Super Gene - Chapter 87: Cheating

Chapter 87: Cheating

Chapter 87: Cheating

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Yang Manli led Han Sen in front of a sealed device the size of a train compartment. The device was around 150 feet long. She turned it on and entered some data before she took off her jacket, revealing a black professional training suit underneath.

The suit was made of a material unknown to Han Sen, which had a formfitting effect. Han Sen noticed that Yang Manli had a great body. Her legs were especially long and straight, seducing one to touch them.

"Look carefully. I will only show you once. For today, you need to finish this training every day before you go anywhere else." Yang Manli said and went into the device.

The moment Yang Manli entered the device, all soldiers who were exercising came around and drooled over the holographic image displayed.

"Yang's body is getting more and more perfect. I could play with those legs for three years."

"Three years? I can play with them for thirty years."

"Check out her a.s.s."

These animals stared at the holographic image almost with their eyeb.a.l.l.s popped out.

Inside the device, Yang Manli had started. There are many exercise items in the device and she finished them one by one effortlessly. The items didn’t look very difficult either.

"Brother, what is this device? Looks like it is not that difficult." Han Sen asked a soldier curiously.

"Not difficult? Kiddo, you are too naïve. Yang seems effortless because she’s got great fitness index. If you were to do it, you would be too tired to finish three items."

"This is called gravity trainer. There are such devices on all interstellar aircrafts and wars.h.i.+ps and they are used to adjust the internal gravity. With the parameters set by Yang, one would need at least 10 in fitness index to train. Or else walking in the device alone would be a torture, even worse than s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g seven times in one night."

"Son, all you could do is pray."

These soldiers knew Han Sen. They were all aware that Qin Xuan had often called him into the combat room.

Yang Manli stepped out of the gravity trainer in a little while, and the soldiers quickly scattered back to do their training as if nothing had happened.

Yang Manli had some sweat on her forehead. She put on her jacket and said, "Now you complete the exercise and then come to find me."

She left with no intention of watching Han Sen do the exercise.

Yang Manli knew very well that Han Sen's physical fitness index was only close to ten and it was impossible for him to finish such intense training. She just wanted to humble him so that he would follow her orders better.

A soldier ran toward Han Sen when the latter was about to enter the gravity trainer to start training. Putting his hand over Han Sen's shoulder, the soldier smiled and said, "Buddy, if you can bring us some R-rated holographic resources when you come here in the future, I’ll let you in on a secret and make the gravity trainer a piece of cake for you."

"Deal. What’s the secret?" Han Sen agreed, knowing he was asking for p.o.r.ns.

"Great." The soldier patted Han Sen's shoulder and whispered to his ear, "Once the parameters were set up, Yang could tell if you have modified them after. However, the device has a protective mechanism, which is designed mainly to prevent dangers to your body. My method allows you to change the parameters through this mechanism so that the result doesn’t show the modification. So, you can easily complete the test without being found out by Yang."

"Fantastic. What should I do?" Han Sen asked.

"I can tell you the secret, but a deal is a deal. You need to get me those R-rated holographic resources or you will regret it," said the soldier.

"Brother, rest a.s.sured. I’ll get you those," Han Sen patted his own chest and guaranteed.

The soldier nodded with satisfaction and told Han Sen the method to change the parameters. He repeatedly told Han Sen to bring him the p.o.r.ns and designated a few actresses.

"Parameters set up, please confirm..." Han Sen went into the gravity trainer and heard the AI.

"OK," Han Sen replied.

"Confirmation completed. Start testing in ten seconds. Countdown starts. Ten, nine, eight..."

When the countdown was over, Han Sen feel his body sank, as if he had suddenly gained a few hundred pounds.

Han Sen did not use the soldier’s method. He wanted to see if he could finish the exercise like Yang Manli did.

Han Sen was not used to the added gravity and warmed up a little before he started.

When Yang Manli was back from her office, it was already in the afternoon. She thought Han Sen should be worn out like a dead dog by now and would probably be more obedient in the future.

When Yang Manli returned to the gym, she was surprised to see Han Sen chatting with the soldiers there. The soldiers were even showing him how to play with all sorts of devices. He looked rather lively and not tired at all.

"Han Sen, I asked you to train. What are you doing?" annoyed, Yang Manli asked coldly.

The soldiers were scared away like mice met a cat, leaving Han Sen standing there alone in front of Yang Manli.

"Captain, I’ve completed the training." Han Sen saluted the way the soldiers had just taught him.

"Completed?" Yang Manli frowned and walked quickly toward the gravity trainer. She pulled out the data and as she checked each item, her face became darker and darker.

There was no doubt that Yang Manli did not think the data was real. Only those who with more than 12 in fitness index could achieve this. She had just tested Han Sen’s fitness and he wasn’t even a 10. So, this could not be his real performance.