The Bloodline System - Chapter 102 - Blatant Accusation

Chapter 102 - Blatant Accusation

Chapter 102 - Blatant Accusation

"In the historical records of the Slarkovs descent, it was well noted that the Slarkovs had given a tool to the humans as a gift to show that they weren't hostile but this tool wasn't revealed... But was that the only tool that the Slarkovs presented the humans with? Of course not... The humans also demanded that the Slarkovs share their knowledge and intelligence on technology with them... If they had decided not to share, the Slarkovs would have been seen as a hostile race so the Slarkovs also shared their intelligence with the humans... This means, two tools were given, one is unknown and the other is intelligence," Gustav stopped moving and stood in the middle of the stage.

"Since I asked what tool was given and there happened to be two tools, you only needed to mention a single one," Gustav added with a slight smile.


The screen lit up, displaying that Gustav had answered the question correctly.


The crowd was once again rendered speechless.

Gustav had practically played with their minds.

It was public knowledge that technological advancement today was due to the Slarkovs but when a question like this was asked, the first thing that came to mind would be the item that was presented as a gift to the humans. No one would think of the intelligence that was shared.

Even the principals were surprised when they heard this. They hadn't expected such a reply since they knew the information about that item was very well guarded.

They thought Gustav was also going to miss the question including Principal Erwin.

'This kid, I thought he asked this question so everyone could fail and the five points would be lost... Who knew he would pull such a mind twist on everyone,' Principal Erwin had a look of surprise.

His thought was similar to the rest of the principals they had not expected Gustav to have an idea about that item. Even if he knew about it he wouldn't be able to mention it since it was a crime to reveal the item in public.

It was a very well guarded secret among the higher-ups. Gustav would be taken into custody if he knew about it and decided to reveal it here.

Gustav walked back to his seat after causing the crowd feel awed.

Angy cheered for Gustav from her seat area. From the start of the event, she had been the only one cheering for him. Her classmates would stare at her with a weird look wondering which side she rooting for and why she would even be cheering for someone who didn't answer a single question the whole time but she wasn't concerned about their stares.

Only her close friends in school had heard her speak about Gustav but they weren't impressed when he didn't answer a single question in the first half. Now they were starting to understand why Angy was so infatuated with him.

Gustav walked back to his seat amidst the awe-stricken faces of the crowd.

'We were fooled,' The participants could only blame themselves for not deciphering the question properly.

The event commenced and a participant from the next school came on the stage.

When the question was asked again and graded on the screen the beeping sound was heard immediately.

This time a lot of the students tapped on the answer button at the same time.

At least that was how the audience saw it but the screen showed Gustav as the first person to tap the answer display button once again.

Gustav answered the question correctly adding extra five points to Echelon Academy.

As the event continued the participants and audience faces turned from shock to awe and from awe to disbelief.

Gustav would always be displayed as the first to tap the answer button.

The participants were starting to think that it was rigged since they also tapped the button immediately after the question had been graded.

Atrihea city high school participants would purposely stretch out their finger towards the panel before the question was graded so they could quickly tap on it but even with that they Gustav would still be displayed as the first to tap.

Due to this Gustav kept bagging points for Echelon Academy causing them to rise on the rankings.

Gustav kept answering one question after the other correctly.

After answering the seventeenth question Vivy couldn't take it anymore.

She stood up with an incensed look and accused Echelon Academy of cheating.

"How could he keep being the first to tap when we all tapped it at the same time?" She pointed at Gustav as she spoke.

This disturbed the event and the principal of Atrihea city high school had to address this on the podium.

"Vivy take your seat and stop throwing baseless accusations around," Atrihea city high school principal said.

"What? Principal Durk, it's obvious that he's cheating," Vivy shouted out while staring at Gustav with a look of anguish.

Gustav just stared back at her with a calm look.

"Please take your seat so you do not embarrass yourself any further," Principal Durk reply dumbfounded them.

They had not expected this to be his response.

"Principal Durk what is the meaning of this? Your student is trying to tarnish the reputation of mine," Principal Erwin voiced out from behind.

"Your student is cheating," Vivy shouted out.

"Vivy keep quiet," Principal Durk had to scold her openly before she turned silent.

He turned around and apologized to principal Erwin before asking the screen to replay the previous question and answer sessions.

On the large screen, footages were displayed of when the previous questions were graded.

It displayed the footage in slow motion.

All the participants stretching their fingers forward to tap into the answer button but before any one of them could touch it Gustav's finger would have already made contact.

His finger was like a blur pushing forward with a speed that was faster than the other participants.