Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 1433

Chapter 1433

Chapter 1433: Youre sitting in my seat (3)



Sister is right! My father had already asked my cousins family to leave the yin family, but you brought them back. Now that something has happened, you want to push it all away? no way! Yin Xuan said angrily.

Elder bang, since youve invited me here to be a witness, I want to know what mistake theyve committed. What did you steal from me again? Leng ruoxue continued to ask.

The two of them are not clean. They secretly hid the spirit mist fruit that the head butler gave to miss Leng. Yin bang said, feigning calmness.

Spirit mist fruit? The spirit mist fruits in their hands were given to them by me. However, they have never been willing to eat them. I cant even reward the maidservant with something that was given to me? Leng ruoxue asked coldly.

Miss Leng! Do you know how expensive the spirit mist fruit is? How could he give it to two maidservants! I know youre kind and want to protect them, but this matter cant be settled just by admitting it. Yin bang reminded. Right now, he was already a little angry with Leng ruoxue. Leng ruoxue had clearly promised that she wouldnt s.h.i.+eld them, but now, she was still standing on the side of the two maidservants. This made him feel a little embarra.s.sed and angry.

I already said that I gave it to them, and this is not allowed? It seems that elder bang wants to kill those two maidservants. I really dont know what kind of deep hatred elder bang has with grape and lotus seed. They are just two maidservants of the yin clan. They shouldnt be able to offend you! Of course! If you want to stand up for miss Xiao LAN, then its another matter. However, the one who bit Xiao LAN was my Beastie, so if you want her to take revenge, she should come at me instead. What kind of skill is it to use your own maidservant as cannon fodder? Leng ruoxues face was full of disdain, and her beautiful eyes that were spitting fire made Yin bangs heart beat wildly.

Miss Leng! Youve misunderstood me. Xiao LAN isnt anyone to me, so why would I stand up for her? When Yin bang heard Leng ruoxues words, he looked at Yin ping nervously before explaining.

Clan head Yin Dai, what do you say about this? Leng ruoxue ignored the irresponsible Yin bang and turned to Yin ping.

Ill call for a meeting of the elders, and well make a fair decision. Yin ping suppressed the anger in his heart.

Yes! However, this matter involves me and my two maidservants, so I request to partic.i.p.ate in your elders meeting. Leng ruoxue said after some thought.

Youre not a member of the yin family, so how can you partic.i.p.ate in our Yin familys elder meeting? Yin bang said disapprovingly.

Even Xiao LAN can enter and exit the yin familys prison cell as she pleases. Why cant I partic.i.p.ate in the yin familys elder meeting? Leng ruoxue asked with a smile.

Ive said it before, my token was stolen. I didnt let her in. Yin bangs forehead was covered in cold sweat as he explained. He was quite annoyed that Leng ruoxue would not let go of this point.

Elder bang has a mouth, so he can say whatever he wants. Besides, you said that your token was stolen, but do you have any evidence? Have you reported it? Or perhaps, the theft of the token is not a big deal in your Yin clan, and there is no need to report it? Leng ruoxue chuckled as she retorted.

The elders token has been lost, we must report it! Yin ping, who had been listening to their conversation, suddenly said.

I heard from the guard that Xiao LAN took my token and entered the cell. Thats when I found out that the token was lost, and I didnt have time to report it! Yin bang quickly said.

When Leng ruoxue heard Yin bangs words, she didnt say anything. She only looked at Yin bang with a smile that wasnt a smile. Her gaze made Yin bangs hair stand on end because her gaze was too sharp.

Subst.i.tute clan head, I request to attend your elders meeting. Leng ruoxue said to Yin ping.

Alright, he said. Yin ping nodded his head as he sized up Leng ruoxue. This was probably the first time he had seen a woman that his wife and daughter had praised so much. It was just as they had said, she was a rather impressive woman. Not only did she have a beautiful face, but she was also so eloquent that it made one feel fear. However, when he saw Yin bang being dumbfounded by her questioning, he was extremely happy.

Acting clan head! How could this be! Shes an outsider. Seeing that Yin ping had agreed, Yin bang quickly reminded him. Leng ruoxue was too powerful. He didnt dare to imagine how she would force the elders to attend the elders meeting.

Xiao LAN is also an outsider. Shell also be attending this meeting. Yin ping said indifferently.

Why did you let Xiao LAN partic.i.p.ate? She doesnt have the qualifications! When Yin bang heard that Xiao LAN was going to partic.i.p.ate, he immediately became anxious.

Elder bang, dont be anxious! Didnt your token get stolen? Lets question him face to face and see whats going on! In case someone confesses under torture again. Leng ruoxue said with a smile.

Then, she said to Yin ping,subst.i.tute family head Yin, please release these two maidservants first! I can prove that they did not steal anything. If the things that elder bang said they stole were the spirit fog fruits, then those fruits were given to them by me.

Alright! Yin ping nodded his head and immediately motioned for the guards to carry the two maidservants who were covered in injuries out of the cell.

