The Bloodline System - Chapter 145 - Tiring Angy Out

Chapter 145 - Tiring Angy Out

Chapter 145 - Tiring Angy Out

She didn't even use this much strength when dealing with the opponents in the exchange event because she didn't control her strength this time.

All she thought about was trying to prevent what had happened to her the last time so it was more of a subconscious action.

"That's it... Don't just stay in one place and become a person's punching bag, you must also respond unless you enjoy being on the receiving end," Gustav said as he arrived in front of her once again.

"Now Angy, I'm going to attack you several more times... I want you to fight back... I want you to hit back harder than you did earlier, don't be soft because being soft on the battlefield will only get you killed," Gustav said while moving dashing forward again and throwing out his fist.


Angy dodged it again by jumping towards the side before throwing out her right leg towards Gustav's left belly side.


Gustav took another solid hit on his body and was pushed back by a few feet.

Angy was doing as Gustav said. Her mind would drift back to the scenery where Zim was beating her up whenever Gustav threw out his fist towards her.

Her body would react subconsciously because she didn't want to be subjected to such pain ever again.

Gustav didn't stop, he dashed out again and attacked her repeatedly, only for her to dodge them and send out attacks of her own which always hit Gustav.

She couldn't believe that she was actually doing this and wanted to stop but one look from Gustav made her rethink.

'I don't want him to cut ties with me, if this is the only way then I have to bear it,'

Although she was bothered by the fact that she was hitting a person especially when that person happened to be Gustav, Angy knew that backing down would only disappoint Gustav.

As they continued, Angy realized that her worries were for nothing. She would always hit Gustav but not a hint of pain would show on his face neither would he look disturbed in any manner.

She realized that all her attacks were doing nothing to him which further shocked her.


About an hour later Angy laid on the ground while panting. She was out of breath and her face shown fatigue.

'How is this possible,' She wondered while breathing in and out profusely.

She turned her face towards the side to stare at Gustav who was sitting beside her without a look of discomfort on his face.

Gustav had tired her out. During their spar earlier her attacks were unable to faze Gustav even though they landed on his body.

As the spar continued, Gustav asked her to use more speed which she did.

She channeled her bloodline and grew out another horn which caused her speed to increase by almost four times.

Surprisingly this time when she tried attacking Gustav, he dodged all her attacks.

This came as a surprise to her since her previous attacks where she was moving with a slower speed had been connecting. She found it weird that Gustav was able to dodge her increased speed but was unable to dodge her slower speed.

She was only able to use that skill for a short time so she was quickly exhausted and returned to her initial state.

Throughout when form was activated, she was unable to touch Gustav even once.

What Angy didn't know was, when the first engagement began, Gustav had been purposely letting her make contact with him.

He planned to make Angy get used to the feeling of hitting a human body so when it was time for her to truly go against an enemy in the future, it would feel natural to her.

Angy was faster than him but thanks to perception, Gustav was able to see and predict the movement of people or things around him unless the gap in speed was astronomical.

He knew her attacks wouldn't harm him and also knew she would force herself to stop if she felt was harming him. The latter happened to be something Gustav could do nothing about since they both knew he wasn't an enemy so Gustav just decided to focus on her getting used to hitting a person for now.

When he asked her to use her highest speed, Gustav also made use of sprint so even though he wasn't as quick as she was, it was just like when both of them were making use of their normal speed.

With that high amount of speed, Gustav tested if she would be reluctant with attacking but to his astonishment she still attacked him with vigor just like he was aiming for.

Another reason why he dodged was, he would have taken damage had she managed to touch him while in that state.

After she exhausted her energy they both decided to take a break

'And this time I thought I would get him to reveal it but I still don't know what his bloodline power is... Maybe I should just ask him,' Angy stared at Gustav's face with a contemplative expression.

Gustav was thinking about something while staring into the distance so it was unknown whether he noticed Angy staring at him or not.

'Looks like I will have to make my visit by midnight after the neighborhood observation,' Gustav pondered with a solemn gaze, 'Another all-nighter for me then... Maybe this time I can manage to complete a goal,'


He heard his name being called from the side and turned towards his left to stare at Angy.

"Hmm, what is it, Angy? You've regained your energy already?" Gustav asked with a look of disbelief as he stared at Angy.

"No that's not it," She replied.

"Hmm? What's up then?"

"During the duel, that was you that appeared as Falco to save me, right? I want to know what your bloodline ability is?" Angy asked with a look of uncertainty while staring at Gustav.

"I heard them saying you're only F-grade... it doesn't matter to me if you are, but I've never seen an F-grade as strong as you are... Please tell me about your bloodline," Angy added with a pleading look