The Bloodline System - Chapter 224 - Sudden Explosion

Chapter 224 - Sudden Explosion

Chapter 224 - Sudden Explosion

"You mentioned being from the HMR warfare departmentā€¦ what is that all about?" Gustav asked.

"Oh yes you seeā€¦ The MBO has different departments tasked in different fields of operation and specialty," Officer Glanus started explaining.

He went on to tell Gustav that this department made use of humanoid technology to go on missions issued by the MBO.

Apparently the humanoid machines was not only technological based but also biological since it also made use of the pilot's bloodline to boost its capabilities.

These humanoid machines were called HMR.

As they moved about the place officer Glanus explained a lot to him about the department while also showing him different types of HMR as well as happily introducing some of their pilots to him.

Officer Glanus wasn't a pilot, he was one of the higher ranking analytical HMR engineers working in the department so he was well known by a lot of pilots.

Gustav also noticed that he wasn't the only one dressed like a puffed up marshmallow moving about the place. He had seen quite a few people in protective suits like him.

Since he noticed that the officials weren't in protective outfits Gustav guessed that these were probably other participants checking out other floors like he was.

He also noticed that they were moving by themselves unlike him who was being toured around by officer Glanus.

He realized that officer Glanus seemed to be giving him special treatment which made Gustav feel quite suspicious because people don't normally do that but when he remembered his newly acquired fame, he felt that was probably the reason.

Officer Glanus took him to the far south of the test floor and called on a pilot to get into one of the HMRs and give Gustav a little show.

The pilot who went by the name Hime proceeded to enter his HMR which was about three hundred feet tall with a black armor covering its chest area and yellow arms that looked similar to massive spears.

Gustav watched as the large humanoid machine engaged a square shaped metallic structure similar to the one he saw at the entrance earlier. This one transformed into a kind of monstrosity that Gustav had never seen before and the pilot engaged it.

[God Eyes has been activated]

'Oh I see it draws a certain kind of energy from the bloodline and combines it with the weaponry aspects of the machineā€¦ He is also able to use his bloodline ability through the HMR,'

Gustav was using both the see through ability and the energy reading to check on the internal structure of the HMR. He wasn't able to observe every part but he was able to use what he had noticed to bring up an analysis.

Gustav asked if he could test drive an HMR but officer Glanus declined saying a zulu rank would be unable to endure the strain to the body as well as the mind and end up becoming paralysed permanently.

After this display was over Gustav left test area 012 and moved to the closest one after it which was test area 010.

Even though the amount of test areas on the map were up to a hundred, they were all on the same floor which proved that a single floor in the MBO tower was larger than the combination of multiple parks.

Even though there were up to a hundred test areas and four more unrestricted floors above Gustav had decided that he was going to visit everyone of the test areas as well as the remaining four floors.

It was still around nine in the morning and since they were given a twenty four hours break about nineteen hours were still left. Gustav wanted to make use of half of that time t check on all the floors and use part of the rest to test out his strength in one of the training rooms.

Gustav started going from test area to test area and he was awed by the things he saw.

The MBO had diverse number of technologies and wonderful weaponry in their possession.

The purpose of the test floor was to try out varieties of new things that hadn't been tested in the battlefield yet.

Gadgets, artilleries, transport combat vehicles, enhancement suits, e.t.c.

With everything he had seen while moving from place to place within the last three hours Gustav concluded that the MBO was probably the most equipped force in the entire galaxy.

He hadn't gone into outer space before but the fact that he had read about how earth had made pact with other lifeforms outside of the galaxy on mutual ground without being exploited or invaded proved that the MBO was plenty capable since they are in charge of keeping the earth safe from extraterrestrial life forms.

After another two hours had gone by Gustav was finally visiting the last test area which was test area 104.

Immediately he went through the entrance a loud explosion greeted him,


About a hundred feet ahead of his position was a sight of a mighty explosion that was still increasing.


The shockwave slammed into Gustav sending him flying towards the wall behind.

A crack appeared on the wall and Gustav body became embedded seven inches in.

Gustav felt dizzy for a second as his body slid to the ground.

"Cough! Cough!" Gustav placed his hands underneath his mouth as he coughed out specks of blood onto his sleeves.

His ears were ringing so loudly that he couldn't even hear the sound of his coughing.

Everytime he left a test area he would have to return the protective suit he got from that test area and when he visited the next he'll have to wear the one available over there.

Since he was just arriving here he wasn't putting on any protective suit which was why he receive the full brunt of the shockwave with his body alone.







The voices of different AI reverberated across the place as sirens rang out.