The Bloodline System - Chapter 1111 Why Am I The Woman?

Chapter 1111 Why Am I The Woman?

Chapter 1111 Why Am I The Woman?

E.E wanted to alert him but something told him, Gustav must have tried something like this before so he definitely knew what he was doing.

'They're dying...' He could tell based on the way the faces of both members were getting drained of color.

At this point it was getting to daybreak already since it was currently around five am.

Their current action was one they wouldn't be able to do during the day so he was tempted to ask Gustav to speed things up.

Minutes later, Gustav finally let go of the heads of the two abducted as his eyes dimmed in glow.

Both figures fell faces flat to the ground after he let them go. It was difficult to tell if they were still alive or not.

Gustav breathed in like he was comprehending the details behind all the memories he had just consumed.

"This is bad," The first words that escaped his lips after this ordeal worried E.E.

"What is it? Do they know about our operation?" E.E inquired.

"They don't but the precautions they put in place could pretty much ruin everything tomorrow," Gustav responded.

E.E's face showed a hint of worry upon hearing this.

"Care to elaborate?" E.E asked.

"These two whose memories I just finished Siphoning, were quite high in the Genxodus organisation ranking. They are privy to more information than the others..." Gustav began explaining.

"There are two major things I figured out upon Siphoning their memories...

First, they're planning an operation of their own," Gustav revealed.

"An operation? What is their plan?" E.E couldn't help but voice out.

"They are planning an attack on the Capital City conventional centre... on the same day Yusha is set to perform there," Gustav answered.

"What? Yusha? Which Yusha? G.o.ddess Yusha?" E.E voiced out frantically with his eyeb.a.l.l.s nearly popping out of his socket.

"Yes that Yusha. Their plans are complete and the concert happens to be holding a day before our operation... today," Gustav dropped the bombsh.e.l.l.

"But the conventional center in Capital City is big enough to hold a crowd of millions and she is certainly popular enough to sell out all her concert tickets," E.E said with a troubled expression.

"Exactly the point. If they succeed millions will perish because they have them Exactly where they want. Also, Mixedbloods tendto attend Yusha concerts more which must be a scheme to reduce the mixedblood population," Gustav a.n.a.lysed.

He recalled he was supposed to be in attendance for this concert because he was invited by Yusha personally but due to the operation he didn't think twice before cancelling.

Now she and millions others were in danger due to this set up by the Genxodus.

"We just need to inform the higher ups about this and they will be able to easily deal with it," E.E stated.

"It is not that simple. The only way to prevent this occurrence would be to stop everyone from entering the conventional center... People would have started swooping in from all across the world to occupy the place before we even manage to send word. Fans are always hyped up in situations like this and would arrive many hours before the event begins," Gustav explained.

"It's accurate to say the place will be filled almost a day before the event even starts. Evacuation millions of people is not something that can be easily done as well and knowing how this concert has been long antic.i.p.ated, the fans might even refuse to leave..." Gustav already compiled a long list of results in his head of how things would go.

The event was today, there was almost a zero percent chance of saving them.

"What do we do?" E.E questioned.

He couldn't come up with any plans in his mind that would work in this situation based on Gustav's explanation. Even if they were to act without regard for the will of the fans, it would be impossible to save everyone.

Millions of people was no small number after all.

"There is only one way to prevent this but I'll have to be there personally because no one else can do it," Gustav voiced out.

"But you can't be there and here at the same time... besides, if you were to head there, it would take at least four hours of air travel," E.E disclosed.

"So long as I can get there before it is activated... I should be able to prevent it," Gustav knew this was a long shot but it seemed to be the best option at the moment.

If he did this, the show would be able to go on and the chances of anyone getting hurt was very low. However they would still have to inform the MBO after all so plans could still be made.

"Aish are those dumb f.u.c.ks even gonna believe us? This is troublesome," E.E was already having a headache thinking about how they were gonna react once they found out both of them infiltrated Aribia City without their knowledge.

Sometimes the higher ups were the reason whya lot of bad events still went down because a lot of them felt, listening to someone in a lower chain of command was beneath them.

"Hold on, you said you figured out two things," E.E recalled.

Gustav nodded in response.

"Well, what was the second thing?" E.E inquired.

"The second is the precautions they set up... you see those two we've been tailing? They were out on an objective and they successfully performed the objective," Gustav began explaining.

"A newly created drug from the Genxodus called, Bloodline Dampening seeds have been spread across every part of Aribia City. Some inside foods, others inside consumables like drinks and the likes. The moment a person consumes them, they become an automatic bloodline dampening beacon,"

E.E eyes widened even more upon hearing this explanation.

"Does that mean, when the people of Aribia city began to consume items where the bloodline dampening seeds have been planted, their bloodlines get dampened?" E.E questioned.

"Not just that... they become a beacon that dampens the bloodline of other Mixedbloods around them as well," Gustav clarified.

"f.u.c.k! When this happens, the populace will be a bloodline dampener for the officers that will be infiltrating the city for the operation," E.E came to this realisation.

"Precisely... this is why even if they didn't find out about the operation, it would be difficult for the operation to go smoothly," Gustav responded.

The Genxodus were well versed in technologies especially the ones they created for battles which were powerful enough to go toe to toe with Mixedbloods.

With the dampener, things were bound to get even worse as the footing would become unequal.

The Genxodus will be able to easily fight back this way and there was no guarantee the MBO would be able to successfully complete the operation in this city.

"I don't even know which is worse between the two you just mentioned," E.E voiced out with a look of contemplation and apprehension.

One would cause the death of millions and the other would ruin the chances of putting an end to the Genxodus. If they escaped this endeavour they would definitely be more wary and hide out better which would cause future problems for the earth.

"There's a third thing they're plotting at the moment but I haven't siphoned that part of their memory yet. If I were to continue they'd both die," Gustav revealed.

"If they're truly high ranked like you mentioned, wouldn't the Genxodus find it suspicious when they have both disappeared?" E.E asked.

"Yes which is why I already have something in mind," Gustav replied while moving closer to the unconscious bodies laying on the ground.

"Which is?" E.E inquired.


Minutes later, a male and female figure could be spotted walking down a corridor.

The male had a completely white skin and hair with azure colored eyes and shaven eyebrows. He was clad in a dark suit.

The female figure was clad in what looked like a orange and red kimono. Her face looked pretty young but she had a very noticeable horn on the left side of her forehead.

They both walked side by side but there was a subtle hint that the man was her subordinate as they moved towards the elevator.

"Why am I the woman and not you?" The lady scrunched her nose with a slightly discontented expression.

"Because I was the woman last time," The man replied.

"Last time? Whatchu you mean by last time man?" The lady had a confused expression while questioning.

"Don't ask any questions and just get into character. We can't have them suspecting anything," The man stated before punching a number in the elevator.

"Mehn this s.h.i.+ feels weird... I have a v.a.g.i.n.a..." The lady couldn't help but state with an intriguing expression.

"I have a v.a.g.i.n.a," She looked down while whispering.

"Stop saying that," The man berated.