The Bloodline System - Chapter 155 - Last Training Session

Chapter 155 - Last Training Session

Chapter 155 - Last Training Session

"Do you plan on keeping this secret from your mentor forever?" Miss Aimee asked.

Gustav's face still had the smile on even after hearing her question. He continued staring at her with a calm look while responding, "But miss Aimee already knows that I can copy the appearance of whoever I wish to,"

Miss Aimee was very shocked when she found out about this, about one month ago because she had always believed that Gustav's original bloodline wasn't useless like everyone said. She believed Its ability was only limited by the grade and just as she had thought, his bloodline was truly a rare type.

'His bloodline really has a lot of potential,'

"Well, if not for the stunt you pulled I wouldn't have known about that since you never told me outright but still... We both know that your ability to change your appearance still doesn't explain your insane strength neither does it explain some of the things that happened in the past," Miss Aimee voiced out with a complicated expression displayed on her beautiful face.

"Hmm, like?" Gustav asked with a look of curiosity.

"Like how those mixed-bloods lost their bloodlines," Miss Aimee responded with her eyes widening slightly.

"Miss Aimee already knows enough... I will leave the rest to your imagination," Gustav said with a small chuckle.

"Tch, hiding things from even me," Miss Aimee said as she removed her hand from Gustav's chest.

Gustav chuckled even more at her response and proceeded to sit on the floor.

Miss Aimee also did the same and sat beside him.

For a few seconds, there was silence between them causing the atmosphere to give off a peaceful vibe.


A small sigh escaped from miss Aimee's mouth after several minutes had gone by.

"Tomorrow is the day huh?" She voiced out with a low tone.

Gustav kept looking forward with a solemn expression.

"This is our last training session together, I sure won't miss a troublemaker like you," Miss Aimee muttered.

"On the other hand I will miss the times we spent together, miss Aimee and I'll be sure to pay back your kindness in the future," Gustav said with a smile as memories of the last six months came flooding through his mind.

"Where did you learn those cheesy lines...? Save them for your lover," Miss Aimee said with a dismissive look.

Gustav laughed after hearing her words again.

"With your current strength, passing the physical test phase shouldn't be a problem but the rest will be based on a variety of other things... Watch out for the other tests... The main test will be a combination of five things" Miss Aimee paused before turning her face to stare at Gustav while raising her index finger.

"Bloodline, Prowess, intelligence, wisdom, and mental capability," Miss finished raising her five fingers and placed her hand down after listing out those things.

"Bloodline will always be the number one requirement because the MBO believes that even without intelligence or the rest of the other qualities, a mixed-blood with a high-grade bloodline can still be trained to achieve greatness," Miss Aimee explained with slightly furrowed eyebrows.

"From what I remember your bloodline used to be below F-grade but it has undergone some changes within this past six months... We can only hope for it to be as high as C-grade because if not... Passing the test would be a problem," Miss Aimee said with a look of worry.

'Unless I get involved which would cause some suspicions,'

Miss Aimee could already sense that Gustav's bloodline was no longer below F-grade. Anyone with a brain would be able to tell after seeing the change his original bloodline had undergone.

Gustav wanted to assure miss Aimee that he met the bloodline requirement but if he did he would practically be admitting the fact that he was aware of his bloodline increasing in grade which would arouse suspicions since the only known way of figuring out your bloodline grade was by undergoing the examination in a lab.

Gustav didn't want to risk the system being exposed even till now.

"Hmm, let's hope the examiners are a little lenient even though my bloodline doesn't qualify," Gustav said in response even though he knew this was impossible.

"Hahaha, those old foogies, that's impossible... But don't worry... I believe in you Gustav," Miss concluded with a smile.

Gustav smiled back, 'At the very least I can't betray her expectations of me,' he said internally with a resolute look.

"Have you gotten your participation badge?" Miss Aimee asked.

"Hmm? Participation badge?" Gustav voiced out with a clueless look.

Miss Aimee explained to him that it was something received by young adults all over the world participating in the test.

"That's the only way you can be allowed entry into the tower," Miss Aimee concluded her explanation with this.

"Ohh, that tower," Gustav's eyes shown a bit of excitement after hearing that.

'I finally get to enter,'

"Hmm, the MBO space/Underground tower 007 is where the registration will take place and it's also where kids from this city interested in joining the MBO will be addressed by the higher-ups," Miss Aimee explained.

"Oh I see, how do I get my badge then?" Gustav asked.

"It will be sent to your home by the MBO themselves. Although they don't send it to everyone, you will definitely have received it," Miss Aimee assured Gustav.

Gustav's mind became calm after hearing that, 'It should be home by now then,' Gustav thought.

"Gustav, it's time for you to show them what you're capable of, are you up to the task?" Miss Aimee asked with a smirk.

"Hnm," Gustav nodded in response with a look of resolve but then he remembered something.

"Will miss Aimee be picking another student from the school to train after I get in?" Gustav asked.

Miss Aimee extended her right hand towards Gustav's forehead upon hearing his question.


She flicked his forehead lightly.

"Ow," Gustav held his forehead with a look of pain. Even though she barely put strength into her finger when she flicked his forehead, it still hurt.

"There can only be one Gustav... No other student is interesting enough for me to spend so much time with," She said with a smirk.