The Bloodline System - Chapter 1127 Slaughter Tribute

Chapter 1127 Slaughter Tribute

Chapter 1127 Slaughter Tribute

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


The operator fell out and Gustav stomped on his head, blasting it to pieces and giving the ground a new painting.

The Genxodus members were even more horrified after witnessing Gustav's brutality. They had heard stories of how cold and callous he was to his enemies.

Witnessing his actions now, they had no more doubts.

-"Contact the higher ups or we're all gonna die here!"

One of the Genxodus members yelled out while engaging Gustav.


Gustav conjured two atomic blades in his hands and swung them sideways.

Slas.h.!.+ Slas.h.!.+

Two milky colored arcs cut across the air with intensity and cleaved two mechs in half.

Both operators were instantly sent to the afterlife after getting dissected.

Gustav dashed across the place and leapt upwards to a mech that was up to thirty feet tall before burrowing his fist into the chest area of the mech.

The mech was immenssly st.u.r.dy and he already calculated this before hand, so he made use of the double effect ability.

The last five mechs suddenly took up an unknown battle formation the instant Gustav performed that action.

Zzhiiiiihhhhrrhhh! ZZHHHIIRRRHHH!

A ball of energy had been charging up within the chest area of the mech, which they finally revealed.


One of them yelled out as they each released this ball of energy which was reddish in color.

Gustav wanted to pull his arm out of the hole he created within the thirty feet tall mech in a bid to evade all five but soon realised he was trapped.

Thiss.h.!.+ Thisss.h.!.+ Thiisshh!

The three mech operators within ejected and thrusters appeared around them which boosted their speed as they headed further away.

The mech operators leapt backwards upon releasing this attack as well.

Thrrrriihhh~ Thrriiihh~ Thrriiihhh~ Thhrriiiihhh~ Thhrriiihhh~

Strings of light suddenly shot forth from these energy b.a.l.l.s at light speed and stuck to Gustav's body.

He was unable to react on time due to how quickly they arrived before him.

In the next instant energy ripples were released from these energy b.a.l.l.s and then...

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Blasts rang out, setting forth waves of destruction in every direction.

The houses covered up by the roots in the vicinity were all blasted to kingdom come as the ripple of waves, destroyed everything in its path.

The force was enough to create a ma.s.sive crater in the ground due to the destructiveness. The walls set up ahead even quaked a bit as shockwaves were sent flying across the place.

The houses in this area with people who were still alive intially, had all been blasted to nothingness as well.

A ma.s.sive cloud of dust spread across the upper district as a quarter of it had been destroyed from this blast.

The other Genxodus members had activated protective devices to s.h.i.+eld them from the waves of this gargantuan attack so they were okay.

As the dust cleared, a twenty thousand feet wide crater was left in place with lots of the roots in the vicinity blasted away.

It was more than a thousand feet deep and cracks were at every corner.

"That should have gotten him," Some of them moved towards the ledge as they voiced out.

Some of them were directly in the crater since they didn't get far enough but they were unscathed due to the energy field they used since all of them knew of the attack before hand.

The mech operators moved forward as well, to check the crater.

-"I don't see him,"

-"He must have been reduced to ashes,"

-"The walls are still standing though,"

-"What the h.e.l.l? Even with such a blast, they didn't crumble?"

The Genxodus members discussed amongst themselves with looks of relief and disbelief at the same time.

"We need to find a way..."

In the midst of discussing, a small rumble drew their attention. Followed by the movement of a large piece of earth in the middle of the crater.


-"What is happening?"

They questioned amongst each other.


A piece of earth moved to the side and a person was revealed underneath.


-"It can't be,"

-"He is still alive?"

Their eyes widened and their jaws nearly dropped to the ground as they spotted Gustav in the middle of this gigantic crater.

Clunk~ Clunk~ Clunk~ Clunk~

Pieces of Icicle like crystals fell from his body as he slowly stood to his feet with a dark face.

The Genxodus members noticed that the Icicle like crystals bore a resemblance to the walls that had been erected around the upper district.

'Could he be the one responsible for this cage?' They were coming to this awe striking realisation at the moment.

Blood trickled down Gustav's face and the upper part of his MBO uniform had been completely obliterated, displaying his magnificent looking body.

He had a few more bloodied area on his upper body but he didn't seem to be in pain.

'That should have wiped out no less than five hundred houses... they truly don't care about the deaths of others as long as they achieve their goal,' Gustav thought as he looked upwards.

"We're nearly out of core energy, run!" One of the Genxodus members operating a mech yelled out.



The Genxodus members turned around to flee.

"Now I feel more affirmed with leaving none of you alive," Gustav muttered as wings sprouted out of his back.


His figure blurred and he instantly arrived at the top of the crater.

The Genxodus member he arrived before still had his mouth open in fear and shock. What he noticed next was his sight elevating while the rest of his body was still on the ground.

"If you wanna leave... leave your life behind," Gustav voiced out while holding onto the decapitated head of the Genxodus member.

