Super Gene - Chapter 949: Special Collection

Chapter 949: Special Collection

Chapter 949: Special Collection

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The next day, a s.p.a.cecraft came to pick up Han Sen. Clearly, but perhaps unexpectedly, Annie had revealed herself to be a bit of a scrooge. The s.p.a.cecraft was only a shuttle that was to bring him and Annie to the s.p.a.ceport so they could charter public transportation and make their own way to Atlantic Planet.

"Did you have a blind date with one of their men? Did you not fancy him enough for a second date? Am I to come along with you, all so you can pretend I'm your hot and s.e.xy new boyfriend?" Han Sen jested.

Giving Han Sen a side-eye, Annie told him, "If you, in any way, ruin my chances of dating and subsequently marrying a man from the Lan Te family... I will kill you. Each and every person from that family is a better example of a human being than you."

"That's disappointing to hear." Han Sen let out a chuckle, but then went on to ask, "So, why have you asked that I accompany you? Shouldn't I prepare before we get there?"

Annie said, "There is no reason. They know I work for Captain Ji, but since she's too busy to come, I'm having you take her place. You are, unfortunately, her fiance, after all."

"So, I'm only a subst.i.tute? I almost feel insulted." Han Sen feigned sadness, but then went on to say, "But what about these friends you say you have? Provided they are genuine human beings, are they people you met in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary?"

"No, it was from my time in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary." Annie paused briefly before continuing. "In the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, I am in a restricted area."

A restricted area was a place that was previously owned by humans, but was then taken over by spirits.

Humans who teleported away could not return. If they did, they'd either be forced into slavery or killed.

Unless someone fancied being a thrall to the whims of a brutal spirit, such people could never go back.

"Ah, that's why she's always around in the Alliance. That's why she can follow Ji Yanran like a puppy," Han Sen thought to himself. Then he said, "What is your shelter called? If there is a chance I can reclaim it for you, I'll do my best to help. Then, you can return to the sanctuary."

"Beast Shelter. A spirit emperor conquered our shelter, one who went by the simple name of Beast," Annie coldly said, as the haunting, previously suppressed visions flickered across her eyes in remembrance.

Han Sen could only present a wry smile, because he knew there was no chance he could take on an emperor spirit.

"Well, I may not be strong enough to help you now, but one day I will be. And when that time comes, I'll help you," Han Sen kindly told her.

Annie believed he was only saying that to comfort her. Taking down an emperor cla.s.s shelter was an impossible feat, she thought.

When they arrived on Atlantic Planet, Lan Te's people were there waiting. They brought them to the yard.

Annie had told Han Sen that she had befriended people in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, people who were forming an army.

She had been positioned vice-commander of the forces, while the leader was a man from the Lan Te family. His name was Liu Meng.

"Lan Te Liu Meng? That's a mouthful," Han Sen commented.

Annie rolled her eyes. She told Han Sen he was an important man of the Lan Te family, he was just unfortunate to receive a long and girly name.

When they arrived in the yard, Liu Meng was there to greet them. He looked quite different than Han Sen had imagined he would. He didn't have the signature blue hair and blue eyes of the family.

In fact, he looked like any other person in the Alliance. He was fairly handsome, but plain. And much like everyone else in the Alliance, he had black hair and black eyes.

"You are Han Sen, I can only a.s.sume. Finally, I get to meet the man!" Liu Meng was polite, and there seemed to be genuine enthusiasm and pa.s.sion in his mannerisms of speech. Han Sen expected an encounter with another rich sn.o.b, so it was nice to know he might be spending time with a humble, educated gentleman instead.

When they entered the lobby, there were many other guests there. All the members of the aforementioned army came forward to greet Annie.

Seeing Ji Yanran was not accompanying her, they were disappointed. Fortunately, Han Sen had made a name for himself and they weren't short-changed. They thought he made for a fine subst.i.tute, and due to them being keen on meeting him, as well, things weren't too awkward.

Annie was a quiet person, and whenever she was asked a question, she replied in as few words as she possibly could.

"Have you heard tales of a powerful spirit said to be rising through the ranks? It is said he destroys any spirit he goes up against."

"Oh, you mean The King? Of course, I've heard of him. I live in a shelter that belongs to Thunder-Devil King's father. His son was one-hit killed by The King."

"Ugh, that's just what we need. Another wretched, looming threat for us humans to worry about."

"Spirits are born stronger than us."

As everyone dined and drank, they somehow ended up discussing The King.

"Han Sen, what are your thoughts on The King?" Liu Meng asked.

"He sounds strong." Han Sen wasn't sure what he should say as, unbeknownst to them, he was commenting on himself.

Everyone thought Han Sen could provide a professional review or an insightful observation of what the new threat might have been. They were taken aback by the response he gave.

"You have just become a surpa.s.ser, have you not? It is normal that you do not understand, I suppose." Liu Meng smiled and then went on to say, "There are many smart and powerful spirits in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, but we're not too far behind. We have Angel Gene Fluid and pet pills; in time, we will bridge the gap that separates our power from the spirits there. The speed of our development will only increase beyond that, too."

People were very interested in Han Sen, but they were surprised to see he mostly ignored everyone else there.

Han Sen was not a quiet person, but still, he wasn't much of a talker. He could only relax when he wasn't the center of attention or being asked a bunch of questions.

Annie had been pulled away by a few of her girlfriends, so Han Sen focused his attention on the chefs in the kitchen. From the open-view, he was able to watch them prepare and cook their meals. But as he watched, the housekeeper came over to Han Sen and said, "Mr. Han, my master wishes to show you his collection."

"What about the rest?" Han Sen looked around and saw that Liu Meng had gone.

"My master tells me the special collection can only be shown to special people," the housekeeper said.