The Bloodline System - Chapter 193 - Getting In Trouble Because Of A Group

Chapter 193 - Getting In Trouble Because Of A Group

Chapter 193 - Getting In Trouble Because Of A Group

"Exactly... He doesn't seem to like working with others just like his brother," Gradier Xanatus replied.

The faces of the rest of the supervisors showed confusion after hearing that.

"His brother?" They voiced out together.

"Hmm, yes, his brother," Gradier Xanatus replied.

The supervisors' faces still showed confusion but in the next second, it turned to shock.

"Candidate 00126 is the elder brother of Endric Oslov," Gradier Xanatus revealed.


Their eyes bulged out in suprise, and they turned to stare at the holographic screen in mid-air.

After staring at Gustav repeatedly, they finally saw the resemblance between him and Endric.

"How is this..? Wasn't his brother supposed to be a lot weaker than this?" One of the supervisors asked.

"Hmm, when he was discovered, the higher-ups investigated the Oslovs to find out if there was anyone with potential like that of Endric's. He was said to be a mixedblood below the rank of F so, they immediately lost interest and only focused on Endric," Gradier Xanatus explained.

"Then how..?" The supervisor with rhino horns asked with a disbelieving expression.

"There lies the mystery... I'm sure they must have noticed it too," Gradier Xanatus said with a smile.


Within the furry world, the participants still moved about looking for the exit.

It had been almost an hour since the third phase started. As expected, no one had found the exit yet.


Angy dashed across a burning mountain region. Surprisingly she didn't have to dodge any of the blazing grounds because, at her current speed, she was able to dash through real fire without getting burnt.

The fire would only be able to come in contact with her afterimage and not her physical form.

Of course, since everywhere was blazing, she would still need to stop somewhere sooner or later to rest. Resting meant that she would have to look around for a place blazing with illusionary fire before pausing. However, at the moment, she still had a lot of energy, so she hasn't stopped for a break since the beginning of this test phase.

Chrrreeuu! Chrrreeuu! Chrrreeuu!

Currently, she was being chased by small-furry-like beings coated in fire.

There were more than a thousand furry-like beings following her as she descended from the blazing mountain.

These beings looked like a combination of rabbits, bunnies, and squirrels. These creatures were small, but their eyes were glowing red as they chased after Angy with intensity.

Angy had managed to pass through three regions since she started racing through the blazing world, and she met with different situations.

One of them was where two silver glowing gateways suddenly appeared when she was running up the mountain. Each gateway was more than seven hundred feet in height.

She suspected one to be a real gateway leading to the exit of the furry world. At the same time, she believed the other was illusionary.

She wanted to study both gateways before making her decision to travel through one of them. Still, for every second that passed, both gateways were getting dimmer and dimmer.

She had to make her choice before observing properly and ended up going through the wrong gateway.

Immediately she went through it, she came out on the other side. However, she wasn't alone.

These creatures started coming out in multitudes chasing after her like they had a personal vendetta with her.

She was able to outrun them in speed, but they were slowly catching up to her surprise.

The more they ran, the more the fire on the bodies of these creatures kept increasing.

Angy turned her head to the side to

check on the creatures chasing her from behind and noticed that whenever they passed on a particular part of the ground, the fire on their bodies would brighten up a little bit more.

It didn't happen all the time, neither was it a substantial increase, but she had been checking from time to time, so this time she was sure it happened again.

'Does it have something to do with them making contacts with the parts of the ground that has a real fire,' Angy contemplated internally.

She believed this was the only plausible explanation for their increase in stamina and speed.

Angy knew that they would only get faster as time passed while she would get weaker because she didn't have infinite energy. So, she started formulating a plan in her mind.

'Gustav always says to use misfortune to my advantage... What would he do in this situation?'


Brrr! Brrr! Brrr! Brrr! Brrr! Vrrhh! Vrrhh! Vrrhh!

'This is why I need to keep avoiding more groups,' Gustav said internally as he dashed through the forest whilst being chased by a swarm of red wasps.

Swoooshhh! Swoooshhh!

He dashed across the place, dodging lots of long trees blazing with fire along the way.

He would have liked to climb a tree and use one of its branches to catapult himself forward from tree to tree since this would make him faster. However, every tree here was blazing with flames. Both illusionary and real trees had blazing green and yellow flames on them.

Earlier on, when Gustav was about to enter the forest, he had to go around it. This is because the direction he was coming from had real V-red wasps positioned in front of it.

While Gustav was circling towards the right, he met a group of participants moving head-on towards the real wasps.

Gustav managed to pass them the moment one of them used his bloodline ability to attack the swarm up ahead.

"Idiot," This was the first word Gustav shouted out as the swarm of wasps came flying angrily towards him and the group.

Gustav and the rest of them went their separate ways causing the swarm to split. Still, even with that, more than a thousand wasps chased after Gustav. This is because Gustav happened to be closer to the person who attacked the swarm, and he was also running at that moment.

The swarm chased after him towards the position he planned on entering the forest from.