The Bloodline System - Chapter 1089 You're All Dead

Chapter 1089 You're All Dead

Chapter 1089 Youre All Dead

"Don't Fall! Stabilise yourself!"

A yelled reverberated across vicinity where a group could be seen standing in mid air. Beneath them was a dark pit that looked liked it had infinite depth. The surroundings not only had dark clouds but crazy weather as well.

The group of nineteen who seemed to be standing in mid air amidst this darkness were actually standing on a very thin line that stretches across the vicinity.

Due to its immense thinness, it was impossible to spot it with naked eyes. Yet the line was right there and they had to stabilise themselves as they walked across it.

Even powerful mixedbloods would have a difficult time walking on a line that was so thin, it became invisible to the naked eyes so it wasn't surprising to see some of the people in this group struggle.

Stabilising oneself without movement was a herculean task, talk more of while moving.

This very deep pit below with immense darkness suddenly oozed out a blazing pillar of flames.

"Move!" One of them yelled as the flames burst forth from beneath them.

The group happened to be right within the AOC of the pillar of flames.

Some of them leapt right ahead, over each other while some leapt backwards. Without being able to easily see the line, this was a very risky move but they would be roasted if they wasted even a fraction of a second before reacting.


The pillar of flames busted right into the skies above and even parted the sea of dark clouds.

There was a ma.s.sive hole in the dark sky due to this for a few moments and the dark area

tuned a bit bnght However, this didn' t last as the vicinity quickly darkened up again with

the thick clouds covered up the entire sky

The bunch that had leapt into the air to avoid the searing flames that busted fotth from below

began falling from the air, they honed their senses to the max so they could land on the thin line they were iitially walking on.

Cwhrun Ewhbanl Ewwwhhun!

Unfortunately., they all missed the thin thread of line by with their feet and instead managed

to grab on with their hands or finger Two from the group failed to catch on and began falling

into the perlous darkness beneath

Zhhhiooo! Zhhhiiog!

Two portals bearing semblance to that of blue skies opened up beneath the falling duo and

swallowed them up

The others still holding onto the barely visible thin line looked up and spotted another clear

sky blue portal open up

A figure clad in all red fell from it and landed directly on the thin and almost invisible line they

were hanging onto

You re all dead" The red figure voiced with a feminine tone

They all sighed in apprehension upon hearing the verdict.


Minutes later, the group could be seen standing in a particular spot right outside a ma.s.sive building.

A lady clad in red armor like suit stood in front of them while speaking in a condescending tone.

"Do you know what you did wrong this time?" She questioned.

"We weren't accurate with our descent after leaping from the line to dodge the flames?" Falco voiced with an inquisitive tone.

"We were supposed to land with our feet is that is?" Angy questioned as well.

"Wrong," The lady in the red armor like suit responded.

"You're a team... if a single one of you fall into the endless abysmal dark hold, you have all failed," She added.

Falco, E.E, Aildris, Endric, Asbestos and all the other main IYSOP partic.i.p.ants had looks of contemplation upon hearing this.

"But... wouldn't we have to keep fighting if anything happened to any of our teammates during IYSOP?" Rosalin questioned.

"There will be situations where you all will have to scale through together without losing a single member... losing teammates would result in disqualification. This is also to teach you twenty to watch each other's back as every teammate is a valuable a.s.set. If you keep this in mind, the probability of losing teammates is lower during a round where there might not be a chance to make use of the subst.i.tutes..." The lady in red armor explained lengthily.

"Understood..." Aildris and some others nodded.

"You say twenty but there is only nineteen of us here," Yonda mumbled with a discontented scowl.

"Yeah but there's gonna be twenty of us," Falco stated in response.

"And how can we watch out for each other without all training together," Yonda voiced out.

"Haven't we gone through this already?" Matilda said with a frown.

"Mistress Beatrice, you have always said teamwork is our greatest a.s.set not individual strength... how is that going to work if we all don't train together from the start?" Yonda questioned with a logical tone.

"Indeed I did... I understand that a member is currently absent due to responsibilities," The lady in red armor who was obviously Beatrice replied.

"Mistress, Is it wise for us to go into battle with a teammate we've never worked with? I agree with Yonda's thinking as well as your teachings," Fildhor who was one of Yonda's henchmen b.u.t.ted in.

"I suggest another teammate is put in his place and upon his arrival he has to prove he is reliable to the team in battle based on teamwork of course," Yonda kept spouting.

"Unfortunately I'm not sure that would be possible. If you become the captain of the team, I will consider your offer," Beatrice replied while shaking her head.

"Captain?" Everyone was a bit taken aback by the statement as they realised they didn't know who the captain of the team was.

"What do I have to do to become the captain?" Yonda questioned.

"You have to show exceptional leaders.h.i.+p skills surpa.s.sing that of the current captain," Beatrice replied.

"Uh? Who is the captain?" This was the current question on everyone's mind after hearing this.

"Looks like you are all unaware. Well, you will find out soon enough... until any of you show skill surpa.s.sing the current captain, there won't be any changes," Beatrice said while pulling down the helmet covering her face.

"What? Who..." Yonda was about to speak again when he was interrupted.

"Get ready to go again... we're reaching the end of the training session. You all have shown immense improvements and I expect them to increase," Beatrice stated.

"I just wanna fight someone boring," Sheila who had been keeping quiet on the sidelines all this time finally spoke.

"You can fight me after you all successfully cross the line past the endless abysmal dark hold," Beatrice responded.

"Yaay yay yay don't go easy on me teacher," Sheila seemed fired up after hearing that and everyone shook their head with weird looks.

Sheila was the strongest yet the most childish and all the teachers having high ranked bloodlines, she was a handful to them during combat trainings.

Seeing all her feats, E.E and the others couldn't tell who was stronger between her and Gustav.


A sky blue portal appeared in front of them and transported everyone back to the area they had left a while ago.


Days went by very quickly and in the real world, Gustav was joining the Genxodus eradication team to plot their next operation.

They had spent lots of time a.n.a.lysing all the data they acc.u.mulated for months. This was going to be a big operation.

They knew it would most likely be impossible to eradicate the entire Genxodus with this but they knew they could deal immense damage.

They had come up with proper strategies and Gustav had divulged some secret info to them as well that would be beneficial.

All the while this was ongoing, Genxodus were also plotting their next step against the Mixedblood populace....

Before they knew it, only a week more was left before the operation would take place.


Gustav sat crossed legged in his room as he checked out the system stats.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Crimson

-Level: 104

-Cla.s.s: Metamorphic Sub Parallel Being

-Exp: 7,235,000/62,900,000

-Hp: 182,000/182,000

-Energy: 105,500/105,500


?Strength: 424

?Perception: 421

?Mental Fort.i.tude: 423

?Agility: 420

?Speed: 432

?Bravery: 422

?Intelligence: 436

?Charm: 139

?Defence: 423

?Vitality: 425

?Endurance: 426

[Attributes points: 67]


'When I reached the 100th level, Cohilia reacted... I felt it,' Gustav said internally.

("It just means you're getting closer and closer to being able to use its power,") The system stated.

'I thought you said I wouldn't be able to make use of it till I became an Alpha ranked?' Gustav responded internally.

("Yes... you won't be able to make use of its power till you are as powerful as an Alpha ranked mixedblood,") The system clarified.

'Oh...' Gustav understood what the system meant now.

His growth had always been abnormal since the system came into fray and even when he achieved a particular mixedblood rank he would be way more powerful than that.

With the system clarification, Gustav realised he didn't have to wait till he was apha ranked before he could properly harness Cohilia's ability, he only had to be as powerful as an Alpha ranked.