The Bloodline System - Chapter 1053 Revealing Cosmic Superiority

Chapter 1053 Revealing Cosmic Superiority

Chapter 1053 Revealing Cosmic Superiority

Authors Note: Unedited Chapters

He moved towards their back and brought out a device to take a picture of everyone paused in place. He was standing behind while they all paused behind with a s.p.a.ce in the middle of their encirclement.

This is a nice picture, Gustav voiced out after checking it and proceeded to keep his device.

I warned you guys you wouldnt be able to touch me, Gustav voiced out after a bit of silence.

They all still couldnt speak so they remained in place silently.

Theres still three minutes left just hold on Ill release yall after the time is up,

After saying this, Gustav could sense that they were struggling to free themselves even more.

However, Gustav knew just how powerful his Yarki was now so the possibility of anyone of them getting out of it was zero percent. Especially when they were all Echo ranked Mixedbloods.

Before he absorbed Gisodinyms Cosmic Superiority his Yarki was already having effect on Kilo ranked Mixedbloods so no doubt it was way more powerful right now than before.

Gustav was currently not just using his Yarki but also another ability attributed to Cosmic Superiority.

Yarki would only make their movements pause and cause their knees to buckle so theyd be on the ground but this other ability caused every single one of them to pause in mid air as well.

Angy who had leapt upwards was suspended in mid air as well as Ria.

It was truly a funny sight.

The rest of the three minutes went by in a flash and Gustav finally deactivated his Cosmic Superiority.

Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop!

Everyone began falling from the air like sacks of rice.


Some of them groaned as they picked themselves up from the ground and stared in Gustavs direction, waiting for an explanation.

What the h.e.l.l was that man? E.E was the first to yell out impatiently with a shocked tone.

Pfft, Gustav couldnt control the urge to laugh after seeing the look on his face.

Alright alright time to school you guys a little, Gustav stated, causing their attention to be focused on him even more.

What I just used there is a power called Cosmic Superiority. As you can see it rendered you all immobile at my command this is a privilege owned by Cosmic Superior beings all across the universe, Gustav explained.

You mean there are others that can use this power as well? Elevora asked with a tone of fascination.

Yes but there are very few all across the entire universe probably less than my ten fingers. Thats how rare Cosmic Superior beings are and anybody could be blessed by the cosmos and achieve Cosmic Superiority no matter what Planet they come from, Gustav answered.

Cosmic Superior beings literally defies universal laws with their power and are above normal supernatural beings who can be bent to their will no matter how powerful, He added.

How long have you had this?

Aildris questioned.

Ive had this since before we began our first year in camp, Gustav replied with a smile.

That means you could have won any battle easily,

You could have been winning fights instantly if you made use of it,

Teemee and Ria voiced out with tones of realisation.

Everyone had similar looks on their faces as they wondered why Gustav never made use of this.

I would but I had to keep it hidden that I had such a power, Gustav stated.

Does it work on everyone and anyone? E.E inquired.

It has a limit on the amount of levels a being is stronger than the user. I wouldnt be able to successfully use it on someone like Miss Aimee but beings lower than her level or four levels and above higher than I am would be slightly affected. Still I can use it on a number of people that are stronger than me and easily overturn the situation while those who are weaker than me have no chance of fighting against it, Gustav explained.

It would be way crazier if it could work on anyone you would instantly become the most powerful person in the world, Angy voiced out.

Its already crazy that he has such an ability in the first place why did you decide to reveal it to us now? Falco questioned.

Because i have been hiding a lot of my abilities from the world all this time I had to keep them hidden to stay safe but I cant keep doing that forever I intend to stop hiding my abilities and put them on full display during IYSOP. Well be meeting very powerful opponents with lots of experience. Thousands of years old and very strong if I hold back, Im sure well lose, Gustav clarified.

You mean to say there are more crazy abilities you have besides this? E.E questioned.

This is the cream of the crop but yes i do have more i never revealed openly except in very dangerous situations, Gustav responded.

They all stared at Gustav like he was a monstrous existence at this point. They felt it now made sense how he came out of so many situations without dying.

They couldnt imagine how IYSOP would go with someone like Gustav on their sides but at the very least they werent so tensed as before.

Time was relative for planets all across Galaxies in the universe and they knew this. While no one beyond the age of twenty was allowed to partic.i.p.ate in IYSOP due to the Earths rotation around the sun which took 365 days, for other planets it could take thousands of days or hundred of thousands of days before their planet would finish revolving around the sun.

Their own twenty years would be equivalent to thousands of years for earth which of course would make the opponents way stronger in some places.

The time thing was truly beneficiary for some planets and bad for others but nothing could be done to change this. This was how it always was.