The Bloodline System - Chapter 181 - Take Them Off

Chapter 181 - Take Them Off

Chapter 181 - Take Them Off

"You got here thirty minutes after I did... Not bad,"

A charming masculine voice drifted into their ears as they approached the girl in front.

Disbelief was written on their faces as they approached the boulder and spotted a familiar figure. A masculine blonde-haired guy with playboy-like charms was sitting in crossed leg position on the ground behind the boulder.

"It's you?" The green-skinned girl muttered with a look of disbelief while pointing at him.

It turned out that this person looked familiar to them.

"Impossible," Teemee muttered as he stared at the boy with wide eyes.

"How did he...? You..." Ria was also shocked.

The three of them had widened eyes comparable to that of saucers, especially after hearing his statement earlier.

'Thirty minutes late,'

They now realized that even if one of them managed to pass through the light barrier before the girl, they would not still have been able to reach the light first.

'How in the world did he manage to pull that off?... Does he have something to do with the boulder placed here?' Teemee stared at the huge boulder that was the size of a truck.

It was extremely difficult for him to accept what was coming to his mind at that moment. However, the evidence was right in front of them.

They hadn't noticed him sitting behind the boulder because of its massiveness.

This person was obviously Gustav, who had gotten to the light source a while ago, and the girl who arrived here afterward was Angy.

The three of them remembered Gustav's elegance and strong aura of confidence that always radiated around him. Inside the hall where they did their registration, no one could take their eyes off him when he started walking towards the front.

He had left quite a deep impression on them, and now they had confirmed it with their eyes why he had such a strong aura of confidence.

But they still wondered how he did it because, based on their calculations, Gustav shouldn't have been able to pull this off if they were correct with their thinking.

"You carried this all the way out here, right?" The green-skinned girl pointed out while staring at Gustav, who was still speaking to Angy.

Gustav slowly turned his face away from Angy and towards the three on the side.

"And what if I did?" He asked with an expressionless look.

The three of them eyes widened again. Although Gustav didn't answer, his rhetorical reply was him practically saying yes and who cares.

Ria turned to stare at the boulder and turned back to stare at Gustav.

"Do you have a bloodline that gives you the ability to manipulate rocks?" He asked.

Ria was hoping Gustav would say yes because that would explain this absurdity. He couldn't even lift a boulder of this size and mass more than two feet up, even though his bloodline gave him the ability to control rocks.

He couldn't manipulate one of this size. It would be humiliating for Gustav to say he lifted it with just brute strength. So, Ria hoped Gustav would say yes, but to his disappointment, he heard the opposite.

"No, I don't have such a bloodline," He replied and proceeded to keep talking with Angy.

Ria was left standing there with a shocked and conflicted expression. He opened his mouth wide, but no words came out of them.

They already sensed earlier that this might have been the case. Still, even after confirmation, it sounded ridiculous to them.

Although they knew that the gravitational force would make the boulder lighter, the farther Gustav traveled. However, it would take a lot of walking to reach the distance required for that to happen.

Also, just lifting the boulder a few centimeters off the ground won't be easy because they could tell that it weighed over fifteen thousand kilograms.

'I could sense that he was strong, but I didn't expect it to be to this extent,' The green skin girl stared at Gustav with a dumbfounded look.

"How did you do it?" Teemee asked.

He could tell Gustav's reason for doing this was to counter the gravitational force. Still, he wondered how someone would think of doing such a thing even if they had the strength.

"Yes, how did you do it? How!!?" Ria hadn't regained his composure and screamed out his question.

"Why are y'all so noisy? Can't you see that I'm having a conversation here?" Gustav stared at him with a look of annoyance as he spoke.

Flinch! Flinch!

Both of them flinched back when they saw his cold gaze.

'This person is dangerous,' Teemee said and felt the air become chilly.


Angy grabbed Gustav's face and turned his head softly to face hers.

"Don't worry about them... I'm sure they are just curious," She said with a gentle voice.

"Hmm," Gustav exclaimed and continued his conversation with her.

He wasn't going to do anything to them since they didn't really offend him. Nevertheless, he didn't like the fact that he was getting interrupted in his conversation with Angy. So, he released his bloodlust a little to scare them, and it worked.

Both of them went to the corner and sat down to wait for the phase to end.

On the other hand, the green-skinned girl sat in front of the bolder and placed her back on it.

"You can take them off now," Gustav said to Angy.

"Hmm? But I already got used to wearing them. I think my body might feel weird when I take them off," Angy replied with an uncertain look.

"They were meant for training... Now is the time for you to display your abilities to the fullest... I'm sure you don't want anything to hinder your success in the test, or do you?" Gustav said with a solemn look.

Angy shook her head in response.

"Good, now take them off," Gustav instructed again.

Angy stood up from her sitting position and started taking off her green sweater.