The Bloodline System - Chapter 233 - Proper Coordination

Chapter 233 - Proper Coordination

Chapter 233 - Proper Coordination


The creature roared with anger as it picked itself up like it was unaffected and dashed towards Gustav with animosity.

'Did he just send it flying with one punch?' The kid with the bushy afro hair wondered after witnessing Gustav's first hit.


Gustav leaped upwards and spun in the air dodging the charge of the mixedbreed.

But while he was still in mid-air, the mixedbreed's tail suddenly extended outwards towards Gustav's leg.

The kid with bushy afro hair standing in a horizontal position on a pillar-like rock towards the side, took action when he noticed that.

His body was in a horizontal position all this time, and his legs were partially sunk into the blue vortex on the wall.


This time he sunk in completely and appeared between Gustav and the tail.

He started separating his palms that were joined together.


The moment both palms separated, A small vortex could be seen within.

Movement seemed slow, but everything was happening in very fast motion.


The tail shot into the small vortex and appeared inside the wall he was standing on previously.

It had pierced into the wall far towards the left due to the vortex teleporting it over there.

Due to the speed at which it was moving, its tail had pierced deep into the wall and it was unable to pull it back immediately.

Gustav, who was about to perform an attack, landed and slid backward by a few feet.

'He teleported half of its tail over to the other side?' Gustav could see two vortexes.

One was on the left side where a pillar-like wall was located, and the tip of the mixedbreed tail was piercing out of it while the other vortex was in between the palm of the afro-haired kid that had teleported to save him.

While the boy was descending from the air, he started closing his palms together once again.


His palms made a clapping sound as they collided, which also caused the vortex to shrink and disappear.


The tail of the mixedbreed was divided into two halves because of this, and green blood started spurting out of the cuts.

"Grrhhhhrrhhhh!" The mixedbreed growled in pain after its tail was severed in two.

It turned around and saw the other half lodged into the wall on the left side.

The afro-haired boy also landed and moved a few steps backward.

He stood beside Gustav, and they both stared at the mixedbreed which had started charging furiously towards them.

No words were said between them before they charged out again.

The afro-haired boy sank into the ground again and phased out of the other side of the ground behind the mixedbreed while Gustav arched his arm backward and clenched his fist so tight that they made popping sounds.


As Gustav arrived in front of the mixedbreed again, he launched his fist towards the head on the right while the other kid also arrived behind the mixedbreed started conjuring another vortex.

Gustav's fist slammed into the first head, causing it to halt its approach but the mixedbreed also retaliated by using its head below.

It opened its mouth wide and tried gnawing on Gustav's arm.

Gustav's right arm was still outstretched, but the mixedbreed didn't notice that the moment he sent out his right fist, his left fist was had already been thrown out next.

Gustav's left fist transformed into that of the mutated bull's and slammed forcefully into the mixedbreed head on the left.


The mixedbreed's other mouth's teeth were only a few inches away from piercing Gustav's right arm when his left fist slammed into one of its head.

It got catapulted backward as a loud cracking sound rang out.


Blood ran down its head on the left.

The boy behind had already opened up a large vortex.


The mixedbreed was sent flying into the vortex. However, only half of its body was able to fit through because of the size.


The boy started joining his palms together again, trying to close the vortex with half of the mixedbreed's body still in it.

Gustav watched from the front and already understood what he was trying to do.

'That's one powerful ability,' Gustav could see the mixedbreed struggling to move out of the vortex, but it was proving difficult.

However, it would seem that closing this vortex just as he had closed the other was easier said than done.

Sweat started appearing on the forehead of the afro-haired kid as he pushed his palms closer to one another.


The mixedbreed growled in pain as cracking sounds started ringing out since the vortex was shrinking.

Its bones were slowly getting crushed.

All of a sudden, its six eyes glowed red, and it started increasing in size.

"Uh? What's happening?" The afro-haired kid could feel his vortex being forcefully enlarged.

It growled again and suddenly pulled itself out of the shrinking vortex.

The moment it pulled its body out of it, it turned around with immense speed and dashed towards the afro-haired kid.

The kid who hadn't wrapped his head around the current development was taken by surprise and couldn't react in time when the mixedbreed arrived in front of him.

[Sprint has been activated]

Just as the eight tusks of the mixedbreed were about to pierce through his body, Gustav suddenly appeared on the left side of the creature.

His left and right arms had been transformed into that of the mutated bull and were coated in milky light as he threw them out repeatedly.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Gustav threw out six consecutive punches in the span of two seconds to three heads of the mixedbreed.

Two punches landed on each head, causing them to burst open as the mixedbreed was sent flying towards the side with blood spurting out of its heads like a fountain.

"Bring it back here!" Gustav shouted out to the afro-haired kid who was currently still in a daze.

He quickly snapped out of it and made a vortex appear behind the mixedbreed, who was currently still being launched backward due to the force of the punches.