The Bloodline System - Chapter 153 - A Month Duration

Chapter 153 - A Month Duration

Chapter 153 - A Month Duration

"I will make sure they all pay," Gustav said with a hate-filled expression before standing up from his bed.

He changed out of his school uniform into a full set of black clothing before stepping out of his apartment.

Gustav walked towards the balcony on the left side of the corridor.


The door opened up and he walked through it. What appeared in his line of sight were the outlines of buildings around the neighborhood.

This building was seven storeys high so Gustav could see the roofs of other buildings in the area since this was one of the tallest in the neighborhood.

Gustav walked towards the edge of the balcony and stared at the neighborhood.

Towards the left was a road that led upwards. At the end of the road which was more than twenty blocks away were two intersections.

One led to the left and the other to the right.

While on his right side was a path that led to the back of their building but it still extended downwards leading to the sparse forest region before the border.

Gustav usually went through the path on the right but this time he was heading for the east of the border since he was still investigating the issue of mixed-breeds crossing the border so he would be headed for the path on the left.

Gustav brought out a mask from his storage ring.

This mask was red with two long horns at the top.

"Although faint, I've been sensing that weird presence more and more recently," Gustav muttered as he put on the mask.

[Size Manipulation has been activated]

Gustav grew to a height of over six feet with a slightly muscular frame.

Gustav didn't need size manipulation to change his appearance anymore since he had shapeshifting, the problem was, shapeshifting not only took up lots of energy points but also had limitations since it could only enable him to take the form of a person.

While using shapeshifting he would have to transform to another person that had this stature if he wanted to grow to this size but with size manipulation, he could just change his size to whatever he wanted it to be and wear a mask to hide his facial look.

Gustav turned towards the left and walked to the edge.

The other building's rooftop was about eleven meters away from his position and the entire building was about five stories tall.

[Silent Advancement has been activated]

Gustav turned around and moved nine steps away from the edge.

[Dash has been activated]

He suddenly turned back around and bolted forward.


His body arrived before the edge immediately after taking one step. Once he got to the edge he squatted slightly without pausing his movement before pushing his body upwards with his legs.


Gustav's body traveled in mid-air, flying above the neighborhood and the street below.

His line of sight only caught a one-second glimpse of the street downwards while he was in between both buildings' rooftops.


Gustav's body crossed the space between both buildings and landed on the other one.


He didn't stop moving, his body blurred once again as he ran across the roof of this building hardly causing any sounds.


He leaped upwards again after he got to the edge of this rooftop and his body traveled several meters in the air before he landed on the next building rooftop.

Gustav continued leaping from rooftop to rooftop within the neighborhood, headed towards the east side of the border.

The people around the neighborhood barely noticed him due to his speed and his silent movement.

In a few minutes, he had arrived on the rooftop of the last building in the area.

From this rooftop, he could see the sparse forest region ahead and to his left was the road that divided the border into two halves.

Gustav leaped downwards and dashed towards the right side.

Some minutes later he arrived before the border.

Gustav once again carved out miniature circles using his right and left index fingers while moving across the place.

When he was done carving out around fifty invisible circles he clasped his palms together.

The instant he did that, fifty milky glowing circles appeared in mid-air around the place and began to absorb the power of the border into them.

The green, red and blue wall of lines were being absorbed from the bottom corner and in a few seconds, an opening had started forming.

The first time when Gustav made use of this ability, he could only make smaller circles due to the fact that Gravitational Energy Container Bloodline was unstable and hard to control so he had to create up to a hundred smaller circles before he was able to absorb enough energy to create an opening.

If he had made each circle bigger it would have collapsed so making it smaller was the only way for it to work which was why it usually took around three minutes for the opening to appear but as Gustav started learning the energy technique he got from the system he was able to increase the size of the circles as the days went by.

Now that he was able to create palm-sized circles he only needed to create fifty circles to absorb the energy from the border and create an opening under two minutes.

Once the opening was created, Gustav dashed in along with the circles following behind him.

In a few more seconds the border closed up and the energy balls disappeared, phasing with the space around Gustav.

'This marks two hundred and thirty-five... Since the entrance test is coming up soon, if I get enlisted I won't be able to come back here for a very long time... I must make sure I gather lots of EXP as well as filling up the gravitational field around me with enough energy just in case of emergencies,' Gustav thought as he walked towards the dense forest in the distance.

'According to the map, there are still forty-three places that I haven't visited on this side of the border... In a month and a half, I must make sure I visit every one of them as well as the ones on the other side,'

[Sprint has been activated]

Gustav dashed into the distance and leaped onto the branch of the first tree he arrived in front of before he started to leap from one tree to the other.