Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 2053 Fluff VS Petals (2)

Chapter 2053 Fluff VS Petals (2)

"Little Lian Lian! You're getting more and more impatient! AI! Is it because no one loves me when I'm old?" Azure continued to change the topic, and his words had successfully touched the reverse scale of the fog, which was the biggest taboo of the fog.

"Dammit! You're not cute, you're the unloved one!" Cang's words made Wu Xiao jump. She couldn't hide the anger in her heart. At this moment, she really wanted to cut this annoying fellow in front of her into eight pieces. Unfortunately, there was still a trace of rationality left in her heart, but she told her not to do that! So, she endured it.

Seeing that fog still maintained a trace of rationality, Cang was very disappointed. This woman was really not simple! No wonder he could become the Lord of the divine realm.

However, it didn't want to see Wu Chen having a good time, so it continued to provoke her without fear of death,"What, did I say something wrong? You're not cute to begin with, and no one loves you! I know it's not your fault that you've become an unwanted old woman, so you don't have to blame yourself. You're the Divine Master, so no one would dare to laugh at you. At most, they're just gossiping behind your back. Don't worry!"

"I'm here, I won't let anyone say anything! After all, he was a Divine Master. How could he allow others to gossip at will? Don't worry! As long as I hear any gossip about you, I'll definitely stop it. " Azure continued while adding in his heart, it can't hear! Naturally, he could not stop it.

"You, you ..." Cang's words caused Wu Xiao's body to be so angry that she was like a Fallen Leaf in the wind, trembling non-stop. It also successfully made her so angry that she couldn't speak.

Seeing mist Ripple's body tremble even more, Azure's mood improved and he took advantage of the situation to pursue,"Little ripple, don't be agitated! Calm down! You must stay calm!"

"Calm your head! Get out of the Divine Master's estate! I don't want to see you!" Mist ripple couldn't take it anymore and finally asked him to leave. However, how could it be so easy to get rid of Cang? moreover, Cang didn't like people asking it to get lost. One must know that it had always used the word "get lost" on others.

"Little Lian Lian, you're too unrefined. It's not easy for me to come here, and not only are you not entertaining me, you actually want to send me away? I'm telling you, it's easy to invite a G.o.d, but hard to send him away. I won't leave unless you can satisfy my request! Otherwise, I'll just stay here. " After hearing Wu Xiao's words, not only did Cang not get angry, he even took the initiative to state his purpose. The people of the G.o.d lord's estate once again had a deeper understanding of Cang's shamelessness.

This guy wasn't invited by them, okay?

This Totoro had clearly come uninvited! Now, he was even blaming them! Ah no! He was relying on the Divine Master!

However, they quite admired this Totoro. After angering the Divine Master half to death, it still had the courage to raise conditions. This, this was truly the number one ox beast of the divine realm! Could it be that the Totoro clan was about to rise?

Many people were guessing in their hearts because they could all see that although the Divine Master was so angry that he was about to vomit blood, he clearly could not do anything to the Totoro. Otherwise, how could the Totoro be alive if it dared to treat the Divine Master like this? But now, the master G.o.d was half-dead from anger, but this Totoro didn't even lose a hair! Seeing this, who would not understand that this Totoro was quite special to the master G.o.d! It was to the point where even G.o.d Lords couldn't bear to kill them.

Those who didn't know the truth would naturally think this way. However, Xuan Yi, who knew the ident.i.ty of this Totoro, didn't have such thoughts at all. In fact, he knew quite well that it wasn't that the Divine Master didn't want to kill this Totoro, but this guy couldn't be killed! Not only that, but the master G.o.d had to tolerate the Totoro's provocation. Who asked it to have an extraordinary ident.i.ty? AI! At this moment, he was deeply aware of the importance of status! The importance of having a strong backing! If he wanted to do as he pleased in the immortal realm, he could not do without either!

"Do you have any requests?" After a long time, Wu Chen, who kept consoling herself, finally had a reaction.

"Hehe! My request is very simple, you will definitely be able to satisfy it!" Azure laughed.

"Don't talk nonsense! What request do you have?" Wu Yan's patience had reached its limit. She felt that she was somewhat impressed by herself for being able to hold back and not make a move.

"You will agree to it, right?" Cang didn't say anything and instead continued to ask.

"Hurry up and state your request!" Wu Cheng almost crushed his teeth from gritting them and furiously roared.

"First, say yes or no!" Azure said stubbornly.

"As long as it's not too much, I'll agree to it, okay?" Wu Jing compromised. This guy made her feel very powerless!

"I'm not going too far, definitely not! Don't worry!" Azure hurriedly said, then, he bluntly said,""Give me one of your petals, but it has to be the one from your body!"

"What did you just say?" Upon hearing this, mist ripple was so angry that her eyes were spitting fire. Her desire to tear apart Azure's heart grew even stronger. This guy, this guy actually dared to ask for the petals on her body? This is not too much? Then what would be considered outrageous?

One had to know that every petal on her body had grown after countless years of hard cultivation. They were also the symbol of her soul and strength, and were of utmost importance to her. After all, as long as her body was not destroyed, she would not die. Thus, in her opinion, every petal and leaf of her body represented her life, and could not be damaged! However, this d.a.m.n guy actually dared to ask her for a petal? Wasn't this just looking for death?

Although Azure had asked her for flower leaves in the past, that was only from her clone. So, in order to send it away, she had given him one. But now, it was impossible to get the petals from the main body!

"Why do you always want me to repeat myself? AI! It seemed that he was really getting old and couldn't understand what she was saying! I said I want a petal from your body, Do you understand now?" Azure waved his meaty claws and said helplessly. While he repeated, he didn't forget to deliberately be angry.

However, right now, Wu Yan didn't have the mood to be idle. All her attention was now on the matter of her own petals.

This time, fog quickly gave an answer,"You know that's impossible!"

"Nothing is impossible in this world! Why don't I use one of my fur to exchange for it?" Cang thought for a while and said with a pained expression, as if giving away one of his own fur was a painful thing. When he heard this, not only did the people from the G.o.d lord's estate Twitch their lips, even Leng ruoxue and the others were speechless.

Leng ruoxue and the rest were speechless when they heard this. They didn't know what to say. They looked at the thousands of hairs on Cang's body, then at the sparkling red petals on the fog clone. They couldn't find a way to compare the two.

Moreover, the characteristics of plants and animals were absolutely different. Every leaf on a plant was of great importance to a plant, especially for plants like heavenly materials and earthly treasures. Even a single whisker on the plant was extremely valuable. However, the fur of an animal, besides defense, was more for keeping warm. Moreover, no one had ever heard of the use of a single fur, but it was different for a plant! Therefore, they didn't need to think to know that Wu Yan would never agree to this.