The Bloodline System - Chapter 253 - Angy's Confusion

Chapter 253 - Angy's Confusion

Chapter 253 - Angy's Confusion

"Hehehe, I will enjoy tasting your meat, slurp!" The silhouette voiced out as it approached Angy.

It squatted and pulled the rock off her before lifting her.

"Let her go!"

A loud voice was heard from behind.

The silhouette's greyish tongue was only inches away from touching Angy's face when the shout was heard.

The silhouette grin broadened, "Yet another delicious one has appeared slurp!" It made slurping sounds as it spoke and released Angy's neck from his grip.

It turned around to see who had just arrived, not even bothering about Angy escaping since he knew her legs were in a damaged state at the moment.

Two girls could be seen moving in her direction several hundred feet away.

One of them had long white hair, a pretty face, and a tall figure, while the other was a green-skinned girl with a long brown tail.

The girl with white hair was the one who shouted out earlier.

Even the silhouette had thought it was a single person, but the moment he turned around, he figured he was wrong.

'I didn't sense the presence of that green-skinned girl,' The Silhouette stared at the green-skinned girl in particular with knitted eyes.

Both girls were obviously Glade and Maltida. They had arrived just in time before the silhouette could finish Angy off.

"Angy, are you okay?" Maltida shouted as they closed in on them.

Angy gathered her strength and pulled her body to the side before replying, "I'm okay,"

Even though her thigh was bleeding, she didn't want to be a dead weight, so she tried to get out of their range.

The silhouette scrutinized Glade intensely and noticed something, 'What is the red energy that covered her entire figure?' It wondered. However, before it had enough time to gather, it's thought Glade suddenly dashed out.


Although her speed was nothing compared to that of Angy's, her explosiveness was nothing to scoff at.

The red aura-like energy covering her entire figure intensified, and two large red sickles were conjured out of thin air.

Grab! Grab!

Glade grabbed them both and hacked down at the silhouette in an 'X' format with both sickles.

The air vibrated as both sickles travelled towards the neck area of the silhouette with intensity.


The silhouette bent backward to the extent that its back nearly made contact with the three-foot pointy rock protruding from the ground behind him.

Both attacks missed him as he used that opportunity to sink into the shadows and appear behind Glade.

Glade had extremely fast reflexes, so she responded by spinning and swinging her left arm out in the process.


Once again, her sickle aimed for the head of the silhouette, who dodged quickly towards the side.

Slash! Swerve! Slash! Swerve! Slash! Swerve!

Glade was not giving the silhouette any leeway or time to think as she kept bombarding it with different attacks.

While Glade was busy engaging the silhouette, Maltida had approached Angy's position.

'Amazing... She's handling it all by herself,' Angy was astonished as she watched from the side.

"Don't let it touch you! It's dangerous!" Angy voiced out with a tone of worry as she noticed the silhouette nearly grazed its fingers against Glade's arm as they battled.

"Come on, let's go," Maltida squatted as she helped Angy up.

Angy held onto Maltida for support as they moved away from the battle range.

When they got to the far end of the area where different passageways could be seen, Maltida kept taking her further.

"Erm Maltida, you can leave me here... I'll take some healing meds. You should go help Glade out because she can't take on that silhouette by herself," Angy said while gesturing at a particular spot upfront.

However, for some reason, Maltida ignored her statement and kept moving forward.

"Erm, Maltida..." Angy kept calling out to her, but Maltida ignored her and kept supporting Angy's movement as they entered the fourth passageway.

"Maltida, where are you taking me?" Angy asked as they kept moving through the passageway.

"Maltida!" Angy shouted out and pulled her arm from Maltida's grip.


She fell to the ground and started making use of her hands to pulling her body backward.

Maltida turned around to stare at Angy with glowing purple eyes.

"I know about your power, kid! You will be useful in helping me find what I want," A deep masculine but monotonous voice could be heard coming from Maltida's mouth as she spoke.

"What is with you? Maltida? What's happening?" Angy crawled backward with all her might and even tried standing to her feet, but the intense pain in her thighs caused her to fall again.

Spurt! Spurt!

Due to her repeatedly trying to stand, more blood started spilling out from the injury on her thighs.

Not understanding the situation and not wanting to be caught, Angy used the other leg, which wasn't as badly injured as the left, and started hopping.

Maltida followed behind her with a frown.

"All this is futile. You shall come with me and become one of my loyal puppets," Maltida voiced out as she caught up with the leaping Angy.


She grabbed Angy's neck from behind and lifted her with ease.

"Let us go," She said while turning Angy around and placing Angy on her right shoulder.

Angy tried resisting by punching out with super speed. However, a silver panel appeared on Maltida's body when her fist made contact.

This protected Maltida, rendering her punches futile.

'What is going on? Why is Maltida like this? It seems like she is being controlled by something,' Angy mind was in a state of disarray at the moment.

'If she's like this, then does that mean Glade is also...' Angy's face shone panic as Maltida turned around to continue heading down the passageway.

Just when Angy's mind was in a state of intense confusion and panic, a loud whooshing sound was heard coming from up ahead.


Angy was the first to notice this since she was a speedster, but Maltida was slower. By the time she noticed it, a fist was already in front of her face.