever situations may arise within by themselves, that is how we can know if they truly belong here,"

-"And what happens if the situation is beyond their capability?"

-"The research team has properly investigated the ruins before the start of the fifth phase so I believe candidates with potential should be able to handle it?"

The higher ups argued back and forth on the decision to make about the current situation.

Great commander Shion had a contemplative look on his face as he leaned forward and placed his hands that were clasped together on the table.

"I agree with them Great commander Shion... We could send someone in with the command to not interfere," Yung Jo finally picked his side.

Great commander Shion still sat with a contemplative expression on his face.

The room turned silent because they could tell that he was about to make a critical decision.

'Those four geezers left observation of the last phase to me without any plans of attending. Now I have to make all the decisions myself,' Great commander Shion gave a low sigh as he thought.

"We shall send in an official to go in and observe the happenings with the command to not interfere... The official will only interfere if the danger of the situation is beyond the level that the participants can handle," Great commander Shion voiced out.

"The official will infiltrate the ruins as a new inmate... The only issue now is who to send," Grand commander Shion added.

"Well, Great commander Shion... I have someone in mind," Yung Jo said with a straight face, but internally he was grinning.

'This way, his secrets will be revealed to me,' Yung thought.

"Oh, and who would that be, young Jo?" Great commander Shion asked while running his fingers through his yellow beards.

"His n..." Before Yung Jo could complete his sentence, a loud sound of collision was heard.


The door was blasted to the side by a foot. A blue-colored female shoe with heels was the first thing that was noticed since it was responsible for blasting the door to the side.

Step! Step! Step! Step!

A lady with beautiful ash-colored hair and an aloof expression walked in. She was dressed in a knee-length red gown with a long green jacket draped around her shoulders.

This person happened to be miss Aimee.

-"What is she doing here?"

This was the thought of everyone as she walked in.

"I'm so sorry, Sir's, ma's, she got in before I was able to stop her!" A male official ran in behind her, begging.

"Not to worry, you can go back to your work position," Grand commander Shion stopped the official before he could continue speaking.

"What did you say about sending someone in..." Miss Aimee voiced out while standing in front of the huge table.

Yung Jo squinted his eyes while staring at miss Aimee, 'An unexpected variable has appeared,'


Pah! Bam! Pah! Bang! Boom! Sweeiii! Bang!

Sounds of attacks rang out as a battle between a single person and a group of participants played out in a particular part of the ruins.

Gustav was currently surrounded by numerous participants being mind-controlled by the rock.

Earlier after finding out his location, Gustav had to jump down from the rock due to the bombardment of attacks. The moment he did that, he knew he'd have to face this mob.

His body was no longer looking camouflaged, so they could see him unless he repeatedly made changes to blend into the environment while fighting them, which is impossible.

Their objective was to bring him to the rock being. So, they went full force on him according to its will.

Gustav had to fight this mob without the intention to kill. This is because he felt killing this number of participants would cause some issues for him in the future, especially when they were mind-controlled.

This didn't necessarily make him pull his punches because his stats were still halved.

Bang! Bang!

Gustav blocked two full-powered attacks with his arms crossed from a participant with a massive build.

He slid back a bit and used the force to do a flip, kicking two participants in the face that way.

"Puh!" Gustav spat out blood towards the side and cleaned his lips before leaping upwards to dodge the attacks headed for his direction.

He threw out his fist and legs, repeatedly slamming into the participants surrounding him and putting them out of commission.

Every one of his kicks and punches sent them flying. However, he was also on the receiving end of some attacks. Due to the numbers, he wasn't able to dodge them all.