Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 2673 Who Are You?(3)

Chapter 2673 Who Are You?(3)

Chapter 2673 Who Are You?(3)

Looking at President PU who was paralyzed on the ground, Li Zhong was drenched in sweat. Even though he hadn't been in the G.o.dly mainland for long, he knew what kind of guild quests were.?r??????e?.c?m

The Guild of missions was said to be omnipotent. There was nothing that others couldn't think of, but there was nothing that they couldn't do. Furthermore, their fees were extremely high. When they had wanted to look for Leng ruoxue, they had considered the Guild of missions. However, after knowing their lowest fees, they had given up. But now, Xue 'er wanted him to take in this branch as a servant. Was this a fantasy?

Li Zhong felt like he was in a dream. It was too unreal.

"I don't want to be a servant. You can't do this to me." Hearing the two's conversation, he suddenly realized that they were talking about his President PU and immediately tried to raise his spirits to protest.

"You don't have the right to refuse. You can either become my big brother's servant or die! It's your choice. " Leng ruoxue said coldly.

"Old man, it's better to be a servant! At least I'll be able to keep my life. " The mother parasol tree also advised.

"I ... I ..." President PU was so anxious that he stuttered. He turned his gaze to Li Zhong, trying to find a breakthrough from him.

When Li Zhong saw this, he wasn't moved by President PU's pitiful gaze. He was thinking that since the other party was from the G.o.d lord's estate, offending the G.o.d lord's estate would be very disadvantageous for them.

Hence, Li Zhong could only remind Leng ruoxue that President PU was from the Divine Master's residence.

"That's right," President PU said loudly."I'm a member of the Divine Master's estate. If they find out about this, they won't let you off."

With the G.o.d lord's estate as a Fox exploiting the Tiger's might, President PU's spirit was instantly lifted. He was so scared that he had actually forgotten the big backer behind the mission Guild. This was really too much.

"G.o.d Lord's mansion? The Divine Master's estate is nothing. Let me tell you, I have a grudge against the Divine Master's estate. " Leng ruoxue smiled faintly.

Li Zhong and President PU were both stunned.

A grudge against the Divine Master's estate? What was the meaning of this? The two of them didn't dare to understand!

Upon seeing this, Leng ruoxue calmly said to Li Zhong,""Big brother, I forgot to tell you. That B * tch, Wu Han, is my enemy. One day, I will get rid of her. Therefore, the G.o.d lord's estate is my enemy. "

"You ... You dare to curse at G.o.d Lord fogripple?" When President PU heard Leng ruoxue's words, he was so frightened that his face turned even paler. His body was like a Fallen Leaf in the autumn wind, trembling non-stop.

He had been scared out of his wits!

If it was really as the other party had said, that he had a grudge against the G.o.d lord's estate, then it would not have been easy for him to keep his life. Thinking of this, President PU became even more afraid.

When Li Zhong heard President PU's words, he was also stunned. The mist ripple s.l.u.t that Xue 'er spoke of was actually a G.o.d Lord of the divine world? Since he dared to curse at the Divine Master like that, it seemed like he really had a grudge against the Divine Master!

For a moment, Li Zhong looked at Leng ruoxue with a complicated expression. He couldn't understand why. Xue 'er had only just arrived in the firmament! How did he become the Divine Master's enemy? However, looking at Xue 'er, she didn't seem to be afraid at all, so she probably didn't suffer any losses. Oh! He could rest a.s.sured now. At the same time, he was also glad that he had not asked the quest Union to find Xue 'er. Otherwise, regardless of whether they could find Xue' er, they would have become the G.o.d lord's estate's prisoners.

Wiping the cold sweat on his forehead, Li Zhong looked at Leng ruoxue, who didn't think much of it, and made up his mind,""Xue 'er, since that's the case, I'll accept this great president as my servant. Big brother will thank you in advance."

"Big brother, you're welcome. I suddenly remembered that guilds that do missions are very rich. Do you think I should recruit a few more guild leaders to help us acc.u.mulate wealth?" Leng ruoxue seemed to be talking to herself. This was something that she had suddenly thought of. She definitely couldn't let Wu Xuan have it easy. Since they were already at odds with the G.o.d lord's estate, why not cut off her source of income first?

The more Leng ruoxue thought about it, the more she felt that this was a good idea.

The mother parasol tree agreed immediately after hearing that. Li Zhong naturally didn't have any objections.

President PU, who had been listening to their conversation, wanted to faint immediately. Sob...Did this count as him hearing the inside story of these people?! This time, President PU knew that he couldn't escape. Not only that, but the entire mission Guild couldn't escape.

But fortunately, there were people who were in the same boat as him, so he felt more balanced! After all, some people's hearts were so dark that they couldn't bear to see others do well even if they were unlucky.

"Little old man, why don't you recognize me as your master first? There will be someone to accompany you later. " Seeing through President PU's thoughts, Leng ruoxue's smile was extremely bright. But her alluring smile, in President PU's eyes, was like a devil's smile. Although it was charming, it was also fatal.

Sob ... Could he refuse? Since she couldn 't, why did she still ask for his opinion? Wasn't he playing him like a monkey?! At the thought of this, President PU was filled with grief and indignation.

