Supremacy Games - Chapter 1782 Eris! Save me!

Chapter 1782 Eris! Save me!

Chapter 1782 Eris! Save me!

1782 Eris! Save me!

Robotically, the Clockwork Engineer surveyed the scene with his small gla.s.s-like eyes. When they landed on Felix and Ura.n.u.s,both frozen mid-conflict, he paused for a second.

Then, he lowered his gaze, showing no interest in the drama between them. He had only one mission, fix any alternation or damages to the Clocks.

With steady steps, the Engineer approached the central mechanism of the tower, the grand clock whose hands had been halted by Felix's command.

Reaching the base of the clock, the Engineer climbed the stairs with great familiarity, navigating the labyrinth of gears and levers with ease.

As he reached the clock's mechanism, he pulled from his belt a set of small, perfectly crafted tools.

He started adjusting the gears, tightened springs, and realigned the clock's hands. In almost no time, he brought life back to the clock.

As he made the final adjustment, the clock's hands shuddered, then began to move once more.

There were nine hands, each representing a time frame, starting from a second to a million years for the biggest hand.

With the clock's mechanism restored, the Engineer stepped back, his expression as deadpan as always.

He dusted his hands, a humanlike gesture of completion, and without a glance at Felix and Ura.n.u.s still frozen in time, he began his descent.

After reaching the floor of the tower, the Clockwork Engineer took a few steps away and his form began to fade into nothingness.

Just as the last of his figure disappeared, the tower vibrated gently, and life was brought back to the heart of the floor.

Felix, Ura.n.u.s, and all the elements of the frozen battle rushed into motion at once, leaving everyone disoriented!

'We back!'

Since Felix had planned for all of this, he was the first to break out of his daze and switch his focus to the interior of Asna's core.

The moment he saw a sphere made out of vibrations, gravity, anti-matter, and illuminating with colorful radiation, hovering akin to a moon, a wide cruel grin manifested on his face.

He directed it at the stunned Ura.n.u.s, whose face became as pale as a sheet paper. Ura.n.u.s lifted his head slowly, his terrified and disbelieving eyes coming into contact with Felix's.



Before he could finish his sentence, the elemental attacks from before landed on him directly, bombarding him from every direction!

With his core devoured and control completely stolen by Asna's core, his defensive techniques and powers were stripped instantly. This left him as vulnerable as any mortal.

Cough! Cough!!

The a.s.saults left him heavily injured and coughing buckets of blood with bloodshot eyes. If it wasn't for Felix holding back at the last nanosecond, those attacks would have ended him.

Just as he was about to fall into the ground, Felix caught him by his grayed-out hair and lifted him until he was face to face.

Then, he clicked his tongue with a terrifying sinister smile, "Ts, ts, ts, easy there, easy there, I can't have you die on me now."

"Woooo!!! It actually worked! I can't believe it!"

In the meantime, Candace exclaimed excitedly the instant she was brought out of her daze and figured out what was going on.

"You had doubts?" Thor smirked c.o.c.kily, "There is no way a student of mine drops the ball."

"He has taken a great risk, but I am glad it worked out." Elder Kraken smiled softly, "If his a.s.sumption or the map's tips were wrong, no one can tell what would have happened."

"Haha, he really bypa.s.sed an upper celestial unigin's ultimate survival technique." Lord Loki chuckled, "Look at Ura.n.u.s' face, he still couldn't believe it."

"I will pay anything to read his mind at the moment."

Although Ura.n.u.s was still alive and kicking, the tenants celebrated Felix's victory enthusiastically.

It was understandable...With Ura.n.u.s' core devoured, his fate was sealed to be decided by Felix!

Ura.n.u.s knew this too, which made it impossible for him to accept it.

In agonizing pain, his mouth and nose dripping fountains of blood, tainting his beard, he still kept muttering under his breath with great difficulty, "How...How...Cough...How."

If he wasn't overwhelmed and in utter disbelief at losing his core, he could have figured out Felix's plan.

Alas, he merely kept repeating how, how, how, akin to a broken record. But soon, he recalled that he still had Eris in his mind.

His eyes lit up with a tinkle of crazed hope as he beseeched, 'Eris! Help me! Use your chaos laws and bring me back my core! Please! We are allies! Help me!'


Watching this sight from his consciousness s.p.a.ce, Eris remained silent. But, a hint of impressiveness was caught at the depth of her pupils as she directed her eyes at Felix's diabolic face.

'Taking advantage of Asna's social status, which is equal to the stone of reality, and the clockwork tower engineer's strict maintenance job to pull this off is not something I expected.' She commentated to herself.

She swiftly figured out that Felix had planned all of this from the first move he made.

She noticed him giving Ura.n.u.s a false supposition that he could rely on his phasing abilities to escape anytime he felt threatened.

If Felix wanted, he could have stopped Ura.n.u.s from escaping by interfering with the frequencies at the very first a.s.sault.

But, this would have forced Ura.n.u.s to either utilize Strings Collapstoration or use another extreme measure to push Felix off him.

Felix couldn't risk that...Thus, he allowed him to run away.

This gave him the chance to kick off the corruption maelstrom and bring the Clockwork Tower under his rule.

Of course, Ura.n.u.s wouldn't stand by and watch him do this. Since he was put under the false a.s.sumption he could phase out anytime he desired, he didn't hesitate to reengage to halt the corruption.

m Felix had predicted this would occur since Ura.n.u.s would not use his ultimate survival technique unless he was left with no options.

So, he relaunched his next a.s.sault, and this time, he made sure to interrupt Ura.n.u.s' phasing abilities while commanding Asna to devore his core, leaving him at last with only one option.

Alas, by the time Ura.n.u.s steeled his heart, Felix already commanded the time to freeze, knowing that Asna's core wouldn't be affected and that the clock's engineer was bound to make an appearence and fix the clock!

He was certain because he read this in the map's details about the floor:

-The Clockwork Tower's Engineer makes a periodical appearance for checkups and fixes the clocks with their hands altered.-

-If the main clock is altered in any shape or form, he makes an emergency checkup and fixes it.-

Felix's entire strategy was built on the second sentence!

It wasn't like there weren't any risks. The 'fix' hadn't been explored in detail. It could have meant resetting the entire floor back to its original state or reversing the time before he corrupted it.

Fortunately,there weren't such complications...The engineer came and unfoze the time, nothing more, nothing else.

"Eris!! Save me, you b*tch!! Save me!! Save me!!!"

Meanwhile, Ura.n.u.s had completely misplaced it and started screaming out loud with a crazed expression, spit and blood flying everywhere.

Alas, Eris didn't bother to entertain him, still marveling at Felix's strategic mind and his crazy boldness to freeze himself in time, not knowing for certain if he would ever wake up.

"Eris? Hehe, even the three rulers won't be able to save you now." Felix showed a grim smile as he choked out Ura.n.u.s with one hand, "Remember when you tortured me in the void realm? Well, it's your lucky day."

"From this day onward, I am going to make sure you never, never, forget it."

Felix murmured the last sentence near Ura.n.u.s' ears, sending chills coursing down his spine.