Supremacy Games - Chapter 1784 The Fifth Ascension!

Chapter 1784 The Fifth Ascension!

Chapter 1784 The Fifth Ascension!

1784 The Fifth Ascension!

"If she truly meant it, then, she won't be using her ultimate survival technique even if her life was at risk." Lady Sphinx remarked with a thoughtful expression.

"Indeed, this changes everything we have planned."

This was the reason Felix wasn't delighted with Eris' implication of being on his side. If he trusted her words and acted on the basis she had no interest in running away from him, then, he had to change his approach entirely.

After all, it would mean that Eris was going to fight him to death regardless of the final outcome.

"All I am wondering is why is she doing this? She is too smart and ambitious to accept the idea of handing her core to another." Elder Kraken knitted his eyebrows in puzzlement.

If it was any other unigin with suicidal tendencies, then maybe, they could accept it. But, Eris wasn't the one they expected to make such a suggestion.

"I am sure she will tell you about it on the 1st floor." Lilith yawned lazily, "Eris might be a lot of things, but she isn't one to bullsh*t. If she says something, she means it."

Felix still had doubts, but he understood no one was going to clarify them besides Eris herself.

Thus, he threw the matter to the back of his mind and focused on what he could do.

"For now, we will continue as planned."

Felix switched to his main consciousness in the clockwork tower and began his preparation to ascend with Ura.n.u.s' core.

The first thing he did was wish to renew the temporal-spatial lockdown on the floor, hoping that Nimo and his void nation got his back with the resources.

Luckily, the wish went through without a ha.s.sle, which pleased Felix quite a bit.

"Seems like little Nimo is putting out the work."

"You have no idea. Do you want to see?" Candace chuckled.

"No need." Felix smiled, "I will see him when I handle things down here."

Felix would rather not get distracted with anything unrelated to Eris at the moment. Since he wished for a temporal lockdown again, he had to take advantage of the short duration and ascend with Ura.n.u.s' core.

If it was up to him, he would have abused his laws and wished for a permanent spatial lockdown. Then, he would use the floor to his advantage and remove the chains.

However, if he went for this, he would risk having Asna waking up while he was serving the punishment.

After all, the time would go as normal outside of the chosen room.

As for the ability to experience the hasten time flow without actually affecting reality, Felix realized that it was bogus...Either that or he had no idea how it could work.

Still, Felix went inside one of the rooms and placed a clone outside to guard him. Instead of speeding up the time, he slowed it down.

"This should provide me enough time to ascend with Ura.n.u.s' core and explore his laws," Felix said as he sat in a meditation position inside the dark room.

Without further ado, Felix commended the ascension by willing Ura.n.u.s' core to merge with the heart a.s.sociated with his greed dragonic tail.


Listening to the call, The fox dragonic head emerged while roaring thunderously. As the core touched the heart, it was consumed in a burst of radiant energy and followed by an epic transformation!

The dragon's scales, which were once a deep, avaricious green, now beamed with new silvery tones reflecting the intricate laws of vibration and anti-matter!

m Meanwhile, the dragon's eyes lit up with a new kind of light, one that pulsed with the power of gravity manipulation, causing slight bends in the s.p.a.ce around it.

It roared again, but this time, its breath carried a specific crackle of radiation, leaving trails of glowing particles that decayed slowly in the air!

Since Felix was no longer chained up, he watched the process with satisfaction, feeling not an ounce of pain as the previous times.

Soon, the ascension process was concluded after the last modification took place on the scales.

They used to be smooth green, but now, each one was imbued with the soul of anti-matter, threatening to annihilate any matter it came into contact with!

As the transformation was completed, the fox dragonic head turned its ma.s.sive head towards Felix, its eyes showing nothing but acknowledgment and loyalty.

Felix reached out a hand, touching the snout of the beast with a gentle smile.

"Greedy little fella, these powers suit you well," Felix chuckled.

The only reason he had chosen the fox dragonic head was to satisfy its instantiable greed, knowing that he wouldn't stop bothering him if he merged the core with another dragonic tail.

"Congratulations on another successful ascension. Five down, two more to go." Thor celebrated with a pleased smile.

"It's really difficult to believe that you have five unigin cores under your control." Candace expressed, her eyes displaying a tint of awe.

"Neither can we." Jrmungandr smiled wryly, "If you were to tell me that our little boy is going to be as strong as five unigins combined before, I would have laughed at you."

"He is truly collecting laws like they are different candies. How many does he have now?" Lord Loki anwsered himself, "We have wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, pride, envy, l.u.s.t, fire, plasma, magma, water, ice, fog, lightning, magnetism, void, radiation, anti-matter, vibration, sound, charm, gravity, blood, and some other laws subsidized from the main ones."

Five unigin cores were enough to provide Felix more than twenty-three laws/elements. However, he only had two more openings since Lilith's core was merged with his human heart.

After all, his first ascension was with her core and the rest followed.

"The most optimal ending is ascending with Eris and Ares' cores." Lady Sphinx remarked, "Those two cores possess the most powerful known laws in the universe. They are a must if you plan to face against the three rulers."

"I know, but let's not get caught in the moment." Felix narrowed his eyes, "Although Eris showed her desire to join the cause, if I can't take her down, she won't hesitate to bring me to the three rulers."

Felix understood where Eris was coming from. He was requesting her to join his side without a fight, but, if he was in her place, he would have done the same.

Why pick his side if he could not even defeat her? It spoke volumes about their fate when they went against the three rulers.

The only thing he couldn't understand was her willingness to hand over her core. He believed she could still test him and join his side if he defeated her without giving up on her ident.i.ty.

Soon, he shook his head and dropped the matter, not wanting to waste his time on speculations.

As Lilith said, he would find out the truth if he entered the 1st floor.

"Let's see what kind of sin-symbolic techniques I can create with those new laws."

With an eager expression, Felix began brainstorming ideas with the rest of the tenants, understanding that the key to defeating Eris was those new techniques.

Fortunately, he had the s.p.a.ce and the time to perfect his preparations.


Meanwhile, at the ground level of the Echoing Tower, Eris kept her word and didn't budge an inch. She also didn't place a trap or such.

She just kept peacefully reading her book, not an ounce of nervousness or worry was picked from her visage.

With the ma.s.sive cracked heart above and the ever-changing environment of the 1st floor in the background, she resembled the ultimate boss of a game...Awaiting the adventurer, who was coming to slay her.

Only this time, no one could predict the outcome...