Seeing that the other party did not respond, Leng ruoxue took it as a silent agreement. Then, she turned her beautiful eyes to the mother parasol tree and asked with a faint smile,""Senior, you're very knowledgeable. Do you know what kind of contract is suitable for him?"

She didn't want to use a slave contract, nor did she want to use a bloodline contract of a higher standard for the other party. As for the master-servant contract, she was afraid that with the fog, it wouldn't be binding enough, and then her efforts would be in vain.

"I do know of an ancient contract. It's a combination of a slave contract and a master-servant contract, but the effect is obviously better. More importantly, no one can break this kind of contract." The mother parasol tree understood Leng ruoxue's meaning and gave it some thought.

"That's good, let him use it!" Leng ruoxue pointed at President PU. Seeing President PU's worried expression, she smiled and comforted him,""Don't worry, there will be someone to keep you company. "

President PU's heart was finally balanced, but he had nothing to say. Who could be happy about this kind of thing! Now, he really regretted it. A single misstep could cause a thousand bones to be filled with hatred!

However, no one would care about his thoughts. After the mother parasol tree told Li Zhong about the ancient contract that it knew, it just left it alone. Li Zhong also quickly settled the master recognition ceremony, and President PU became his servant.

Feeling the connection between the two, Li Zhong smiled and ordered,""Little PU, in the future, remember to hand over the income of the Guild to Xue 'er, understand?"

"Yes, master," After recognizing him as his master, President PU also accepted his fate and immediately entered the role of a servant.

"Be good!" Li Zhong coaxed her like he was coaxing a child before letting Leng ruoxue send him back to the bracelet.

In less than two days.

The immortal realm's headquarters had sent back the method to remove the slave restrictions for Li Zhong and the rest. Leng ruoxue had also rewarded the highly efficient servants as promised. After removing the restrictions for her brothers and subordinates, she brought her men back to the third and fourth alliances. This time, she naturally came back to cause trouble. As for Ying city's guild leader PU, even after Leng ruoxue and the rest left, he was still unable to find out the ident.i.ty of Leng ruoxue and the mother parasol tree.

When they arrived at the ascender Alliance's territory, the group first went to the three alliances.

At the entrance of the three alliances, Leng ruoxue did not want to be as polite as she was the last time. However, the guards of the three alliances were rather surprised to see her and the mother parasol tree because there was a rumor that the two of them had been burned to death by a sudden fire in the side courtyard. Who were the two people in front of them now?

However, before they had the chance to voice out their doubts, the mother parasol tree waved its hand and threw out a few green branches. The few guards at the gate immediately stopped breathing and died.

Upon seeing this, Li Zhong and the others broke out in cold sweat. They thought to themselves, what a fast technique! What a powerful senior!

"Go in!" The mother parasol tree turned its head and said, before walking in with large strides.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" She had to find the third alliance master who had sold them out! After living for so long, this was the first time someone had evaluated her value!

Seeing that the mother parasol tree could not wait any longer, Leng ruoxue gave Li Zhong and the rest a look and they immediately split up.

Leng ruoxue followed the mother parasol tree to deal with the third alliance master. As for the eldest miss who had returned to the third alliance, she left her to Li Zhong and the rest to deal with. She also sent her precious little beasts to protect Li Zhong and the rest.

When the three League Masters saw Leng ruoxue and the parasol tree once again, a look of surprise appeared on their faces. However, he immediately sensed that the two of them were different from before and probed,""Xue 'er, Tong' er, I'm relieved that you're fine."

"We're fine, but you're going to be in trouble. " Leng ruoxue smiled faintly. Ever since she left the courtyard, she had asked green vessel to keep an eye on the people from the third and fourth alliances. The people who were originally in the courtyard had returned to the third and fourth alliances. This was the time when the two alliances had the most people, so it was the best time to make a move.

"Xue 'er, what do you mean by this? Are you jealous that I transferred you to the four Alliance Masters? I really think that it's better for you to follow him than me. The four alliances "financial resources are enough to cure your illness. In addition, when the courtyard was on fire, I also sent people to save you, but the houses where you lived were all burned to ashes. I thought you were also ... I have been sad about this. " The third alliance master said to Leng ruoxue affectionately.

Leng ruoxue couldn't be bothered to look at the other party's Casanova-like appearance. With a look of disdain, she said,""Stop acting. We're not here to watch you act like you're deeply in love. Your actions are really disgusting!"

"Then what are you here for?" The third alliance master didn't understand. He could tell that the two women in front of him didn't come with good intentions, but he didn't know why they did this.

"I'm here to take revenge for my big brother and his subordinates. " Leng ruoxue did not hide it anymore.

"I don't understand!" The third alliance master was even more puzzled. Although he had done a lot of bad things, he really didn't remember offending the other party's subordinates! More importantly, weren't these two women Gifts from the fifth master? Since it was a gift, it must be someone without power or support, so why would he have a subordinate?

He didn't hear wrong, did he?

"Who are you?" "What's wrong?" the third alliance master finally asked.

"I'm Leng ruoxue. Didn't you already guess it?" Leng ruoxue said indifferently.

Hearing this, the third alliance master's heart skipped a beat. Oh no! The other party was actually Leng ruoxue! It was hateful that he was actually tempted by the other party's beauty and dispelled such thoughts after a moment of suspicion. Now, it was all good. What's done is done. He was afraid that the other party would not give him the chance to remedy it even if he wanted to.