Seeing this, Yin Xuan took out two healing elixirs and wanted to feed them to the grape and lotus seeds. However, she was stopped by Leng ruoxue,Xuan er! Dont treat their injuries first, these injuries are all evidence. I just want to let the yin family see how serious the crime they have committed is to be beaten up like this!

Yes. Yin Xuan nodded her head and kept the pill. She knew that her sister was really angry.

After ordering the guards to use a single rack to carry the grapes and lotus seeds, Leng ruoxue and her group left the cell and walked towards the yin familys meeting hall. On the way, Yin bang tried to find an excuse to leave several times, but Leng ruoxue kept a tight watch on him. He could not leave even if he wanted to, and could only worry in his heart.

Seeing how anxious Yin bang was, Yin Xuan and Xiao Lin couldnt help but laugh in their hearts. He deserved it! Who asked him to come up with such a thing? of all people to provoke, he had to provoke Leng ruoxue. One must know that from the first time they saw Leng ruoxue, they knew that this lazy-looking woman who seemed to be indifferent to everything was not someone to be trifled with.

After everyone walked to the meeting hall, Yin ping ordered his subordinates to invite the elders in the main residence to come for a meeting. Of course, he did not forget to send someone to bring Xiao LAN.

In the meeting hall, Leng ruoxue casually found a chair and sat down, waiting for the elders to arrive.

The seat she was sitting on was the second seat to Yin Pings left. According to the yin familys ranking arrangement, that should be the seat of the elder who was ranked third in the elder Council. However, now that she had sat there, the elder who was sitting there naturally had to change his seat.

Initially, Yin ping wanted to remind Leng ruoxue when he saw her sitting there. However, he remembered that the third elder and Yin bang had always been in the same boat, so he didnt bother to say anything. Besides, he also wanted to see what kind of ability this mid level deity woman had to make his father bring her back. Since he didnt raise any objections to Leng ruoxues position, Xiao Lin and Yin Xuan naturally wouldnt say anything.

However, just because they didnt say anything, it didnt mean that others wouldn t. When Yin bang saw Leng ruoxue sitting in the third elders seat, he reminded her,Miss Leng, theres someone sitting there.

Oh, really? Ive taken a fancy to this seat, get him to sit somewhere else! Leng ruoxue said in an overbearing manner.

When Yin bang heard Leng ruoxues words, he could not catch his breath and almost pa.s.sed out. Where did this woman come from? it was fine if she didnt put him, a G.o.d King, in her eyes, but who asked her to be his fathers woman! However, even third elder did not take her seriously. Wasnt Leng ruoxue a little too bold? One had to know that third elders seniority in the clan was much higher than the acting family head, Yin ping. This woman was simply too arrogant! However, her domineering aura was really pleasing to the eye no matter how he looked at it. It was as if she was born like this. This was really too strange.

Whos so bold as to ask me to change seats? All of a sudden, a loud roar was heard outside the meeting hall. Then, the door of the meeting hall was pushed open and dozens of elders walked in. Most of these elders were men, and the words just now were spoken by a man who was surrounded by them.

This man looked to be in his forties. Compared to the other members of the yin clan, he was not considered very handsome. However, his aura and strength were not low. According to Qing Jues voice transmission to Leng ruoxue, this man had the strength of a divine Emperor. His strength was definitely one of the best among the elders. Furthermore, he had deliberately added his own pressure to his words. It was clear that he wanted to use this to frighten Leng ruoxue.

However, what surprised him was that the woman sitting in his seat seemed to not feel his pressure and still sat in the chair, which made him a little embarra.s.sed. Moreover, he was very sure that he had added pressure in his words. Looking at Yin Xuans pale face, he knew that if it was not for Yin ping protecting her, Yin Xuan would definitely have suffered internal injuries.

Third elder! Youve really gone too far. Leng ruoxue didnt have much of a reaction. Instead, Yin ping was the first to get angry because his daughters cultivation wasnt high. If it wasnt for him by her side, how could she have withstood the divine sovereigns pressure?

Acting patriarch, cant you tell if its me or someone else whos going too far? Since when did our Yin family let a woman ride on our heads? and shes a woman who came out of nowhere. The third elder glared at Yin ping with a venomous snake-like gaze. As a deity Emperor, his divine consciousness was naturally incomparably powerful. If he had the intention to observe, everything that happened in the yin family would not be hidden from him. Therefore, everything that happened in the prison was within his grasp, including the meeting hall. Thus, before he even walked in, he added his own pressure into his voice in anger, so as to give Leng ruoxue, Yin ping, and the others a chance to back down! However, he still miscalculated.

Third elder, no matter what dissatisfaction you have, you shouldnt have added pressure into your voice. If she and Xuan er were to be harmed in any way, the family head will not let you off. Yin ping knew that he wasnt third elders match, so he could only bring up his own father.

Then the family head cant just watch me, the third elder, be bullied by an outsider! The third elder said coldly.

Is this the third elder? I wonder how Ive bullied you? Leng ruoxue asked with a pure and innocent look.

Youre sitting in my seat, The third elder warned.