Super Gene - Chapter 843: Angel Gene Fluid

Chapter 843: Angel Gene Fluid

Chapter 843: Angel Gene Fluid

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It would take a long time for the Jade-Gold Tree to mature, so there was no rush right now. Han Sen examined the pills he had won, and taking one of each, he lined them up before the silver fox and his other pets to see if they were interested.

When the fairy saw the medicine, one in particular caught her eye. But just as she was about to grab it, the silver fox gobbled it up.

The little fairy had no choice but to select another pill to swallow.

Han Sen was surprised to see it was the latest pet pill the silver fox and the fairy decided to go after first.

Han Sen pulled out another pet pill to gauge how much they desired it. All too quickly, the silver fox and fairy wrestled with each other for it. Han Sen had received one hundred pet pills, so he decided to give one to each of his pets.

Spirits weren't keen on pet pills, and the same applied to the little angel.

Big Black and Small Black really loved the pills, too. But unfortunately, one hundred was not enough and they ate them all. There was no effect.

"It looks like the pills are more desirable then I thought. Ethics aside, the Dong Lin company is fairly amazing. I wonder what materials compose the pills, since they seem to work for both genuine pets and the creatures that adhere to my command here in the shelter." Han Sen knew he had destroyed any enthusiasm that had been built for the pet pills, but it was going to be sold no matter what. However, due to their blundered promotional campaign, the price of the pills was sure to be lower to start off with. It would eventually rise in the future, when more and more people became aware of how effective the medicine was.

"It looks like I need to stock up on some pet pills while the going is good." Han Sen then thought about how he might buy a large number of pet pills for the lowest price possible. It was worth getting them to feed his pets.

Han Sen prepared to visit the Alliance, trying to figure out where he could buy a large number of them.

But when Han Sen arrived, he arrived to shocking news.

Angel Gene had killed a super creature in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary and obtained a Life Geno Essence.

They also began selling their high-tier Angel Gene Fluid. For evolvers who had a fitness level of over one hundred, they could use it to obtain a temporary boost of strength that lasted two hours. The drawback of subsequent weakness was also made known, but there was no permanent damage. And after appropriate rest, users would be right as rain.

With the technology of the Alliance, all users would have to do was rest in their recovery baths for a few days.

If the user had already unlocked their first gene lock, their fitness would be boosted to a level that almost rivalled a celestial being. They would become incredibly powerful and the effects would last far longer.

Angel Gene used this fluid to slay a super creature, and after they did, they used the Life Geno Essence as a promotional item to advocate the effectiveness of their product.

Right now, Angel Gene was number one when it came to the needs of evolvers. Their juice could also work for surpa.s.sers, although it wasn't as effective.

The Angel Gene Fluid announcement rocked the entire Alliance, and it had most certainly ushered in a new era for humanity. The sales were off to a flying start, and it quickly made Angel Gene a household name within the Alliance. The Zhao family were depicted as G.o.ds, and everyone could not stop talking about their Angel Gene Fluid. This entire event had a grand effect.

The product, however, was difficult to ma.s.s produce. As a result, it was extremely expensive. Angel Gene did have a range of products suited for those who lacked the required money, suitable for the average evolver. That being said, its effectiveness was far worse.

The low tier Angel Gene Fluid was their main product, though.

Angel Gene also announced the primary ingredients that composed the juice, and one of them was raw shura blood. It was impossible for technology to recreate the properties of such blood.

But this also meant humanity could not make peace with the shura. For continued production of the fluid, the war would have to go on.

Some people opposed the Angel Gene Fluid, but they were too few. And their voices were drowned out by the rest, who clamored for power above all else. The Angel Gene Fluid bandwagon did not seem likely to stop, and the repercussions of its existence were surely going to be felt across the universe.

Han Sen wished he could murder everyone in the Zhao family, but he did admire the power Zhao Seventh possessed. Angel Gene Fluid really was a breakthrough product.

Although the Ji family had obtained the Angel Gene Fluid off Han Sen a while ago, they had not focused on the geno business enough. As a result, they were unable to discover the ingredients.

But Han Sen could not blame them. The Qi family operated in the same realm, and when they were given the Angel Gene Fluid, they couldn't make heads or tails of its ingredients, either.

The Qi family had suffered the most damage, however. After the pet pills, they believed they would become even more famous, but their advertising ploy went awry. As if that wasn't damaging enough, the Zhao family had now announced their humanity-changing Angel Gene Fluid.

Angel Gene Fluid could immediately increase your power, so who would want to spend more money and time on raising pets that weren't very useful, anyway?

They had ma.s.s-produced a vast amount of pet pills, prepared to sell them all. But now, they had a horde of them sitting on store shelves, unable to be moved. Their business chain broke, depleting their cash reserves.

Han Sen was not too concerned about Angel Gene Fluid, though. After all, the high-tier variant required shura blood, and that was a precious commodity.

Besides, when humans used a high-tier angel fluid, their bodies would not be pure. And they could not solo a super creature. Even with many people making use of the juice, it'd still be difficult to slay a super creature.

But still, it was indeed an all-round boost to the development of humanity's ascension and the speed of their evolution.

What Han Sen was most interested in right now, however, was the Qi family's pet pills. The Zhao family's Angel Gene Fluid still had a number of issues with it. It wouldn't be effective enough until they managed to sort out the side effects and make it last longer.

Plus, they needed the blood of royal shuras. Unless they found a way to artificially create a compound that provided the same benefits, it would not be effective in the long-term.

Pet pills were different, though. Although their effects were not immediate, their slow-boil of improvement was more likely to benefit humanity in the long-term.

After Han Sen learnt of the Qi family's troubles, he planned to buy out their unmovable surplus. They needed the money, after all.

It was only a matter of time before humans discovered how effective and useful the pills actually were. And once they did, the price was sure to skyrocket.