The Bloodline System - Chapter 1119 Various Plots

Chapter 1119 Various Plots

Chapter 1119 Various Plots

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"Well... that's encouraging," Gustav muttered.

("Now that you've completed the device, our plans after IYSOP can be moved forward,") The system voiced internally.

"Moved forward? I have a terrorist organisation to deal with in the coming week, a compet.i.tion to win for earth apparently and a situation to take care of for one of my friends before those after IYSOP plans can be put into motion," Gustav listed out.

("The device is to direct you towards areas of lingering warp demolator energies, right?") The system inquired.

"Yes?" Gustav answered.

("Does it work instantly? Can we say for sure that upon activation in s.p.a.ce like you planned, it would immediately lead you in the direction of these energies?") The system questioned.

"I can't say for sure till its activated... and you know there are only specific points in s.p.a.ce where it can be activated so I hope you're not suggesting I try it out immediately," Gustav muttered while his eyes turned into slits.

("Exactly dumba.s.s I am...") The system responded with a ridiculing tone.

"No... Where do you suppose I get the time to visit s.p.a.ce, use the device and who knows wait for it to give me the coordinates..." Gustav shook his head while responding.

("Even with all those intelligence point you're not so bright eh?")

Gustav; "..." 'Can't you make a d.a.m.n clarification without spewing insults?'

("You just need to get the device to one of the specific points you mentioned, activate it and leave it in place with a layer of protection till you're ready to start searching the locations. By the time IYSOP is done and over with, you'll be able to start looking for traces of the warp demolator energy instantly instead of getting unnecessarily delayed,") The system a.n.a.lysed.

"Oh... so what you meant by moving plans forward is more like prep," Gustav responded with an understanding tone.

"Still... there's the issue of travelling to one of the specific points in s.p.a.ce and leaving the device there to function on its own," Gustav pointed out.

("You are ranked high enough to make use of a s.p.a.cecraft, right?") The system questioned.

"More like I'm smart enough to come up with something so I can operate one of the MBO s.p.a.cecraft for my personal use and yes I see where you're going but that's not the point... I don't have the time to be journeying through s.p.a.ce at the moment. I'm heading to the IYSOP training location tomorrow and I can't delay that because I only have a week to brief and prepare the others for the upcoming operation," Gustav explained.

("I reckon it would take around forty-eight hours of journeying through s.p.a.ce with a s.p.a.cecraft to get to one of the specific points...") The system calculated.

"Precisely... there's no time," Gustav stated.

("The reward you got from those extraterrestrial creatures...") The system pointed out.

"SJ? What about it?" Gustav questioned with a look of confusion.

("Did you forget about one of its abilities to teleport items?") The system questioned.

"No but that only works on certain conditions" Gustav was answering when the feminine voice of the system interrupted him again.

"The conditions must have been softened by now or maybe completely inexistent It has grown more powerful since that time since you keep feeding it energy crystals. You haven't tested out that particular ability of its in a long time,") The system explained.

"And what if it doesn't work I know it only works with inanimate objects but the farthest it has teleported something away was around a hundred feet" Gustav held his chin slightly as he stated with a contemplative expression.

("Just test it out first dumba.s.s we can think of an alternative if it fails,")



The sacred jewel suddenly appeared amidst a flash of fluorescent light like it knew it was being summoned.

'Find this place in s.p.a.ce' Gustav proceeded to sent it a mental message.

The circular sacred jewel now had a fist sized gleaming light within its translucent and smooth surface. From the start, the gleaming light was only dot sized and now it become quite large within the circular covering.

The gleaming light within blinked twice before the surface was covered by a sky blue color which covered the light within.

In the next few moments, the outer covering displayed an imagery which was without a doubt a location in s.p.a.ce.

"There that's one of the charge locations." Gustav muttered.

Despite the area being void of stars, a glowing trail of orange like dust could be seen scattered across the vicinity.

("You should tell it to try sending the warp demolator energy detector there,") The system urged.

"Hmm I guess so" Gustav was still a bit bothered due to the fact that even if this worked, it was unknown if this was a stable part of s.p.a.ce.

If the gravitational force in this part of s.p.a.ce was too unstable, the device could collapse on itself before it could perform any readings. If he was there in person, it would be easier to figure out.

Gustav proceeded to open his personal s.p.a.ce and fetched one of the warp demolator energy detector.

[Partial Kilapisole Transformation Has Been Activated]

Gustav skin color turned green as he held onto the table sized detector


Icicle like crystals phased out of his hands and surrounded the entire warp demolator energy detector. In an instant it was completed covered, looking like a spiky rock.

"It should still be able to function regardless of the outer covering now," Gustav muttered.

"SJ send it to that place" Gustav commanded.

The Sacred Jewel suddenly began to emit a blueish glow


Wind began to circulate in the room due to the energy it emitted causing Gustav hair to be blown backwards.

The table size warp demolator detector was pulled from Gustav's grip and arrived before the blueish light the sacred jewel was emitting.


Despite being more than six times larger than the sacred jewel, the detector was sucked into the blinding blueish light.

The surging energy reduced afterwards and the vicinity began to return to tranquility. As the Sacred Jewel returned to normal, its circular surface once more displayed the location in s.p.a.ce Gustav had asked it to send the detector to.

"It worked" Gustav muttered as he stared at the footage.

("Told you not to underestimate its power The limitations reduces as this tool becomes more powerful. You should have noticed how large the light within has grown,") The system voiced.

Gustav nodded in understanding, 'Doesn't this mean it can warp reality even more better than before?' He questioned himself internally.

It had been a while since he tested the limit of the Sacred Jewel abilities since he had mostly been focused on his yet he kept feeding it with unique energy crystals created from the mixture of both his energy and naturally unique types.

This was why he was currently unaware of how powerful the sacred jewel was. Although he had revealed it during his battle with the infected, Gustav only made the Sacred Jewel appear as a robot who was tasked with destroying the infected.

He had still managed to hide that it can perform other tasks as he wouldn't want greedy eyes to covet it. He was still figuring the Sacred Jewel out so he would never let anyone take it from him as it had the potential to cause havoc just like how much havoc would be wrought if the world found out he could steal bloodlines.

'I will need to create time to test out its limits again'


-Unknown Location

"The Grand Capital City" A dark skinned man with red scales surrounding his neck voiced out within a group of five.

"We have to be careful, they must not catch on to this," A lady putting on dark googles and clad in white suit stated.

"They won't we'll get rid of the celebrity as well as the hundreds of thousands that will be attending," Another male in their group clad in white added.

"Good what about the normal humans and Slarkovs that might attend?" The lady in dark googles questioned.

"Collateral damage they should know not to attend an event hosted by such a specie especially when it is centered on their selfish existence. Normal Humans and Slarkov who choose to support such deserve to perish alongside them," The dark skinned man with reddish scales stated with a tone of absolutism.

"I agree"


Within a dark area with gloomy clouds and an infinite looking pit beneath a group of nineteen could be seen traversing a barely visible line far above the pit. They took steps forward one after the other trying not to into each other with every movement.

"E.E be ready its coming again," Elevora shouted out from up front.

"Fhuushhh~" E.E let out a loud breathe as he heard that and began to gather his energy.

'I could barely use any energy in this vicinity at the start but looks like I'm starting to get the hang of it' E.E thought as his eyes let out a violet glow.