Super Gene - Chapter 896: Spirit Gene

Chapter 896: Spirit Gene

Chapter 896: Spirit Gene

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Han Sen did not move. He cast the Dongxuan Sutra, which had his fingers generate a coin, and fired it at the approaching monkey.


The coin stuck to the monkey's head. Almost immediately, its head swiveled down and the body followed, collapsing to the ground. Writhe as it might, it could not get back up.

The red-haired monkey tried to scream, but when it opened its mouth, Han Sen fired another coin. It landed directly on its lips, shutting them completely. The added weight propped the monkey into a position not unlike it was bowing to Han Sen.

Han Sen looked at the monkey once more, turned, and left.

Han Sen had managed to simulate the power of the Coin Toad that he had observed during his battle with it. He had only unlocked his first gene lock, so he couldn't simulate it perfectly. Its effectiveness was not half of what it could be, once Han Sen had his next few gene locks open. Still, it was enough to suppress the advance of the monkey, and it did more than his Sonic-Thunder Punch could ever hope to do.

After dealing with his simian aggressor, he went to the other side of the market to see if there was anything useful for sale.

After a short while browsing the wares, a spirit cut in front of Han Sen and blocked his advance.

"Has the monkey's master come looking for me?" Han Sen frowned, and put himself into a state of silent alert.

The spirit looked like a man. Its ears were like the fins of a fish, and it only possessed one red eye.

"How might I address you?" Surprisingly, the spirit bowed before Han Sen.

"My name is San Mu. What's up?" Han Sen asked.

"I saw you teach that monkey a lesson. The power you have seems efficient in restricting the movements of your opponents. With that power you possess, I am hoping you will be able to help me out on a certain matter. I can pay you spirit genes, in return for your compliance and aid," the spirit politely requested.

Han Sen initially believed the spirit had approached him in a hunt for trouble; he never expected it to come looking for his help.

"How can I help?" Han Sen asked.

"I want to tame a wind beast. Unfortunately for me, its power is grand, and the likelihood of it submitting itself to serving and obeying me seems low. It is my desire that you suppress it, buying me the appropriate time to do what I must to tame it," the spirit explained.

"What is your level? And how many spirit genes are you willing to pay?" Han Sen was interested in the proposition.

"My name is Yu Yan, and I am a Knight. I can pay you with ten fire-element spirit genes," the spirit said.

"Okay. But if you are unable to tame it yourself after I do my part, you must still pay me," Han Sen responded.

"Of course; in fact, how about I pay you in advance?" Yu Yan reached his hand out. A fire was birthed in the palm of his hand, and it then drifted through the air towards Han Sen.

Han Sen caught the drifting fire, and the golden flames melted into the skin of his own hands.

"Knight-cla.s.s Fire Gene +1."

Yu Yan gave him nine more of such flames, and Han Sen accepted each one.

The Fire Gene wouldn't make Han Sen physically stronger, but it would serve well whenever he wished to deal fire damage. His fire attacks and fire resistances would both be increased.

If he did not practice the works and arts of fire, it would have been a waste. But Han Sen could practice every element, fortunately.

After receiving the Spirit Genes, Yu Yan and Han Sen left the market. They went to a serene park that was situated elsewhere in the shelter. There were many ordinary creatures around, and it was quickly and clearly estalished that Yu Yan was a high-level spirit in the vicinity.

In a cage, Han Sen saw the wind beast already trapped. It was a lime-green giant wolf that kept casting blades of winds at the bars of its suppression, growling and howling ferociously.

Han Sen fired a coin at the wind beast. There was no fear of missing, due to it being trapped in the cage; therefore, the coin landed where he wanted it to. The wolf looked slightly heavier and more bedraggled, but it didn't collapse to the ground just yet. Knowing what was happening, however, the wolf did its best to attack Han Sen.

He fired another seven coins at the wolf, and after that, the wolf no longer looked as angry. It was heavy and of a glum, hopeless mood.

"The first-tier of the Dongxuan Sutra really is much weaker. If I was like the toad, creatures such as this would only have to suffer two of these coins. I really need to get to work on opening my gene locks," Han Sen thought to himself.

Yu Yan was happy with the results, though. After the wolf's desire for violence came to an end, he opened the cage without delay. Then, he leaned forward to leave his mark on the beast's forehead.

But the wolf, despite hardly being able to move, was not willing to accept the stamp.

Yu Yan drew a whip, and with a lash, flames enwreathed its leathery length. He whipped the wind beast's body, inflicting a nasty burn mark across it.

After a few more lashes, the wolf's fur had been mostly seared off. It was a wretched sight, the proud animal's thick, full mane of fur having been reduced to dark, smoldering skin.

But the wind beast still wasn't willing to submit. It growled repeatedly at Yu Yan and Han Sen, and it didn't look likely to submit anytime soon.

Yu Yan did not stop whipping, though. And before long, the wolf could no longer move. Its body was pitch-black with its charring, and it could no longer stand. It collapsed and continued to whimper down on the ground, as if it was going to die.

Yu Yan got tired hitting the beast, and with much disappointment, regretfully said, "This beast is too far gone. With how wild it is, I fear I'll never be able to tame it. Perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise; it is a creature that hails from the Thorn Forest, after all."

"It comes from the Thorn Forest?" Han Sen looked at the wind beast in shock.

"Yes, I found it during my venture there. Four of its gene locks have been opened, and it took the sacrifice of a dozen ordinary creatures to capture it. Yet despite all that, I cannot tame it. Killing it solely for its meat would be a grand waste," Yu Yan mournfully explained, as he watched the dying beast.

Han Sen's heart jumped. He looked at the beast and said, "Would you be willing to sell it?"

"If I can't tame it, of course I will. How much are you willing to pay?" Yu Yan smiled.

"Well, how about this?" Han Sen pulled out a coin; a copper-fruit.