The Bloodline System - Chapter 1063 Underground Sighting

Chapter 1063 Underground Sighting

Chapter 1063 Underground Sighting

We just have to cross this last bit, She added before once more instructing them about how much distance they needed to leap forward.

The incident that happened a while ago had occurred in several places as well. A few partic.i.p.ants had been eliminated in a bid to find the areas with access to underneath the icy split grounds.

As E.E, Aildris, Endric and the others arrived on the other side of the wall of flames jetting out of the splits ahead, they landed on another icy platform.

In this area, the icy ground had split so much that the wall of flames ahead was wider compared to others and extended forward in a straight line.

Falco looked around and could see that they were still surrounded by flames.

I thought you said He was about speaking when Angy cut him off.

Jump in everyone, She voiced out while pointing at the split up ahead that was wider than fifty feet.

The flames were still spewing out of the s.p.a.ce in-between this wide crack vigorously which caused everyones face to lit up in confusion.

Angy saw the confused looks on their faces and rolled her eyes before stepping forward off the ledge of the icy platform.


She fell straight into the s.p.a.ce between the cracks with the flames spewing out.

Angy, Matilda yelled out with a look of concern.

Guys its a feint, Aildris voiced out before stepping forward as well.

He walked right off the ledge and fell into the spewing flames.

They all stared at each other for a bit after witnessing this.

There were no screams of pain so there was no doubt that the two didnt feel pain after falling into the flames.

Endric and E.E stepped forward at this point and jumped in as well.

This prompted the others to take action. They moved forward as well and performed the same action as the others, jumping into the flames spewing from the s.p.a.ce between the cracks.

In just a few moments, not a single person was left on the icy platform.

Up ahead in the sky a figure that had been flying around paused their flight and stared down at the area where the group had just jumped in.

I found an entrance, The figure voiced out while turning around and flying in another direction.

In an unknown location, a aircraft landed behind a ma.s.sive rock. The aircraft was in camouflage mode so it didnt give off any signals.

However it still stirred winds across the vicinity upon landing in this unknown area.

Stay here, Gustav said to Gradier Xanatus as he got off the aircraft.

He pulled something out of his storage device and stamped it to his forehead.

In the next instant Gustav turned invisible.

[Cognitive Concealment Has Been Activated]

He activated one of his main bloodline abilities and caused his entire presence to vanish without a trace.

Gradier Xanatus who was sitting within the aircraft and watching Gustav through the cameras installed could see he had disappeared. This didnt bug him as he was well aware of the invisible tool from the MBO. What surprised him was how Gustav made his presence vanish.

Usually a stronger mixedblood or a very high leveled one would still be able to sense the presence of a mixedblood even if it was faint but now he couldnt sense Gustav in the slightest.


Gustav leapt across the air, travelling several hundred feet in a few moments.

This unknown region had rough terrain spanning for miles and a few rough looking mountains scattered across the area.

On the far East, a small lake was visible from Gustavs height in the air as he stared down properly at the region while ascending.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated this after his body reached a particular height in the sky and kept scrutinizing the region.

Hmmm looks like theres really nothing here, Gustav thought as he looked around.


He released his perception completely causing it to spread from his figure for a couple of miles.

His perception climbed and spread across every sand, dune, mountain, lake and even the movement of the winds in this area, reaching far further than his eyes could see without G.o.d Eyes activated.

Gustav still couldnt sense a single living presence above ground, besides the ones in the aircraft that brought him here.

While this scenario was somewhat expected, Gustav thought he would at least find a structure in this unknown region.

He finally recalled his perception so as not to waste too much energy and activated another skill.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

Since he had practically checked the surroundings above surface, Gustav decided to check if there were any hidden underground.


His sight zoomed in as he inspected the entire region again on a more microscopic level.

In the next minute, Gustavs eyes squinted as he stared southwest.

Hmm? He mumbled.

Thats a level 95 why is it so deep underground? This is not its usual habitat, Gustav muttered with a look of ssuspiciouness.

Time for a closer inspection, He said with a look of decisiveness before charging downwards with speed.

Angy and the others had arrived in a kind of icy underground area. They landed on a solid ground after falling through the feint flames for more than two hundred feet.

While this underground area had brownish looking grounds, there were walls all around the place. These walls looked like giant glaciers and were cold to touch.

They realised these walls were actually the lower parts of the icy grounds they had been stepping on when they were above.

The brownish grounds were also cut across the entire vicinity. Sea of flames surrounded the area but the brownish grounds in different areas made it so walking was possible.

While some places still had flames rising into the air, others were relatively calm.

Due to this, they knew exactly how to navigate their way across this underground region.

The ribbons are glowing, Teemee stated.

When I turn this way, the glow dims, Endric voiced as with a ribbon in his grasp as he turned west.