The Bloodline System - Chapter 212 - Attack Power

Chapter 212 - Attack Power

Chapter 212 - Attack Power

Claws appeared on his feet, and long horns similar to the looks of tusks grew out of both his thighs.

His face was the only part of his body that didn't transform. However, even with his charming looks, nobody could look at him at this moment without being scared.

He had combined both beast transformation bloodlines to become this.


-"He has a transformation bloodline!

-"This is the first time he is revealing his bloodline since the start of the entrance test,"

-"What creature did he transform to? I have never seen such a creature before, yet it looks and feels dangerous,"

Their surprised voices all around could be heard.

The past students and teachers of Echelon academy couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Gustav's current form.

'He was never able to do that before... How is he able to do that now?'

They had all had a similar question in their minds as they watched Gustav on the screen.

Gustav breathed in intensely.


He crouched slightly as he drew his right arm back with force. As he clenched his fist, his muscles bulged so much that his sleeves looked like they were going to rip apart.

'By my calculations, this might not be enough so, I'll add a little explosion from the energy container to it,' Gustav said internally as his right fist suddenly became coated with a circular, milky and red glow.


The instant Gustav breathed out, he dashed forward with speed and threw out his fist once he arrived in front of the board.

His fist tore through the air with speed and force before slamming hard into the large blackboard.


It sounded like a thunderclap as Gustav's fist collided with the board intensely.

His feet had already created small pits on the floor due to the intense force.

The board vibrated intensely as it bent backward.

Numbers appeared on it, changing rapidly.

As Gustav redrew his fist, the milky and red glow covering his fist earlier could be seen on the board.


It spread across the board, and in the next instant...


Another explosion rocked the board again.


Cracks appeared all over the board afterward, causing the audience to gasp in shock again.

The cracks slowly started to disappear as the board mended itself while calculating Gustav's attack power.

'I might have overdone it,' Gustav figured after redrawing his fist from the board earlier. However, it was too late to stop the explosion.

That explosion came from one of the energy orbs he usually formed with the energy container bloodline. He already filled that orb with power. Additionally, he also learned a new skill. With this skill, he could coat any part of his body with that orb. Once he used that part of his body to contact anything, the power absorbed within the orb would flow into the object that would explode in the next instant.

Gustav slowly transformed back to normal.

'Well, even if it goes beyond, it won't hinder the end goal,' he said internally while the score was being calculated.





The crowd just had their mouths wide open as the number kept increasing without showing signs of wanting to stop anytime soon.

On the east side, the supervisors seemed to be having a conversation.

"Sir Xanatus, what type of mixedbreed did he just transform into?" The supervisor with blue facial hair asked from the left.

"That transformation is nothing like I've ever seen before..." The rhino horned supervisor added.

"He doesn't seem to have a normal type of transformation... He has been fighting all this time without making use of it... We can't jump to any conclusions. We have to observe him more," Gradier Xanatus stated.

The calculation of the number of pounds his attack weighed finally came to a stop at a number that left everyone gobsmacked. They already expected it to be high, but they still couldn't comprehend how a Zulu ranked could have such immense strength.


-"Oi isn't that above a Zulu Ranked strength?"

-"Is he truly a Zulu Ranked?"

-"I think he's a Serial Ranked,"

Even the supervisors were having a hard time believing this.

They knew Gustav was 18 years so being above Zulu Rank at such age was practically impossible. Nonetheless, Gradius recalled Endric, who became a Zulu rank at the age of ten so, they decided to keep an open mind.

Besides, there was still a sub-phase where everyone's rank would be revealed. So, everyone believed that when the time came, they would know Gustav's rank.

At this moment, they all believed he would be above Zulu rank.

Gustav stared at his score with a wry smile.

'I really overdid it,' He said internally.

On the screen, it showed 'Above the threshold,'


The robotic voice announced, and Gustav moved on to the next sub-phase.

The next sub-phase had to do with aptitude/intelligence and reasoning.

After Gustav arrived in that space, a projection appeared in front of him, which displayed some questions.

Gustav began to answer the questions one after the other. Some were technical questions, while some had to do with leadership. Gustav was asked some questions based on how he would lead a team to victory against a terrorist group In a certain kind of situation.

Another part was where the projection flashed multiple colors within five seconds, and Gustav was asked how many colors were displayed.

Gustav was able to see around seventy-nine colors in five seconds which was higher than other participants were able to notice.

As Gustav was taking part in this sub-phase, Angy was already reaching her limit in the fourth sub-phase on her side of the floor.

Above her, the cylindrical structure was further pressing her to the floor, making her squat more due to its mass.

At this moment, she was struggling to lift five thousand pounds of weight.

Sweat was already dripping from her forehead.

If her knees kept descending due to the weight, the sub-phase would come to an end since the AI would believe that she had reached her limit.

However, Angy didn't want it to end here. She had only been able to lift four thousand pounds successfully. If it ended here, she would be seen among the weakest, and she didn't want that.

She wanted to surpass her limit her and now.

"Grrrhh!" Angy groaned as her body started vibrating with intensity.


At first, it looked like she was trembling, but when some of the spectators stared properly, they noticed that this wasn't the case.