The Bloodline System - Chapter 1102 Second Infiltration

Chapter 1102 Second Infiltration

Chapter 1102 Second Infiltration


The instant the door opened, they spotted the muzzle of a energy gun pointed at them.

A beautiful and dark skinned looking girl with braids as well as a slightly chubby cheek was standing at the entrance. The weapon happened to be in her grasp.

"Who are you two and what do you want?" She questioned with a tone of hostility.

"Sarah it's me," E.E answered with an excited tone.

"How do you know my name?" Sarah tugged on the trigger a little bit more and pointed it in E.E's face.

"Wait wait it's me, Emma," E.E quickly voiced out.

"My big brother doesn't look like an STD patient so this is your last chance to speak up before I blast your head off... who are you?" Sarah threatened with a menacing tone.

"Your sis is quite fierce," These words slipped out of Gustav's lips in admiration for the chubby dark skinned girl.

"Who are you..." She retorted while changing the direction the weapon was pointing intially from E.E to Gustav's before E.E interrupted.

"Sarah stop this madness," E.E voiced out while stretching his hand forward to grab the weapon.

However, at this same moment, Sarah's mind interpreted this as a threat and subconsciously tapped the trigger.


The weapon fired off directly at Gustav, sending out a blueish cannon blast with an evaporative beam.

Her eyes widened in shock as she realised what had just happened an instant later but it was too late. It was practically fired at point blank range which meant the culprit would be left with a hole in the face or chest.

Gustav saw the beam headed at him in slow motion despite being shot towards him at point blank range. He smiled with a single expression of concern on his face.

Before the beam could make contact, a violet coloured vortex opened right in front of him.



The beam phased into the vortex and appeared far in the sky above before vanis.h.i.+ng.

Sarah slowly lowered her arm along with the blaster as her eyes widened.

"Big... brother?" She recognised the bloodline ability that had just been used.

"Be careful with that thing. You could really have harmed an innocent person," E.E cautioned.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Sarah began apologising with an expression of disbelief.

"Don't worry, it won't have harmed me anyways," Gustav chuckled lightly while responding.

"Huh?" Sarah didn't understand why he would say something so absurd when the blaster was very powerful but she was not ready to ask at the moment.

She proceeded to move forward and locked E.E in a tight embrace. The smile that had been missing from E.E's face upon their arrival into this city finally appeared once more.

"Big brother what is going on? Why do you look like that?" She questioned after dislodging from him.

"Let's go in first, I'll explain everything," E.E voiced in response.


"Where's mum?" E.E inquired after they had taken a seat within the fairly small living room s.p.a.ce.

"She's out selling merchandise," Sarah replied.

"Aren't you supposed to be with her? She needs protection!" E.E stated with a strong tone.

"After you sent some money the last time, mom was able to get a business place at the upper district. You know its safe there," Sarah explained.

E.E relaxed after hearing her explanation and leaned his back against the sofa once more.

'E.E's family had been living this kind of life and I had no idea...' Gustav felt like bas.h.i.+ng his head against the wall as he came to this realisation.

He saw E.E like the brother he never heard yet he never made the effort to find out about his background.

He wondered why he never asked. If it was because he was always trapped in his own bubble of past trauma that he never bothered to think others around him might have suffered as well in a different way.

The only ones he was aware of were those who he didn't actively seek to discover. Backgrounds like Angy and Matilda...

Yet he never sought to discover someone he considered important... did he get fooled by the smiles, warmth and joviality E.E exuded?

Yes he didn't care for other people but how could he have let his best friend family live in such a condition when he had the power to change it?

"E.E let's get your family out of here," Gustav suddenly voiced out, interrupting Sarah who was letting E.E in on some recent developments.

"Huh? What is he talking about, big brother?" Sarah inquired.

"You and mum need to leave the city as soon as possible," E.E stated.f????e?????l.c??

"Why?" Sarah faced donned a suspicious expression as she questioned.

"It's not gonna be safe in this city in the coming days..." E.E responded.

He proceeded to explain that the MBO would be having an operation in this city that would potentially put the civilians in danger.

Sarah now understood the reason for their visit but still couldn't understand why they had to change appearances.

E.E gave her limited information so as to avoid spilling things about the operation that he wasn't supposed to.

"But mum is currently in the upper district... I can't get in there without a permit," Sarah pointed out.

"Leave it to me," Gustav announced before standing to his feet.

"No, I should go instead. I'd be able to get in and out of there with her using my vortex," E.E disagreed while standing to his feet as well.

"That's not a good idea. Since the stall is going to most likely be in a public area, your vortex can be recognised which might blow our cover and plans to keep our infiltration from the commanders..." Gustav explained.

E.E's face showed a look of understanding as he heard this.

"You have to refrain from using your bloodline abilities while you're here unless it's absolutely necessary but definitely not in a very public area," Gustav added.

"Hmm... what about you then? How do you intend to get there without using bloodline abilities?" Sarah inquired.

"Oh I will be using my bloodline abilities but no worries, no one will figure it out," Gustav hinted with a cryptic tone.

E.E didn't even need to ask this because he knew Gustav had a lot of tricks up his sleeves.

"Huh?" Sarah didn't look convinced.

"Don't worry Sarah, he'll take care of it," E.E heaved a sigh and proceeded to sit.

"I still recall your mum looks so no worries, just give me directions..." Gustav voiced out.


Minutes later Gustav was walking along another ruined path with lots of demolished buildings by the sides.

Multiple people with tattered looking outfits could be spotted moving individually or in groups.

Gustav avoided making contact with anyone and made some turns occasionally before arriving in an area with less activity.

Up ahead he could spot nice looking buildings and he could also see that the couple of beggers around here refrained from transversing towards the areas with luxurious buildings.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav placed on hand on his left eye as he scanned far ahead.

'That's it...' Gustav could see that up ahead lied luxurious buildings that spanned further and further.

It would seem, that was the area of the rich and powerful while E.E's family lived close to the slums. One could say they were partially living in the slums.

Gustav moved towards the uncompleted buildings by the side and moved in. He could spot some slum dwellers holed up here as well but they quickly ignored him after noticing he was dressed in poor outfits like them.

[Cognitive Concealmeant Activated]

Gustav's presence instantly got erased as he placed his back against one of the wall. His clothes changed color as well becoming exact with the walls along with his skin.

It looked like he disappeared into the wall but in reality he was still there.

Gustav brought out a metallic looking b.u.t.ton from his storage device and placed it on his forehead.


Along with his presence, his body truly turned invisible this time.

Gustav turned around and leaped through one of the windows before arriving back on the street that led to his destination.

'Time to go...'


He dashed in the direction of the upper district.


Back in the household E.E held onto a holographic picture frame that displayed a dark skinned kid who looked no older than twelve.

He subconsciously heaved a sigh as he reminisced once more.


"Big brother you're injured again," Emma stated after spotting his brother walking through the door of their apartment.

"Shhhsshh," His big brother quickly placed a finger on Emma lips in a bid to shut him up.

"Don't wake mum," His big brother donned a bashful smile as he whispered.

Emma nodded in response but the obvious look of suspiciousness was still lingering on his face.

"Have you eaten?" His big brother questioned.