The Bloodline System - Chapter 109 - Captain Vs Captain

Chapter 109 - Captain Vs Captain

Chapter 109 - Captain Vs Captain

"Echelon Academy vs Redemption high!" Principal Durk announced, "All participants should please move to Ring-A,"

When Principal Durk mentioned Echelon Academy the entire training ground became noisier.

Everyone remembered the way Gustav dominated the exchange of knowledge yesterday and hoped there wouldn't be someone who would dominate the dueling session like that.

They weren't really bothered since the exchange of knowledge was way different from using their bloodlines to exchange blows and wasn't based on knowledge instead was based on strength however they were still on the lookout for the way Echelon Academy was going to perform today.

This was all due to Gustav placing a lot of value on Echelon's academy's head due to yesterday's win.

"Ascension academy vs eagle wings High! Participants should please move to Ring-F," Principal Durk announced once again.

It took around one more minute before he finished announcing the rest of the schools and their opponents.

At this moment all the battle rings were filled by the participants.

Ring-A was at the southwest corner of the training ground.

This was where Echelon Academy and Redemption high were facing off.

The seven participants stood opposite one another. Red bodysuits on the left and yellow bodysuits on the right.

Principal Durk started announcing the rules and according to them, injuries were allowed.

Participants could be disqualified by being sent out of the ring or passing out from an injury.

There were teachers in charge of healing severe injuries on standby.

Also if a teacher deemed an attack too powerful and felt it could cause irrevocable harm or instant death, they could step in to stop the attack from making contact with the participant.

If they did that, the participant who the attack was meant for, would be disqualified but they would only step in if they were certain that the participant couldn't block or survive the attack.

Of course, attacking a participant in a bid to kill or cause more injuries after the said participant had passed out, would bring about disqualification.

All participants had gotten to the Zulu rank so no one could really predict how the duel would turn out since no mixed-blood was lower than that in rank.

After announcing the rules completely the principal left the moderation of the battle to the defense teachers in the school.

The participants had taken a battle stance after using the battle formation they were trained with to position themselves properly for effective batling.

Once the go-ahead was given for the battle to start, the participants dashed out with vigor towards their opponents.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Sounds of collisions rang out in the air as the participants clashed with one another.

Different kinds of attacks were sent out making the entire training ground chaotic.

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

-"Go Tom defeat that urchin!"

-"Goddess Asiiri!"

-"Yes Uraraka give him the whip!"

The students in the spectators' seat cheered for their favorites as the battle commenced.

On Echelon Academy side, captain Andrew was going against the captain of Redemption high.

Both of them had B-grade bloodlines and were also skilled in using their abilities so it was turning out to be a really fierce battle.

The other Echelon Academy participants clashed with the participants of redemption high.

From the first exchange, the more powerful side was determined.

Apart from the captain of Redemption high, the rest didn't hold a candle to Echelon Academy participants.

They were gradually being pushed back as the battle progressed.

The captains of both teams were going full ballistic against each other at the moment.

Captain Andrew of Echelon Academy and Captain Romeru of Redemption high.

Andrew had his muscular arms covered in red scales and with four pointy claws.

His legs from his kneecaps downwards also had the same scales and four pointy toes on each foot.

His speed along with his attacks that sliced through the air and created burning effects were still dodged by the captain of the other team.

Captain Romeru had two black wings sprouting out of his back. The wings were black and surprisingly metallic.

At the start of the battle, two long feather-like swords protruded out of his black wings which he grabbed onto and pulled out.

These black feathered-like swords were about four feet in length each.

He had been using them to fight against Andrew since the start of the battle.

His flight speed was very fast, allowing him to dodge most of Andrew's attack, however, he also couldn't touch Andrew because the scales covering Andrew's legs also blessed him with good speed.

Although Andrew speed wasn't as flexible as Romeru's due to Romeru having flight ability, he was still able to keep up pretty fine.

They were both quite skilled after all.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Both of them clashed repeatedly causing sounds of metallic collision to echo across the vicinity.

Andrew leaped up and spun diagonally with his claws extending forward, towards Romeru's chest.


His sharp claws sliced and burned through the air crazily and fierce.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Romeru placed the feather-like swords in front of himself blocking the multiple spinning swings in mid-air.

Due to Andrew's claws slamming onto the feathered-like sword repeatedly, the stacked up force caused Romeru to be catapulted backward by a few feet.

A red glow spread from the point of contact to other parts of the feathered-like sword.

The sword broke into two while Romeru was still being catapulted backward.

'Tch, not again,' He said internally as another two swords started protruding out of his wings behind.

Andrew landed back on his feet after his initial attack and dashed forward at full speed.


He arrived before the catapulting Romeru in an instant and swung his claws towards Romeru's chest.

Romeru had to stop the process of creating another sword and quickly used his wings to cover himself.

Slash! Slash! Clang! Clang!

The wings perfectly shielded Romeru from the multiple slashes Andrew sent out causing sparks to fly across the place.

His wings became red hot but in a few seconds, they reverted to normal.