The Bloodline System - Chapter 1082 Disqualification

Chapter 1082 Disqualification

Chapter 1082 Disqualification

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"One after the other you will be stepping into the a.n.a.lysis booth..." The man in white voiced out once more.

"The only requirement for the final phase is getting ranked amongst the top forty-six but of course the higher you rank the better your chances of being on the main IYSOP partic.i.p.ation team," He continued explaining.

-"Weren't there supposed to be fifty slots?"

A loud voice questioned from the background.

"Only forty six slots are currently vacant... sixteen slots for the main team and thirty for the subst.i.tutes. Being top sixteen after the booth a.n.a.lysis ranking results are displayed automatically puts one in the main team..."

It went without a saying that one hundred and fifty four partic.i.p.ants would be eliminated here today. Also getting to top forty would not guarantee being a part of the main team so it was a really tough compet.i.tion at this point.

The partic.i.p.ants from private schools and organisations numbered in about seventy with six of them still being in the game while twelve had been eliminated with the previous phases.

The rest were all young MBO officers within the required age bracket.

"It's a bit disappointing we won't be getting the chance to clash with them before the selection ends," Teemee said with a tone of dissatisfaction.

"Tch! I'll find a way to deal with them if they get in as well," Angy seemed like she wasn't letting the issue go.

"We can't really do anything about it," Aildris said in response.

"We'll see about that," Angy stated.

"Relax Angy... don't do anything stupid," Falco voiced out.

"What did they do to you?" E.E was also mad too since he was the first to get attacked but he felt Angy's situation might have been way worse.

Angy's gritted her teeth in frustration as she turned silent.

"First Partic.i.p.ant... Vera G..." They called out Vera's name and she proceeded to walk towards the front.

So far Vera had not shown any expression or really contributed in their anger even though she also joined in the battle initially. She would a.s.sist when needed but she wasn't really as concerned with the rest of the group unless Gustav was involved.

So far everyone thought she probably tied with her opponent during the battle but they had no idea that she actually won the fight even though her opponent looked absolutely okay and was currently with the rest of his teammates.

Vera arrived in front of the golden booth and moved inside immediately.


It closed up and glowed even more brighter which made everyone a.s.sume it was currently reading.

A large screen appeared above and information began playing out.




-"Haha she's just a Falcon rank,"

-"This is her final stop,"

-"She wont be going any further I'm sure,"

The background voices were surprised that anyone below Echo rank was still in the selection.

Currently almost everyone left was in the Echo rank.


It took an instant to reveal the bloodline rank but took some time for the bloodline potential to be calculated.



Gasping sounds rang out as Vera's bloodline potential was revealed.

There was no doubt that a bloodline potential trumped a bloodline grade however a lot of low graded bloodlines would never be able to reach this high.

Having such high potential would no doubt give Vera more points.

"Make sure to activate your bloodline energy to the fullest while it's calculating your overall power so there won't be any mishaps..." The loud voice of the man in white rang out and even Vera heard the instruction within the booth.


The instant her overall power began calculating she activated her bloodline half-a.s.sedly.



It began calculating...


"Hmm..." Vera could see the numbers slowing down as they reacher three hundred thousand and finally decided to activate her bloodline fully for an instant.

The numbers suddenly increased speed, closing four hundred thousand very fast.


She reduced it a moment later as she recalled Gustav warning about her activating her full abilities despite her only releasing the energy.

It finally finished calculating displaying a score of nearly five hundred thousand points.


No one knew how power was graded so they had no idea if this was a high score or not.

After the a.n.a.lysis was completed Vera walked out and moved to the side per the instruction of the man in white.

The next name was called and a male partic.i.p.ants in white and black outfit moved forward.









A loud yell was heard as the partic.i.p.ant unleashed his bloodline energy to the max to avoid getting a low score.

The numbers calculated speedily and in a bit revealed his score.


The mult.i.tude of partic.i.p.ants were surprised at this outcome seeing as his overall power was lesser than Vera's.

Even he was shocked at this outcome thinking he would at least get over five hundred thousand if not six hundred thousand.

"There must be a mistake somewhere," He voiced out with a tone of disbelief as the booth opened up.

"Robin Hawks... step out of the booth," The man in white instructed.

"I need to take this again, I can't get less than her," He voiced out with a tone of dissatisfaction.

"You have only one chance, there are no do overs," The man in white stated with an unfazed tone.

"I'm sure I can get higher! It doesn't make any sense that I have lessee!" He yelled out with a frustrated tone.

"Step out out of the booth or risk disqualification," The man in white stated.

"I ca..."


Robin Hawks dissappeared in the next instant.

"Disqualified..." The man in white said with an unbothered tone causing the other partic.i.p.ants in the vicinity to shake their heads in pity.

One less partic.i.p.ant meant they were now a hundred and ninety nine.

"Next partic.i.p.ant..."

Another name was called out and the next partic.i.p.ant moved forward cautiously. Since Robin Hawks had been used to set an example, no one would dare complain if they got a lesser score than expected.

The people in charge of the selection were chosen by the world government so there was no doubt of inaccuracy.

The third phase continued on as names were called randomly everytime.

Even after mutiple partic.i.p.ants were done with theie a.n.a.lysis, the overall power of Vera was still surprising to say the least.

This was because after sometime it had been determined that the average overrall power of beginning Echo rank was around 350,000 to 380,000. Vera overall power was a little beyond that.

"Batard Diya..."









This happened to be the first Echo ranked particiapant who had gotten beyond the 500,000 points for overall power.

She happened to be amongst the opposing team that had battled with Aildris and the rest initially.

She specifically fought with Vera and everyone thought it ended with a tie.

The booth a.n.a.lysis continued as more mid Echo ranked particiapants were a.n.a.lysed as well.

A few more of the partic.i.p.ants from the opposition team Aildris battled earlier were also called forward.

Some of them had lesser scores than Vera and a few still had higher.

It wasn't looking very good for Vera as about six of partic.i.p.ants had surpa.s.sed her in overall power which was where most of the score will be based on at the end.

'Maybe I should have unleashed more...' Vera thought but still didn't show much concern.

"Falco...." Falco's name was called and he proceeded to move forward as well.







This was the first time they were seeing an A plus but the witnessing partic.i.p.ants weren't too fazed considering they had already seen an S ranked potential.

Falco was a bit surprised considering his bloodline potential was intially just "A" two years back when they got tested in the MBO camp.

'Looks like bloodline potential can increase?' He was a bit surprised finding out this information but he questioned what the requirements were for an increase.


"Let's do this..." Falco voiced out as tattoos appeared all over his body and his dark bloodline energy seeped out intensely.


Dark Falco began laughing hysterically as the tattoos spread even wider than normal, his eyes turned pitch black and dark mist was emitting from the tip of his five inches claws.

'Huh??? Why is there so much darkness all of a sudden...' Unbeknownst to Falco a terrifying dark figure was forming from his shadow behind.

It kept growing in size as dark energy seeping out of Falco.

'I feel... cold... I want to... destr...'

'Huh what is going on...?' Falco regained his senses and put Dark Falco on a leash in the next instant.

His dark energy rescinded and he noticed the points had finished calculating within the booth.


'That's more than I expected,' He said Internally with a slightly surprised expression shelving what just happened a while ago.

-"Is there a glitch?"