Super Gene - Chapter 947: Dead Man’s Arrow

Chapter 947: Dead Man’s Arrow

Chapter 947: Dead Man’s Arrow

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"My Baron, do you wish me to rid the field of that human?" the royal spirit Dragon Demon asked.

In response, Thorn Baron said, "Yes. Do it at once; quick and clean. We have wasted far too much time as it is."

"Yes," Dragon Demon said. He was clad in black armor, and with a black dagger in hand, he raced towards the gate.

His eyes looked on Han Sen with the desire for cold-blooded murder.

When Han Sen saw him come, he frowned. He knew this latest foe would be a more formidable opponent than the Dragon-Blood Snake itself.

The odds truly were against them, it felt. Thorn Baron's team was, on the whole, significantly stronger than those who defended the shelter.

"Old Huang, take the reins of command!" Han Sen leapt down into the chaotic battlefield below.

If he wanted to halt the incessant advance of the creatures, Han Sen knew he'd have to take down Thorn Baron. If that didn't happen soon, he'd have no choice but to summon Moment Queen for aid in the shelter's defense.

Han Sen did not want to make his owners.h.i.+p of Moment Queen public yet, so he decided to go solo for now.

Old Huang was shocked to see Han Sen so casually descend onto the battlefield. How Han Sen would survive, amidst the carnage, he could not even hazard a guess.

The humans that fought were starting to realize the creatures were stronger than they initially believed them to be. To them, Han Sen's sudden behavioral s.h.i.+ft was like suicide.

Of course, Han Sen did not think this way. Although the Baron was physically stronger, it was a situation he wasn't likely to drown in. He knew he could hold his own against her.

And for as long as he remained fleet-of-foot, Han Sen wouldn't find himself surrounded by the creatures of the battlefield, either. He could detect and respond to each and every creature movement. The moment he leapt from the ground, he'd know exactly where to land and what he'd do next.

Left and right, Han Sen swerved, bent, and twisted his way through the hordes of enemies like a breakdancing leopard.

The entire scene looked as if he was running through a number of bushes, yet not a single leaf touched him. It was wild to watch.

Despite the countless creatures that thirsted for his blood and did the best they could to stop him, nothing could come close to touching Han Sen. Closer and closer, Han Sen advanced to the approaching royal spirit.

"Arrogant." Dragon Demon's eyes were filled with the desire for slaughter. The black armor began to generate scales, as horns formed atop his helmet.

The black claws were like the fangs of dragons, and they looked indestructible.

Han Sen could feel the staggering amount of power inside his latest nemesis, but it did not make him afraid. He didn't feel any hesitation, even in the knowledge that his own speed and strength did not match that of the spirit who desired his blood.

Han Sen and Dragon Demon's shadows flickered past each other. But before Han Sen could launch his fist, slashes were carved in his chest that exposed his ribs.


Han Sen coughed out a glob of blood, as a river of claret oozed from his chest. He fell to the ground with no sign of life. He was a dead man.

"Dumb human. He could not even recognize the difference in strength between us." Thorn Baron looked upon Han Sen's lifeless corpse with disdain, then she issued one more command, "Kill the remainder!"

"Yes." Dragon Demon was delighted to hear this, and he took off running towards the shelter.

He was confident in his powers, and he could sense there was no more lifeforce inside Han Sen's body. There was no longer any need for him to concern himself with the human that so stupidly engaged him in battle.

A primitive creature then jumped onto Han Sen's body and tried to devour it.

The remainder of the humans, those left guarding the stronghold they had spent their lives in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary building, were sad. They saw what had happened to the man they believed to be their savior, and felt the zest and zeal to fight being sapped upon the realization the hero Han Sen had been killed.

"Don't give up, people. We still have a chance of securing victory!" Old Huang could not give in to sadness, and he did his best to instill some confidence in the people who were valiantly fighting for their lives and future.

He saw the Dragon-Blood Snake continuing to fight out on the battlefield. If Han Sen had truly been killed, the pet beast soul would have disappeared.

But the Dragon-Blood Snake was still fighting as hard as it could against the Flaming Tiger, indicating Han Sen was still alive.

Old Huang was not sure what game Han Sen was playing, but he knew this was all part of a greater plan of his. Things weren't over yet.

Seeing the humans continuing to fight, Thorn Baron smiled mockingly. "Dumb humans."

Then, all of a sudden, an arrow was flying towards her face. She felt a searing heat approach, and the hair of her head singed.

She recognized this to be the arrow that slew Gold Thunder-Hawk and Gold-Talon Wolf.

Thorn Baron was quick to react, though. With a hardy rose, she tried to deflect the incoming projectile.

But the arrow acted as if it had a mind of its own. It swerved to the side and lodged itself in her throat.

Thorn Baron looked down on the protruding arrow, her face consumed with disbelief. She tried to speak, but only pathetic gurgling sounds came out as she choked on her own blood. Her eyes moved up to observe the battlefield.

The dead man was stepping on the corpse of a primitive creature. He held a bow and mocked her in return. Thorn Baron had wished to later cut his lifeless body up into pieces to release her anger.

But now, she could do nothing. The life was leaving her body, which began to fade away.

The entire battlefield came to a stand-still. Immediately, all the creatures retreated.