The Bloodline System - Chapter 147 - Mysterious Observer

Chapter 147 - Mysterious Observer

Chapter 147 - Mysterious Observer

After hearing what Angy said he thought, 'If this is true there's a chance that I might be able to use this to my advantage in the future,'

"In other words, you're trying to say, my bloodline might have undergone this change," Gustav stated while staring at Angy.

"Yes, I've never seen an F-grade as strong as you are... For all we know you might be a B-grade or even an A-grade by now," Angy replied with a contemplative look.

"Haha, I really doubt that but I'll take your suggestion into consideration," Gustav replied with a light burst of laughter.

'This will be useful for covering up in the future but I have to make sure I act well so I won't arouse any suspicions,' Gustav said Internally as he rose to his feet.

"Now it's time for our patrol, I'll also use this period to give you more tasks to perform," Gustav said after standing.

"Hnm," Angy nodded and proceeded to stand up.

The sky was already darkening since it was past seven pm and a full moon had already appeared high up.


Gustav and Angy sped off in two separate directions. One moved towards the west while the other moved towards the east of the sparse forest region.

Whenever they patrolled together during the nighttime, Gustav's work was made easier.

Although he wouldn't be able to reveal a lot of his abilities in her presence, they'd still be able to cut the environment covered in half.

Gustav usually covered one half while Angy would cover the other half.

They had a way of communicating with each other so if anything happened, Angy would be able to inform Gustav immediately but Gustav had decided that he wouldn't inform her if he bumped into a mixed-breed.

This had never been a problem since Gustav had never met any mixed-breeds on the nights when he and Angy patrolled together.

After both of them had gone their separate ways something happened at their initial location.

The tree behind where they sat earlier suddenly started glowing bright red.

A door-like opening was formed within the tree and a figure in all black walked out from it.

"That boy seems to be the one who those footprints belong to... Hmm, did I misjudge his strength?" A husky male voice could be heard coming from underneath the black mask on this person's face.

"He doesn't seem to be a scout sent by them so how was he able to infiltrate the border?" The man sounded confused as he spoke.

"I need to observe him more before I can come to any conclusions," The masked man turned towards the left after saying that and vanished into red smoke.


By midnight Gustav decided to return to his apartment. He postponed his infiltration into the border after remembering that he had to train with miss Aimee the next day.

Since their training sessions were now shorter than they used to, Gustav wanted to be in his peak state when training with her.

The night had most certainly been a fruitful one. He killed a mixed-breed a day before so he and Angy didn't have to fight any mixed-breeds tonight, instead, he used it to train Angy even more.

He noticed that Angy really had a lot of fighting potential. Her body was flexible and if she put power into her attack along with speed it was enough to cause severe damage to Zulu-ranked mixed-bloods. She was not in any way weak. Her personality was the only thing holding her back.

Now that he was getting her to unwind little by little he believed that Angy truly had the potential to be really powerful in the future.

After taking a shower Gustav sat on his bed and today's event flowed into his mind again.

A big frown appeared on his face as images of the kitchen explosion streamed through his mind.

The feeling of distraught came back to him as he remembered the death of five of his colleagues within the fire.

'Who would do plan such a thing, and why?' Gustav pondered Internally but couldn't find an answer as to how the mineral found its way into the kitchen.

The staffs were all lovely and the only person he suspected was the new guy but the new guy also died. Even the person who was in charge of the kitchen purchases died within the explosion.

The rest were old staff and since none of them plotted such a thing in the past, why would they need to now?

Gustav felt really powerless thinking about this and it made him recall his days of being bullied. Now that he had been granted this power he never knew that he would ever feel like this again but he was wrong.

"On the bright side nothing has happened to boss Danzo yet," The fact that the school hadn't meted out punishment to boss Danzo gave Gustav a momentary form of relief on this matter.

Gustav kept racking his brain for ways to solve this situation when he noticed something.

"Hmm? I forgot to check it out throughout the entire day," Gustav's eyes moved towards the top right corner in his line of sight as he spoke.

There was a blue blinking light in form of an envelope. Whenever notifications appeared in Gustav's line of sight he would need to focus his sight on that notification for more information on it to appear. If he didn't do that the notification will end up disappearing after a few minutes and entered a kind of message box on the top right corner.

Whenever he wanted to he could decide to open it up and check on the information regarding that notification.

Gustav's eyes focused on the blinking box for a few seconds before the notifications popped up in his line of sight again.

[Emergency Quest Completed]

[Side Quest failed]

"Hmm," He remembered receiving a notification for failing a side quest also.

He already had an idea of what the side quest was.


[Emergency Quest Completed]

[Information: Save ten people from the kitchen fire]

Rewards »

<+100,000 EXP>

<New skill unlocked: Fire resistance>

<+5 points defense>



[Side Quest failed]

[Information: Save everyone from the kitchen fire]

Punishment »