Super Gene - Chapter 934: Moment Gene

Chapter 934: Moment Gene

Chapter 934: Moment Gene

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"Do you want to be imprisoned in the Sea of Soul from now unto eternity, or would you like to control the shelter?" Han Sen said, sternly looking at Moment Queen.

Moment Queen had a conflicted expression. Humanity acknowledged the existence of spirit bases, but very few knew what they were exactly.

Han Sen had threatened her with what she feared the most: return to the Sea of Soul, trapped. If she could control the shelter and enter the spirit base, she believed she would have a chance to escape him.

Of course, Han Sen was not entirely trusting, and he practically knew what she was planning. He wanted her to feel hopeless, though, so that she would deliver her geno points to him.

He thought Moment Queen aligned with the rare s.p.a.ce element, and she was likely the only spirit he could find who had s.p.a.ce genes.

Even if he was lucky enough to encounter a s.p.a.ce element spirit in the spirit base, the amount he'd receive would be extremely low, and it was almost guaranteed that no s.p.a.ce element spirit would wish to wager a vast number of them in a self fight like Phoenix did.

Moment Queen looked at Han Sen and said, "They took my genes before they booted me back to the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. I couldn't give them to you, even if I wanted to."

"How do you earn more self geno points?" Han Sen wanted to increase his tally.

"Consume the Life Geno Essence of a super creature that shares the same element as you. Either that, or fruit of the same element," Moment Queen answered, surprisingly forthwith.

"Let's talk business." Han Sen paused a brief moment, eyeing Moment Queen, then said, "But before that, you will have to give me one geno point."

"But I really only have one left!" Moment Queen pleaded.

"Well, it's either that or you return to the Sea of Soul. The choice is yours." Han Sen did not believe her.

Even if her king spirit genes had been taken away, she had been in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary for quite some time, ruling over a shelter no less. He firmly believed she had more than one.

She had the talent to grow a six-gear tree, after all.

In response to the untruthfulness, Han Sen raised his hand to send her back to the Sea of Soul. But before he could finish, she quickly said, "Okay, okay; I can give you a point! But please, explain the terms of your desired co-operation."

"Give it to me first," Han Sen said.

Not wanting to be stuck in the Sea of Soul, she gave it to him as quickly as she could. A light was hastily fired into Han Sen's body.

"King Spirit Time Gene +1."

Has Sen believed her teleportation skill had required the s.p.a.ce element. He hadn't expected her to possess the time element, instead.

"Now, what do you want?" Moment Queen asked, looking at Han Sen.

"There is no rush; let's discuss these matters slowly." Han Sen smiled.

The two spoke with each other for a long time after that. She would be given the responsibility of controlling the movements of the shelter, on the term that she would obey him. And up until Han Sen reached a hundred self genes, she would have to share half of hers with him.

Moment Queen would be allowed to enter the spirit base, but she would have to exit and aid Han Sen in hunting creatures on occasion, as well.

After they struck a deal, her wish for death subsided for a while. She had hope.

Because she now had hope, she was willing to accept Han Sen's authority for the time being. She did not want to kill him just yet, either.

"King cla.s.s time gene, eh? She really is quite special." Han Sen was overjoyed with this revelation.

"You said you killed the son of a king, didn't you? If you enter the spirit base, will they find you?" Han Sen asked.

"I look different now. They won't find me. What? Did you think I only came back here just so I could be killed?" Moment Queen said.

"No, but that's good." Han Sen nodded.

Moment Queen observed the statue's forehead, and as she did, a black hole emerged from her and drifted over to fit itself inside the slot. It formed neatly into a spirit stone.

A light shot towards Moment Queen, and she disappeared in a flash of light. She had entered the spirit base.

Han Sen did not tell her about him being a super king spirit, and he most certainly did not want to let her know he was The King.

In the spirit base, she could talk freely with other spirits. He had to be careful about what information she had, and could possibly release in spite.

If she caused issues for him, though, he could always use his super king spirit mode to end her.

Moment Queen had only just managed to arrive back at the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, so it was likely she was looking to collect many genes. It'd be a while before she came back out.

Han Sen did not wait for her, though. Instead, he went to water the Dragon-Blood Tree.

He believed each flower would bear him a fruit, but he soon realized he was wrong.

When the flowers withered, they did not grow fruit. And all that appeared were four grape-sized dragonfruit.

"Um, why are there only four?" Han Sen looked bitterly disappointed at the result.

Still, obtaining four mutant cla.s.s beast souls was not all that bad. Pet beast souls that were birthed from plants would already have their battle mode active, so there would be no need for him to spend time raising them.

Once the wait for the ripening fruit was over, he'd have four pet fighters.

Han Sen wouldn't go hunt immediately after that, though. He wanted to wait until Moment Queen returned first. In the meantime, over the course of his wait, he tended to the Dragon-Blood Tree and watered it, eagerly antic.i.p.ating the birth of the Dragon-Blood Snakes.

"I wonder how many gene locks they can open?" Han Sen was feeling hopeful it would be a high number.

Mutant pets could unlock six at the max. If it was the child of a creature, they'd only have one open at birth.

But creatures born from geno plants were not like this. The more talents they had, the more gene locks they could have open from birth.

Furthermore, the opened gene lock numbers were fixed. They weren't like genuine creatures, which could improve and open further gene locks over time.