Super Gene - Chapter 917: Skill Negation

Chapter 917: Skill Negation

Chapter 917: Skill Negation

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"Ah, it's The King of Truth. Has he come to challenge The King?"

"Ooh, another entertaining spectacle for us to watch. I wonder which is the stronger of the two?"

"The King is stronger, duh. Thunderdevil King was ranked seventh, before getting smacked silly by The King. This guy is only ranked ninth."

"But The King of Truth has a special power. He can reflect a person's attacks, so he might be able to halt and reverse one of The King's punches."

"Hmm... what you say does make sense."


Seeing The King of Truth drive his island towards Han Sen, all the spirits began to talk amongst themselves. They feverishly discussed which of the two t.i.tans might be stronger.

In respect for the challenger, they all parted and formed a path so The King of Truth could approach and issue the desire for battle without delay.

"I am The King of Truth; might I do battle with you?" The King of Truth did not have to ask for permission, and he could have just waltzed in and immediately started a fight. But he was polite, and so he wished to introduce himself first.

"Of course we can do battle; let's fight!" When Han Sen saw The King of Truth approach, he was pleased. In his heart, he thought, "Finally, someone has come to give me king spirit geno points."

One king spirit gene was vastly more powerful than a bunch of normal spirit genes. One hundred squire genes could not compare to a handful of king spirit genes.

The King of Truth, upon hearing Han Sen's answer, joined him on his island. Then, he said, "You and I are king spirits. It would be inappropriate for us to fight like savages, so how about we do battle like gentlemen."

"What do you mean by fighting like gentlemen? I am gentle, just not a pushover." Han Sen frowned and looked at The King of Truth.

"It means you stand where you are and allow me to punch you. You can neither block nor dodge. And then, I stand still while you hit me. We keep going in this manner until one of us falls over," The King of Truth explained.

"You want to ro-sham-bo? But why can't I go first?" Han Sen asked.

"Oh, that's fine by me. You can go first, if you'd like." The King of Truth smiled.

Han Sen was surprised and put on alert. For the spirit to quickly agree, he must have something up his sleeve. The entire premise for the fight he wished to have reeked, so there was something going on for sure.

The King of Truth seemed to present himself like a bookwormish sort; he almost looked human, too, and lacked all the unique and striking details of appearance and physical flourishes that usually made spirits stand out.

But without fear, Han Sen said, "Okay, I'll punch you first."

"Please do." The King of Truth then just stood there, willing to accept Han Sen's punch.

"Haha! He fell for the trap. The King of Truth's mirror can reflect any incoming damage to the caster. The harder he punches, the harder he will hurt. If he goes all-out on his opponent... well, then that's all she wrote," The King of Day said excitedly.

"He's too proud. After defeating Thunderdevil King, he believes himself to be invincible. Now he'll suffer under the crus.h.i.+ng weight of his own hubris," Flower Empress cackled.

The other spirits that looked on, seeing The King of Truth appear so calm, were shocked and unsure of what to think. They knew he had a special card to play, otherwise he wouldn't have behaved like that.

Everyone looked at Han Sen, waiting to see him perform his attack.

Han Sen's body lit up with his signature holy light. Just like his previous punches, this one looked casual and almost silly. It seemed to lack all power.

The King of Truth did not underestimate this, though. He watched the white light approach, and so he made his own body s.h.i.+ne with silver and projected a layer of protection across his being.


Han Sen's fist collided with the silver mirror.

"Whoa! Such strength, haha! He fell into the trap." The King of Day immediately lit up with joy, but in the next second, his smile froze and dropped.

The same applied to Flower Empress and Heavenly Empress, too. When Han Sen's fist hit the mirror, so much was the power, his fist shattered it into a million pieces. Then The King of Truth died.

A strange silver light appeared from the broken remains of The King of Truth and entered Han Sen's body.

"Kings.p.a.ce Gene +1; Rank Unchanged."

Han Sen was surprised, not knowing his opponent had possessed a s.p.a.ce element. Han Sen had been there for a while, and he had killed countless spirits, and yet this was the first time he had seen such a gene.

Han Sen didn't think The King of Truth would give up, and so he expected to receive a few more s.p.a.ce genes. But after the spirit resp.a.w.ned, he did not say a word and simply left.

King spirit genes were precious, and ultra rare ones such as that were especially so. It was very difficult for The King of Truth to find s.p.a.ce genes, and now Han Sen had just taken one with the greatest of ease. It was like flus.h.i.+ng money down the drain.

After Han Sen became a super king spirit, he had no special elemental powers, but he could cancel the skills opponents used. When the Coin Toad used coins to suppress him, the power of the coins was negated upon the activation of his super king spirit mode.

This aspect also came into play against The King of Truth's mirror-power. The spirit's reflective s.h.i.+eld did nothing, and so Han Sen was able to confirm the existence of this pa.s.sive ability he had previously only a.s.sumed.

"What?! The King of Truth was incredibly calm, and I thought he could unleash a one-hit kill skill. Is this some kind of joke?"

"This is embarra.s.sing."

"He does have a special skill, but The King was too strong for it. He ploughed right through whatever The King of Truth devised and annihilated him."

"There are many kings, but amongst them, only one ruler. Man, I've never seen anyone this powerful before. It's nuts!"

"The King has to be an emperor, don't you think?"

"I'm sure this guy can put any-old emperor to shame. This spirit is destined to go to the Fourth G.o.d's Sanctuary, I'm telling you."

"This is what you call invincible. King spirits are ground into dust before him."


The spirits discussed many topics amongst themselves, all of which pertained to The King. All the while, The King of Day, Flower Empress, and Heavenly Empress could do little but frown.

"Truth, what the h.e.l.l? Why did your mirror not reflect his attack?" When The King of Truth returned, The King of Day immediately approached to ask.