The Bloodline System - Chapter 114 - Angy Vs The Captain

Chapter 114 - Angy Vs The Captain

Chapter 114 - Angy Vs The Captain

Gustav listened to the words of the students around him with a poker face.

He was also analyzing the battle and understood how it turned out to be this way.

Gustav was learning a lot from all their battles. He had seen taken note of the pros and flaws of the battles.

After some time had passed again the second duel began.

It was blackrock school against Atrihea city high this time.

Angy and the rest of her six teammates were prepared to duke it out with Atrihea city high participants

Their faces showed determination and fierceness. Although everyone had judged that they would fail, Blackrock school were not ready to give in just yet.

Once the go-ahead for the battle was given they Immediately put their plans into motion.

The battle went on for about ten minutes before the first participant of Black rock School was sent flying out of the ring.

Blackrock participants did all they could to win but in less than five minutes another participant from their side had been thrown out.

Now that they had brought in two substitutes only one slot was left and it was looking like they would be making use of that third slot anytime soon.

'I can't lose like this, he's watching,' Angy said in her mind as she dashed backward to dodge a large rocky like palm

She was currently keeping the captain of the opposing team in place since he was responsible for sending two of her teammates out earlier.

Angy had been running around him with her normal speed so she wouldn't spend all her energy at once but she noticed that just like their former opponents he was starting to recognize her movement patterns so she decided to take her speed up the notch.

Her other teammates were busy dealing with the rest.

The captain of Atrihea city high was a half rocky monster now with thick rock-like muscles protruding out of different parts of his body especially his knuckles.

When his fist touched the former two, it tore through their body like it was tofu.

Angy was pained by that so she decided to be the one to take him on. Even if they were to lose here, she didn't want her teammates to suffer in his hands.

'Let me defeat him myself then!' Angy said internally and dashed out again.


A third horn protruded out of her forehead she arrived in front of Captain Zim.

The entire audience and Zim were shocked to see her growing a third horn out of nowhere.

Zim swung out his fist towards her but his hand phased through thin air as Angy swerved towards the side and appeared behind him.

She pushed out both her arms towards his back with speed.


Zim was pushed fifty feet forward by Angy.

Now the audience along with Zim knew what the third horn was supposed to do.

Angy had become so fast that she was literally a blur.

She bolted forward again with extreme speed while the Zim's fist turned into a long pointy rock which he stabbed forward at her.

Angy was able to dodge this thrust with ease again and her hand located a part of his body that wasn't covered by rocks before thrusting out her palm again.


Zim was once again pushed back by about thirty feet.

The entire audience was amazed.

Angy didn't wait for more than a second before dashing out again.

Swoosh! Bam! Swoooshhh! Bam! Swoooshhh! Bam!

The captain of Atrihea city high was being pushed around for a few seconds.

He was unable to follow Angy's speed.

'I'll run of energy if I don't go back to my normal form now,' Angy came to a realisation after dashing out again.

She decided that she would inflict a serious injury on Zim this time before reverting to normal.

Angy dashed towards his left this time as her sight closed in on his rib area, a few centimeters below his armpit.

Since the Zim thrusted out his fist again, he was wide open.

Angy gathered up a lot of speed in her arms before throwing a fist towards that part of the captain's body.

The air rippled with intensity as the fist arrived before his body.

All of a sudden Angy remembered what happened when she used this attack before and changed her mind. She opened her palm and turned her fist into a palm strike.


The captain was pushed back again but surprisingly he wasn't injured in any way.

Angy stood in place with a confounded look as her horns retracted.

The amount of speed generated before she thrust out her hand was enough to break through a wall even though it was weakened when she turned it into a palm strike.

Earlier she felt her palm struck a hard surface.

She stared at the captain she noticed his smirk.

"I hate speedsters like you... You really give a lot of problems but it's not hard to predict your moves after taking a beating for a while... But I hate you more than I hate any other speedster!" He voiced out before dashing forward.

"Even though I put up that fake weak point to fool you, that could have still been a lethal injury for me had you decided to truly attack me... but you're being nice eh?" The captain shouted out as he thrust his fist towards her face.


Angy dodged towards the right causing the fist to miss her by a few inches. Now she understood what had just happened and also the fact that she could have broken through his defense if she punched instead of using a palm strike.

Even as her horns had retracted, she was still faster than the captain.

She dodged him repeatedly and was about to attack him again when he suddenly paused his movements and raise both hands to connect them.


Immediately he clapped his hands together, small diamond-like stones shot out of his body in hundreds.

Prhik! Prhik! Prhik! Prhik! Prhik! Prhik!

It took everyone by surprise because he never used such an attack before.

Projectiles from his body shot across the battlefield stabbing into some of the students.


"I really dislike goody too shoes like you!" The captain of Atrihea city high walked towards Angy as he spoke.

Angy was laying on the ground with sharp stones pierced into different parts of her body.

Her legs were pierced by more than ten of them and were currently bleeding.

"You really have the guts to be nice on the battlefield?" The captain bent and grabbed Angy by the neck before lifting her.

Her face shown pain with the way his rocky hands were tightened around her neck but she wasn't powerful enough to free herself from his grasp.