The Bloodline System - Chapter 179 - Competing For First Place

Chapter 179 - Competing For First Place

Chapter 179 - Competing For First Place

The three of them paused their movement as they discovered one another.

Tension suddenly filled the air as they stared at each other warily.

"Oi oi oi, what do we have here?" The boy with the spiky orange hair was the first to break the silence.

"Teemee, I should have known that it will be you... And you too, I knew you were strong hahaha interesting!" He voiced out with a burst of laughter while pointing at the both of them.

"Ekk, I'm surprised you managed to make it here in one-piece, loud-mouthed idiot," The green-skinned girl said with a depressed look.

"Huh? You little cow tail! I acknowledged your strength, yet you call me a loudmouth," The orange-haired boy shouted with a tone of annoyance while pointing at her."

"Who are you calling a cow tail? Do you wish to die, you shitty-haired dumbo?" She replied while raising her brown tail and pointing it towards the boy.

"Huh? It's Ria, in case you forgot! I'm no shitty-haired dumbo, you cow tail!"

As both of them bantered amongst each other, Teemee shook his head from the side with a look of pity.

"Idiots," He muttered softly before he resumed walking forward.

"I'll kill you if you keep calling me that you little shit," The red aura-like energy surrounding the green-skinned girl intensified as she spoke.

"Not if I kill you first cow tail," Ria voiced out as he conjured a giant hammer made of rocks from the ground.

Both of them stared at each other intensely. Just as Ria and the green-skinned girl were about to make a move on each other, Ria noticed something.

"Wait... Where's Teemee?" He asked with a blank look.

The green-skinned girl turned towards the side to check and also noticed that he had disappeared.

They both turned and stared ahead. Their faces shone with a look of realisation as they discovered that Teemee had gone on while they were busy bantering.

"That shorty!" Ria shouted out with an urgent look and immediately dashed forward.

The green-skinned girl also started running forward the moment she noticed Teemee had gone ahead of them.

Ria's feet were still sunk into the ground to prevent himself from floating upwards. Surprisingly, this time he was able to move faster than before.

As expected, the person who had gone the farthest was Teemee, who was more than a hundred feet ahead at the moment.

Now that he was close to reaching the green ball of light, he did not hold back anymore.

His energy was depleting at an insane rate because he was now running. Nevertheless, he didn't mind losing energy as long as he could get to the green ball of light first.

In just a few seconds, the green-skinned girl had started closing the gap between them. She was now about thirty feet behind him.

She didn't look like she was affected by the gravitational force with the way she was running forward while holding onto the red sickle. Also, unlike the two boys who had slightly pale faces, she didn't look tired.

Teemee turned his neck to the side and looked above his shoulder, "Damn, what is she? She only needed a few seconds to catch up? What a monster," He muttered while gritting his teeth after noticing that the green-skinned girl was close to catching up.

He increased his running speed causing a red streak of energy to blaze across the ground.

The green-skinned girl noticed that he was starting to increase the gap between them and increased her speed.

Both of them seemed to have similar bloodlines due to the similar red energy that coated them as they traveled. However, it was apparent that they had different abilities.

"Damn it! I just had to be in the same group with these monsters!" Ria voiced out with a dark face as he stared at both of them ahead.

He was more than eighty feet behind them.

"Ahh, I cannot accept being the loser here!" Ria shouted out with a look of determination as the ground boosted his speed.

It was hard for him to control the ground here, so sweat started dripping from his forehead as he forcefully manipulated the ground.

As seconds passed, he slowly started to catch up to them, but his body was already trembling from a loss of energy.

"Hyyaahhh!" His face shone determination and fierceness as he screamed out.

The green-skinned girl finally caught up to Teemee after a while. At that same time, they were about three thousand feet away from the light wall that extended from the green ball light above.

Immediately, they saw the space within the wall of light ahead. They instantly figured that they needed to get inside the space to finish the test.

The girl slowly started surpassing Teemee. She turned her face to the side and stared at him for a few moments before accelerating again.

Teemee gritted his teeth and muttered, "I'm getting there first," after saying this, he pushed himself forward.

It became like a game of tag. The green-skinned girl would accelerate and surpass Teemee for a moment. Then Teemee would use more energy to push himself forward, catching up with her. Still, in the next moment, she would accelerate again, surpassing him. He would once again push himself forward by using more energy.

Teemee's face was starting to become paler and paler as they closed in on the wall of light ahead.

Ria was already catching up to them and was only about fifteen feet away when they crossed the two thousand feet mark.

They were now about a thousand feet away from getting to the light.

As they closed in on the light, they noticed a large boulder sitting on the ground after the wall of light.

They didn't think much of it and instead focused on being the first to arrive there.

Teemee noticed that he was running out of juice as they travelled further.

The green skinned girl had now increased the gap between them by about four feet.