Super Gene - Chapter 823: Shura Change

Chapter 823: Shura Change

Chapter 823: Shura Change

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Fists collided against each other in a hailstorm of strikes. Huang Xiao's fist gleamed like a golden hammer.

The shura battled without the flair, elemental, or even magical properties of skills humans employed through their use of hyper geno arts. The shura only practiced raw power, and Yu Qielan used the strength derived from his flesh, muscle, and bone to oppose Huang Xiao's golden lights. For him to break each strike as he was doing, it was a testament to how frighteningly powerful he truly was.

"It is lucky for us that Huang Xiao was the one chosen to compete with him. If that was me up there, the bones in my hands would have been worn down into dust by now!" Tang Zhenliu said.

"Don't say that; when you become a surpa.s.ser, you won't be any worse than Yu Qielan," Lin Feng calmly responded.

"Can Huang Xiao win this fight?" Ji Yanran asked with much worry.

"Ordinarily, Golden Buddha's defense and durability boons provide its users near-unparalleled protection. If this continues, he may very well win. But..." Tang Zhenliu was about to say something, but then stopped mid-sentence. His brow furrowed.

"But what?" Han Sen asked.

"We cannot take stock in any proposed certainties. He is against a shura, after all." Tang Zhenliu shook his head, as if he regretted having to admit this.

Lin Feng then said, "I am afraid Huang Xiao may be at a disadvantage."

Han Sen and Ji Yanran looked shocked upon hearing this, and so Han Sen asked, "Why? Aren't they fairly balanced?"

Lin Feng was just about to explain, but as he opened his mouth, a sudden explosion came from the battlefield. The fighters had delivered two extremely powerful punches that, upon collision, sent them both reeling backwards.

Yu Qielan looked at Huang Xiao and said, "Your fitness is impressive; perhaps the best young humans can provide. But I must regretfully confess to you that you are inferior to us."

Huang Xiao coldly replied, "I don't think so."

"Really? Then I'll show you what the shura are capable of." Yu Qielan's eyes flashed with a purple light. His body suddenly expanded and his muscles doubled in size. The fine and reserved body that once fought against Huang Xiao had been replaced with a hulking beast. The potential power look frighteningly high, as if he could walk about sundering any stone he pleased.

"Shura Change!" Huang Xiao's face went dim.

"Shura Change?!" Everyone else's faces changed at the same time, as well, as they exclaimed the same two words in unison.

The visiting shura looked, satisfied with the reaction they had incited from the human crowd. They were proud of what Yu Qielan had accomplished.

"What is Shura Change?" Han Sen frowned, having never heard of this before. But seeing Yu Qielan transform, it sent his mind back to Zero. There were certain similarities he could not shake.

Tang Zhenliu now looked worried, and he explained, "Shura Change is their form of hyper geno art. It is different than what humans do, however. They don't train and practice with the flow of energy; again, they exercise the raw nature of their bodies. When they use Shura Change, their powers greatly increase. I had believed him to have already used it. I didn't expect him to have been fighting naked previously. Now, I must regretfully confess, Huang Xiao is doomed."

As they spoke, Yu Qielan stepped forward. He was much faster now, powered by his incredible muscles. He dashed towards Huang Xiao and threw his fist into his chest.


Huang Xiao used his arm to block the hit, but his body was knocked back four meters as his feet left a deep cleft in the marble plaza they fought upon.

Everyone's faces fell. The fist was incredibly powerful, and they no longer believed Huang Xiao had what it took to stay compet.i.tive.

"Do you believe me to be stronger than you now?" Yu Qielan did not deliver a follow-up hit, he just spoke in a disdainful manner.

Huang Xiao's face contorted for a second, before regaining composure. Coldly he said, "Strength is not everything, and I am not yet beaten."

As he talked, the gold light that illuminated Huang Xiao's body faded away and his muscles relaxed. He looked directly into the eyes of his foe.

Yu Qielan smiled and shot another fist in Huang Xiao's direction. This time, he did not want to collide with the punch. Huang Xiao dodged out of its way and quickly tried to deliver a punch of his own into Yu Qielan's belly.

Yu Qielan threw another fist in an attempt to hurt his human nemesis, but Huang Xiao dodged once more. Like a willow tree in a hurricane, he weaved around to attack from a different angle.

"Huang Xiao is good. It is no wonder why he was selected to be our champion. As tough as he can be, he can be just as soft. He is smart, as well." Tang Zhenliu had nothing but praise to offer Huang Xiao.

Han Sen believed Huang Xiao to be a good fighter, too. A special balance had been wrought inside him, one between his mind and his power. He could time things very well. His judgment and timing could not be any better.

Riding on the whims of changing circ.u.mstance, he knew when to strike, how to dodge, and which way to move. Although he was losing, his mind still showed confidence and his resolve was not tarnished by thoughts of defeat.

"Huang Xiao is a good kid." The old man watched Huang Xiao through the video screen.

"Teacher, that Yu Qielan used Shura Change to become stronger than Huan Xiao. That is in terms of brute force. With Huang Xiao's intelligence, he can still win, can't he?" the middle-aged man asked with a hopeful tone.

The old man shook his head and said, "Huang Xiao is smart, yes. But it seems we have underestimated the power of this royal shura. I still don't think he has a chance of being victorious. That being said, the Alliance has many smart young men. We will be stronger than them, in time. After the years that have elapsed, what is a few additional ones in comparison?"

"Teacher, he really doesn't stand a chance?" the middle-aged man asked. He thought Huang Xiao should have at least a thirty percent chance of winning.

"This match has already been settled," the old man coldly said.


"Huang Xiao, you're doing great!" In the plaza, Tang Zhenliu made sure to make his support heard.

But Lin Feng said, "Huang Xiao is losing, though."

"How?" Tang Zhenliu asked with much surprise, not able to believe the words spoken to him.

Han Sen frowned, as he could tell Huang Xiao was in trouble, as well.

At the same time, Yu Qielan took a step back. Then, he spoke to Huang Xiao once more. "Are you going to keep on dodging like this?"

"This is a strategy. It is one that takes skill," Huang Xiao calmly responded.

Yu Qielan coldly said, "Well, I just want you to know that these cheap-o skills are useless before my power. You are a loser, bringing comfort to yourself and nothing more."

After he spoke, Yu Qielan's eyes shone purple again, and blood vessels across his body began to pulsate and stick out. The purple veins decorated each muscle, and it was a scary sight to behold. He didn't look handsome anymore; he looked like a real shura.