He had yanked the head of the Genxodus member off his body so quickly that blood only started flowing out when he was already more than a hundred feet away from the decapitated body.


The members kept screaming out in terror as Gustav sped across the air.

Gustav decapitated another Genxodus member and held both heads in his hands.

He suddenly arched his arm backwards with both heads in his grasp in a throwing format.


The heads caught fire and began blazing intensely like two fiery b.a.l.l.s.

He swung forward with in the next instant, throwing both heads out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"One, two, threee, four, five..."

Gustav counted as the flaming heads slammed into one Genxodus member after the other.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Upon collision the heads would burrow into the body of a member and come out the other side, leaving a head size hole in their body.

Both heads brought down more than twelve Genxodus members before losing momentum.

"Not bad," Gustav smirked as he stared at the chaos from above.

The rest that were still alive were frantically fleeing for their lives while screaming with terrified expressions.

They had been completely shaken by everything they had just witnessed and could only hope they would get out of this alive.


Gustav sped across the air once more and arrived before a Genxodus member.


With a swing of his palm, the Genxodus member instantly lost an arm.

"Please spare me! Please!"

She kept pleading while dragging herself on the ground while blood oozed out of her empty shoulder.

"How hypocritical. You lots just killed tens of thousands and you're pleading to be spared?" Gustav clicked his tongue as he squatted in front of her.

"Please! It's the higher ups! We can't disobey them!" She kept pleading while trying to drag herself further away.


Gustav grabbed one of her leg and pulled her back to his position.

"To think you can even fool me is yet another reason to punish you," Gustav stated before swinging his palm forward.


Blood splattered across the place as the Genxodus member lost her left leg.

"Kiarrrrghghhhh!" Her face turned completely pale as she screamed in pain with snot flowing out of her nose.

"Oh you think I don't know you? Haha weren't you the one who led an operation that caused the death of around five thousand mixedbloods," Gustav voiced slowly.

Her face shown a look of confusion and disbelief.

"You're probably wondering how I know that... It's a secret," Gustav stated before ripping another limb.


Gustav left the poor Genxodus member to die in her pool of blood as he chased down the rest.

He left a trail of blood and incomplete body parts in his wake. Hunting down the Genxodus members in this cage he had created, seemed like a sport to him.

He didn't spare anyone he spotted and slaughtered wantonly. He would give chase, leave them frightened beforr slaughtering a whole bunch of them.

The cage was becoming too small for them despite how large it was. There was no where they could escape to that the grim reaper in form of Gustav wouldn't find them.

All the MBO officers who were unable to escape from the upper district before the roots covered everywhere were already long dead.

Gustav decided to pay them a tribute by sending the souls of these Genxodus members to join them in the afterlife.

About an hour later, Gustav landed in the middle of the upper district with a body soaked in blood.

"Yosh... Twelve thousand six hundred and thirty two Genxodus members erased from the face of the earth," Gustav stated since he had kept count since the beginning.

"Only one left," A sinister smile appeared on his face as he turned towards the left.

"Ekkk!" A small masculine voice rang out from the side and the sounds of footsteps were heard next.


Gustav body blurred once more and he arrived a couple of feet away.!

Something or rather someone b.u.mped into him but the person was invisible.

The person quickly turned around to run while still invisible.


Gustav grabbed hold of the person's neck from behind and lifted them up.

"Don't delude yourself, i saw you from the start... I just chose to leave you for last," Gustav voiced while tightening his grip on the neck of the invisible Genxodus member.


A glitch like projection appeared around where Gustav was gripping and the person turned visible.

It was a man with buzz cut and a green mechanical looking armor surrounding his body.

"Ghhrruukkll!" The Genxodus member body thrashed in mid air as he struggled to breath.

"Not to worry, if I wanted to kill you, I would have done that already," Gustav voiced out as he slowly loosened his grip.

"I will give you the chance to live but if you mess it up, I promise to kill you in the most painstakingly and gruesome way you couldn't possibly imagine," Gustav added while slowly letting go of the Genxodus member.

The member fell to the ground and coughed a couple of times before looking up with an expression of hope.

"I know the leaders of the Genxodus are here but for some reason they have managed to evade this whole thing unlike the rest of you that were actually affected... they are supposed to be affected as well but I believe they may have some countermeasures..." Gustav paused as he got to this point.

"Let me not bore you with my lengthy a.s.sumptions... Tell me where the leaders are," Gustav demanded.


-"They have all been slaughtered!"

-"How could this have happened?"

-"Gustav Crimson again! How does he always manage this!"

-"No one can get into the city or leave, are we even safe here?"

"Leaders, I need you all to stop panicking,"

Within the dimly lit s.p.a.ce, the main leader voiced out.

"We might not be able to leave but we are indeed safe here. Their vices will never be able to reach us because they have no idea where exactly we are..."

"Calm down... the moment they deactivated the spatial disruptor, we will be able to leave here through the emergency exit,"

The main leader stated with a calming tone.


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