The Bloodline System - Chapter 132 - Resilient Solar Worms

Chapter 132 - Resilient Solar Worms

Chapter 132 - Resilient Solar Worms

The solar worm shrieked out in pain after receiving that attack from Gustav but that wasn't enough to severely harm it.

Immediately it landed back on the ground, it dashed out crazily towards Gustav again.


It shot out a wider stream of silver-like liquid that covered a width of more than seventy-five feet.

This was practically a point-blank attack.

Gustav knowing that there was nowhere to dodge, transformed his hand back to normal immediately and straightened his palm before raising it.

[Chop has been activated]

[Atomic disintegration coat has been activated]

Whitish light appeared around Gustav's palm before he swung it down with force.


A white arc of light similar in shape to the blade of an axe, shot out of his palm as it came down and started splitting the attack in two.


Gustav's body also shot forward while doing that as the divided streams passed by his sides.

Unfortunately, he had misjudged the attack, his palm strike from the combination of chop and atomic disintegration, was unable to divide the stream completely because, unlike the other solar worms, these two could shoot it out for longer.

The rest of the liquid slammed into Gustav after his chop lost power.

The intense force lifted Gustav off the ground and threw him backward.


Gustav's back slammed into the wall on the other end of the hole.

"Urgh!" Gustav exclaimed with a pained expression and fell to his knee after his back slammed into the wall.


His upper clothes had been burnt off again and his parts of his skin peeled off.

"That hurt," Gustav muttered slightly as he straightened his body.

[-200 HP]

His arms and his entire upper body had been scorched by the attack. Gustav was practically in a sorry state as he breathed in and out profusely.

[Regeneration has been activated]

Gustav's body started healing up bit by bit but the solar worm was incensed after seeing that its attack failed to disintegrate Gustav.

It dashed out again along with its partner towards Gustav.

Even though Gustav had lost 200 hp due to that attack he wasn't really in any danger. even if he lost more he still wouldn't be in any real danger.

This is because his healing function will never stop until he ran out of energy which meant his HP can't dwindle to 0 until his energy points ran out.

Amidst the scorching pain, Gustav swerved towards the left dodging the first solar worm who ended up slamming into the wall.

Gustav was about to attack its opening but before he could, the second one jumped high up again in a bid to use its entire body to crush Gustav with its weight.


Gustav leapt backward dodging the dropping body of the solar worm.

Both worms had such great synergy and Gustav guessed that must be attributed to the fact that they're mating partners.

[Gravitational Imbalance has been activated]

Gustav finally decided to activate a gravitational energy skill since the battle was taking longer than he wanted.

The gravitational force around a circumference of ten meters suddenly turned weird.

The solar worms who had already dashed out suddenly felt like their bodies become heavier, decreasing their mobility.

Due to the sudden change, they were distracted for a split second which gave Gustav the chance to dash towards the one on the left.

Before both of them could react, Gustav's right arm had already been thrown out with his palm transforming into that of the bloodwolf's.


His four claws accurately landed on the right eye of the worm tearing four bloody lines on it.


The worm screeched in pain and started thrashing around while blood spilled out of its eyes.

Gustav didn't stop moving, he dashed towards the second one on the side.

He had injured this one earlier so it was easy to land more hits on it due to its previously injured state.

Gustav's claws were covered in the same white light as before as he repeated hacked at the upper body of this solar worm.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!

His claws tore deep gashes across the body of the worm in a few moments causing it to bleed out more.

He wanted to slash at the solar worm again when the one on the side threw its body over intending to slam Gustav against the wall.


Gustav leaped towards the side and kicked the wall with his right leg causing his body to propel further into the air as he spun repeatedly in mid-air to dodge the body attack.

At this point, one of the solar worms had lost its right eye while the other was already severely injured and bleeding out.


Sqeeuuuee! Sqeeuuuee! Sqeeuuuee!

Outside the cave, the solar worms around suddenly started shrieking loudly to one another.

Some of them squirmed back and forth across the vicinity for a few seconds before turning around to face the cave.

Sqeeuuuee! Sqeeuuuee!

They made those weird noises at one another again before darting towards the cave.

Inside the cave, the same situation as outside was playing out.

The solar worms within the cave stopped whatever they were doing at the moment and started heading towards the end of the cave.

The sound of their wriggling bodies moving across the ground gave off a weird and creepy feeling.


Gustav continued engaging the two solar worms unaware of the multitude of solar worms headed for the hole.

At this moment he had inflicted severe injuries on them both but they still had enough vigor in them to last for a while.

His body had also healed up completely but he hadn't been able to kill them both yet.

'Damn it, I have one minute left till they storm this place,' Gustav said internally with a frustrated look.

He had been calculating the time he spent fighting the two solar worms and he figured that the solar worms should be aware of the death of their kindred in a minute time.

'I don't have a choice anymore, I have to use it,' Gustav's face shown resolve as he said this internally.


-Energy: 140/1750


Not only was he low on time but his energy was almost completely spent.